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Turbocat Noise

My Turbocat Plus is making a noises like there is something clicking inside. Does it need a new belt or need I replace the entire head?

The clicking is most likely something caught in the turbine. Remove the belt cover and you will be able to see the fan blades. Slowly rotate the fan to see whatever is stuck inside so it can be removed.

Replacements Available?

I have a Vacuflow Turbocat RD1990. Mine was made in Canada. I'm looking for a replacement roller brush and belt. Please advise, thank you. George Buffalo, NY

Hello George, the product has been made in China now for some time and they have stopped making replacement parts for the Canadian manufactured model. Sorry to say that your options are replacing the entire vacuum head with a new TurboCat (it has many names and numbers but is all the same vacuum) or consider buying a new hose and tool kit. Since you have carpet, we suggest using an electric hose and brush to clean. It does a better job and is quieter. Your system supports it as is. Read more about it here

Includes 31 and 32?

Are the middle pieces, 7331 and 7332 included with the Roller Brush? Nancy Woodbridge, VA

Hi, they are not included and they are not close to the roller anyhow.

Fit an Electric Brush?

I have a Beam Electric Brush model 045-331. Will this roller brush fit this unit?

Sorry this will not work with any electric brushes. Please contact the manufacturer directly. We mainly sell upgrades for brands.

Roller Brush Ends Needed

The end pieces that hold the roller inside, do they come with this, or are they sold separately? THEY are what broke, not the roller, just the end pieces. Thank you!-Jackie Fredericks