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104 Teeth

I have a T 210 turbo head. Dyno vac in Alberta sent me a replacement belt with 106 teeth,my broken belt has 104 teeth and of course the belt is too long. If I purchase a T 210 belt from you, how many teeth will it have. From what I can find I need a 3mm pitch 9mm wide HTD series belt with 104 teeth.

This belt has 104 teeth.

7053M312 PZ IOS2N 31017 100

I am looking for this belt for the Turbocat Turbine Powerhead with all these #'s MBL 7053M312 PZ IOS2N 31017 100

Hello, there is only one TurboCat belt and it fits all TurboCats and the other names this brush has been called over the years. Basically, if your air-driven brush head looks like this one then this is the belt for it, guaranteed.

Available in Stores?

Store bought compatible belts for the turbine power head?

The turbo head belts are not available in regular stores and not in all central vacuums stores. It is a niche product.

Belt 7227 ?

My manual indicates the part number for the belt I need for my Turbo Cat as 7227. You list what appears to be the correct part as part #45519. Is this the correct replacement part for my turbine powerhead? Thanks, Deb Morton, Il

Hello Deb, yes this is the 7227 belt, but we give it a different internal part number.

Carpet Cat Belt?

I have an old Carpet Cat (approx 1989) that came with my Vacu-Maid Central Vac. I need a cogged belt that is approx 12 1/2" in cirumference. The number on the belt is 134472 9Q 1. Do you have a belt that will replace this one?

Sorry, we do not have that belt and doubt it is still around. Our suggestion is to replace the head with a new TurboCat.

Carpet Cat Vacuflo Belt?

I am not sure if this is the right one for my model. I moved into a home with a Vacuflow system installed. The carpet unit appears to be called "Carpet Cat" by Vacuflo. My belt looks just like this including the cogs, but I don't know if it is the right size. I have no manuals. All I have is the carpet unit that has Vacuflo and Carpet Cat painted on it. I can't even turn up anythin related to vacuums when I try to google Carpet Cat. Please help.

Hello, that is a new one! We do know that they called their carpet brush many names. If it looks at all like the TurboCat then this is your belt. If it doesn't then we can help if you send us a photo.

CT-14DX Belt?

I have a CT-14DX. Is this the belt that I need?

Yes, this is the belt.

Fasco Compatible?

I have a Fasco System central Vac in my house (~18 yrs old) It has an electric power brush with no name on it. Numbers and info on power brush unit; L-4 House Hold Type F1375AA E10071 6189 The unit does have a light and a window to view the belt. Can you help me find a belt that will fit?

Hello, we are asked for this belt a lot and we don't have one. Fasco is out of business and there is not a cross reference. We ask that you try a local vacuum repair shop or purchase a new nozzle (which we'd love to help you out with...please call). Thanks.

Goodyear Belt #5960

I put Goodyear belt #5960 for turbocat RD1990, and its making noises, the belt seem to be loose. Is this the right belt for this vacum?? Thanks, David

Hi David, the RD1990 takes this replacement belt and replaces your older belt. Thanks for asking.

How To Replace

How do I replace the belt. Mine is broken and fell out, I don't know how it was fixed. thank you Julianna

If you have one of product models listed in this belts' product name, there is a cover on the bottom that comes off with two twist holders. Also remove the metal around the roller brush by taking the screws out. Take one end of the brush out, slip the new belt around. As the belt goes through the narrow channel it does NOT go under the metal rod. The belt crosses itself on the side facing you above the metal rod. Lastly, slip belt over the small gear.

Instructions How to Replace TurboCat Belt

Belt 7227 for Turbocat, can you please provide detailed installation instructions with diagram or YouTube video. Thank you, Boris, Philadelphia

Turn your power brush over and remove the clear plastic belt protector by turning the two black clips holding it in place. Remove the three screws holding the baseplate. Pull the baseplate off and remove the belt shroud. Remove the brush roller and shaft supports. Pull the brush roller out. Slide the belt off the turbine and off the brush roller. Place new belt on the turbine and slide over brush roller. (Be sure that the belt is properly twisted. The belt overlaps itself above the metal bar in the narrow channel.) Place the base plate onto the housing and reinsert three screws.

Kenmore Belt?

Need belt for Kenmore 3.9 Power-Mate attachment. This thing is about 20 years old. It takes a cogged belt. Is this the right one?

Hi, the only belt we have for Kenmore PowerMate is this one http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=48045,480,480I and pictured are the vacuum heads it fits. If yours looks like that then it is a match.

New Belt, Still No Suction

Hello The questions are for a TP210 head The brushes do not turn when the head is placed on a carpet. I have replaced the belt. When it is unpside down the brushes turn smoothly and will take substantial pressure and still rotate. When I turn it the right way round it keeps turning but soon after touching the floor the brushes stop rotating. When it is turned upside doen they otate again. It also makes a high pitch whining noise (this may be normal). I saw above that the belt goes round the roller and round the spindle. Between the two there is a metal roller, I have put the belt so that it is round the roller. Is this correct? Thank you Konrad, Princeton

Either it is time to replace or your vacuum system has a leak (usually micro leaks in older hoses). This brush highly depends on zero leaks. Have you consider an electric hose and brush? A new electric kit fits right into your old system without modification, runs quieter, and picks up like a hungry man.

Quantity Discount?

Does this belt come in a 3 pack or other multi pack.

Not at this time, sorry.

RD-1990 Belt

Vacumaid RD-1990 need new belt S3M312. P7 that's all visible on old belt Can't find one

This is the correct belt. The RD-1990 is the TurboCat - exactly.

RD-1990, 241433 Belt Replacement?

There is a number on the bottom of the vacuum brush unit-RD-1990, then on the belt itself is 241433 as well as a 126.

Hi, yes this is the correct replacement belt for your model.

Stretched Belt?

I have a TP210. When the small gear rotates the belt slips and so the roller does not turn. Does this mean the belt has become stretched and needs replacing? Thank you. Konrad Princeton

Hello Konrad, yes, that usually indicates a stretched belt.

Supreme Turbo Kit, Blue

I have a Vacu-Maid Supreme Turbo Kit with a Translucent blue Turbocat power brush (TURBINE POWERHEAD) - Is this the belt I need. Have purchased 2 belts on line and neither fit my powerhead. An answer by e-mail will be greatly appreciated.

Do the lines on the inside of your belt run long ways, not sideways like a cogged belt? Then you need this belt http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=45615. If it is a cogged belt then you need the regular TurboCat belt 45519.

T-21 Belt Needed Not T210

I need a goodyear 5960 belt for the older T-21 turbo brush. (Not the smaller VM-179 belt)

Hi, the belt is here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=450BL. Thanks for asking.

T21 Belt?

Hi, I'm looking for a replacement belt for a T21 Turbine Power Brush. The old belt has the number 134472 GT and is 5/16" x 6 3/16" flat. Do you have a belt that would work? Thanks. Sue

Actually, that is a different vacuum. The belt you need is here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=450BL

TP210 Belt?

I have an M&S air driven brush that is about 11 years old. I have purchased TP210 replacement belts in the past. Which is the right replacement belt?

Hi, yes this is the belt you need. All TP210 and the other names for the brush are the same no matter the brand installed.

TP210 Belt?

Which belt do I need for a TP210? It's the belt that turns the brush. Thank you.

Hi, yes, this is the belt you need for the TP210, all models.

Turbine Powerhead Model P/N 7160 Belt

I'm looking for replacement belts for my parents Turbine Powerhead Model P/N 7160. They can't find any. Thanks in advance for your help!Cindy, South Windsor, CT


Turbo-Cat Belt 7227

This is Harold form Sacramento CA. The local vaccum cleaner dealer sold me belt 5960 by goodyear and said that it would fit my TL2000. I tried it and it did not fit well and after a few minutes snagged. He then suggested I bring the unit in and let him examine the brush and Unit. I declined and want to knw if this goodyear belt is compatable with the TL2000. I 've ordered belt 7227.

Hello Harold, this belt in question is the Turbo-Cat 7227 vacuum belt as seen in a breakdown of TurboCat parts. The name goodyear may or may not be on the belt.

TurboCat 566Q Belt?

where can I buy a belt for the vacuum, model 566q is a turbocat. Thank you Aleka

Hi Aleka, not sure if the 566Q is a TurboCat but the TurboCat belt is available here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=45519.

TurboCat 7292 Belt?

The SN on the bottom of my Turbocat says 7292....there is also a number in black on the bottom 25807. I am not sure what belt I need.

Hi, yes we have the belt and it is right here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=45519. If for any reason you think it may not work please let us know, but all TurboCats or other brushes that look the same have always used this one belt. The Zoom uses a different belt found here http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=45615

TurboCat Belt Needed

I need a belt for a Vacuflo TurboCat unit. Do you have these? What is the price? Thanks.

Hello and thank you for choosing MD Manufacturing! You will find the belt you need here http://builtinvacuum.com/search_products.html?search_string=45519 the cost is $7.00 per belt. You can orders these online or you can call our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-Th 7-5 PST) and one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you. Thanks again and have a great day!

Turbocat Belt?

Turbocat P/N 7160, 7161, 7210 I am looking for a replacement belt for my turbocat. Is belt TL2000 compatible with the above p/n numbers? Mt. Pleasant, SC

Hello! Yes, this is the belt is the correct replacement for your Turbocat.

TurboCat Noiser after New Belt

hello I replaced the belt on my turbocat and the sweeper makes a rattling noisr ever since and does not rotate right, I had pull this thing apart several times and nothing works!!! please help

Please be sure the belt doesn't go between the metal rod in the narrow channel. The belt goes above it (when turned over), not below it or between it. Does that fix the problem?

TurboCat Zoom Belt?

will this belt fit a turbo cat zoom model 8700?

Actually the Zoom products take a different belt. You can buy it here.

Ultra T210 Replacement Belt?

I have an ULTRA T210--original belt measures 8/32 wide -is this the replacement belt Harry-Perry Hall, MD

Hello Harry, yes, this is the correct belt. Ultra T210 is one of the names this exact brush was sold under.

Ultra-TP210 Compatible?

Will this belt fit the Ultra-TP210? I am looking for a replacement.


Vacuflo Compatible?

I don't know how old my model is. It came with the house. Will this belt also fit my Vacuflo Carpet Cat? Thank you.

Yes, it fits all Vacuflo "Cat" brushes.

Vacuflo Turbocat Plus?

Will this belt fit a Vacuflo Turbocat Plus?

Yes, this belt is made for it.

Vacumaid 1990 Belt?


If your vacuum looks ANYTHING like this then this is the belt you need.

VM179B Belt?

For my AirVac head, model # VM179B, do I need replacement belt #45519? Thanks!

Hi, yes all VM179 Models take this belt. Thanks for asking.

Weak Rotation

I have a TP210 power head. It is not picking up as well as it used to. The gasket around the air intake on the head seems dried out and I have not replaced the belt. I have had it several years and wanted to know in your experience could these parts be my problem. If not do you have any suggestions before I buy parts I don't really need. The central vac system has good suction. Thank you Mary

A new belt may help as well. If any air is leaking from a gasket or micro holes in the hose you will loose power. Also, take the roller brush off and clean the ends. Also, be sure your filter is cleaned or changed on the vacuum canister. If you don't have filtration, be sure the screen just below the motor is cleared off.