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Air or Electric, continued....

You really have me confused! I have a central Vacuflo..air. The vac was put in when my house was being built 15 years ago. I love it! I have carpet, wood, tile. two dogs and a cat...lots of hair. There is very little noise and I have never had a problem. My hose is getting old and just started to crack. I need new brushes. I just order from you...416Z DELUXE30'HOSE & KIT-ZOOM 1 299.99. I should have read the comments and your answer. Did I make a mistake? I thought I was replacing the same system. You sound like you do not like the air flow and I would never have the electric cord. I had a electric cord with my Electric lux years ago and it was always breaking down. Janet, York, Pa.

The less carpet you have the better the 416Z kit will be for you. It seems you made a good choice and if you don't like the pigtail electric cord on electric hoses then you made a really good choice. The only thing to think on now is if you have proprietary Vacuflo inlets. If there are holes above the main suction hole then this hose will fit but you will not be able to turn the suction on and off with the hose handle switch. You saved a lot of money buying the standard vs proprietary vacuum hose kit so you could use that savings to update your wall inlets to the standard type. Let us know what you find. Here is what the change out looks like

Air vs. Electric

Is the turbo cat (without electricity) as effective as the electric units available?

Good question. Both types of units have a brush roll and pick up hair well but here are three major differences. First, the hair and debris in the air powered goes through the turbine which becomes less and less effective and sometimes clogs. In the electric all the debris is swallowed through a large smooth intake, hits to moving parts, and never clogs. Air flow is another difference. A tremendous more amount of air and suction reach the carpet in the electric brushes because in an air system the suction is narrowed down to 5/8" and focused on the turbine in order to spin it. The last main difference is the noise. The air driven is something you will not want to use if anyone is sleeping, whereas the Stealth (the quietest electric vacuum) can be used in your kids bedroom when they are asleep. Reasons to buy the air driven is you have less carpet, not much hair, and want an initial lower cost.

Available Now?

I need a replacement part, neck assembly 8423 turbocat zoom. Where can I buy this?


Black Model, V Model Reviews

I have a turbocat 11 powerhead that is about 13 years old. The turbine is chipped from things that passed through and I would like to buy a new head. Is the Turbocat V a better option and does the belt have "teeth"? I understand the new black model does not and some dealers don't reccomend it. While I am at it, my unit is an "Intervac" and while it works well should I consider upgrading? Thanks Richard

The company recently made a change to the brush so it has a lot less drag. The brush roll now is not a complete line of bristles, but broken up, staggered. All the models have the "cogged" teeth belts and all the models are the exact same but with different names. In our opinion, if you have carpet in the home, you are better off with an electric powered vacuum brush and hose instead of the air powered. The Ace, for example will fit right into your vacuum system and work wonders for the floors. Check it out here at

Button On Connection Tube

I have a M & S Central Vac system and my electric carpet brush head is acting up. Will the turbocat fit the extension tubes with the connection buttons you depress to lock into each other? Thanks. Tony Kansas City, MO

The Turbocats will not work with wands/tubes that have the button lock nipple on the end. It will not slide properly into place at all. That said, we have a wand that is friction fit on the bottom but locking at the top.,406T. Also, we believe the electric vacuums clean better. We'd like to help you get yours fixed or get you into a new electric vacuum head. Please give us a call for no pressure help and education.

Canister Vacuum Compatible?

Can this be ues on a Canister vac ?

The carpet brush relies on the power of the vacuum to spin the head. If your vacuum is strong it will spin very well. If it is pretty strong it will spin pretty well.

Choose a Different Hose?

Hi i was wondering if i dont like this hose that comes with this sytyem can i pic a diffent one

The Low Voltage Hose that comes with this kit is best for this kit. The Electric Hose is expensive and not needed and the Basic Hose would work but is of less quality. The answer is you can use nearly any central vacuum hose with this kit (but the kit without hose) and it will work fine, but we believe you will be most satisfied with the included Low Voltage Hose.

Cleaning Filter

We have a VacuFlo 466Q TurboCat Plus. We are new to using a HVAC system and we are wanting to know if there is any filter that needs to be cleaned. If there is how would we can access to this filter? Doug Seneca, SC

There is not a filter in the carpet brush or in the hose but on your Vacuflo you must empty the bottom receptacle, not letting it fill up past 3/4's full. ALSO be sure to reach up and clean off the screen just below the motor, this is very important on all Vacuflo Central Vacuums. This is the only filter and can seriously get clogged.

Clogged, How to Get to Turbine

my Turbocat Zoom brush has clogged up again. I have taken it apart as far as the manual goes and removed all the hair and carpet fibers but it is still not running correctly. Can you send me the directions to take it apart and clean out the turbine?

Hello, your cleaning needs seem more than the air powered brush provide. Maybe you started on new carpet and that was the issue, or you have long hair in the home and that is an on going issue. What happens in these brushes is all the debris goes through the turbine and longer fuzz and hair wrap around it heavily. Electric brushes keep the debris in a large air channel and never in any moving components. They never clog. Okay, to get to the turbine there are a bunch of screws around the entire base. There may be a screw under the belt in the channel it goes through when it crosses itself. Take everything off the bottom of the unit and all the screws and the unit will split into two. From there you can get right at the turbine.

Daughters With Long Hair...Help!

I have two daughters with very long hair. They shed worse than a dog! Should I even bother purchasing the TurboVac or TurboVac Zoom? Electric is not an option with my inlets and house wiring.

Good News! You CAN purchase an electric without changing your system or inlet valves. All you need to do is purchase a kit that has a CORDED hose and you are set to go! Electric Carpet Brushes work much much better on picking up hair. We have entry level electric kits that start and $319.00 (includes hose and accessories) and our Top-Of-The-Line Kits (includes hose and accessories) that start at $547.00. You may look at complete details of all of our electric kits including warranty information by clicking here If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.

Dog Hair on Berber

I have berber carpets (looped pile) and a short haired dog who sheds. Will the Turbo Cat perform as well as my Hoover upright picking up dog hair? Connie Coriell Bridgewater NJ

The TurboCat is only okay with small size and amount of pet hair. The Stealth is much better and infinitely adjustable so you can keep your carpet as aggitated, or not, as you see fit. It is a couple hundred dollars more for the Stealth but the benefits are that much better and then some - we guarantee it.

Electric Kits for Just Area Rugs?

I have a combination of slate and wood floors with area rugs. Are the electric units too powerful for area rugs? After reading the comments, it appears there are too problems with the air powered units.

We consider it wise to purchase an electric kit for any carpet in any home. An air kit will last a long time if not used on a fully carpeted home and it will save you money, plus you have no cords to deal with. But if you have more hair on the floor then the next guy and if you want a deeper clean then electric is the way to go.

Electricity Needed for TurboCat?

what kind of hose do i need for inlet that has no plugs for electricity

The TurboCat models don't use electricity, the air going through it spins a turbine and thus the beater. The hose that comes with them does have an on/off switch on the handle but it is not 110 volts. Your vacuum starts when a very low voltage wire is shorted either when the hose is inserted into the wall inlet or when the door of the inlet is opened. Most inlets have two small metal contact points inside the hole and when an all metal hose end is inserted it trips the wire and starts the suction. The hose in the TurboCat Kits simply keeps the two contacts from being shorted or tripped and has wire running all the way up the hose to the hose handle where you use a switch to short the wires and start the suction. If your inlets say Vacuflo you do need a hose with metal low voltage prongs (available only from Vacuflo).

Electrolux E130A Compatible?

I was wondering if this was compatible with the electrolux model E130A

Yes, this kit is directly compatible with every Electrolux Central Vacuum System, all models, and replaces all vacuum hoses and accessories. The hose in the new kit fits all wall inlets in all Electrolux systems.

Eureka Compatible?

Compatible with eureka?

This kit will be compatible with any central vacuum system that has industry standard inlet valves. This means that suction should only start once the hose is inserted in the inlet vale, that the inner diameter of said inlet valve is 1-1/2", and there are two small metal contacts just within the inlet valve itself. These contacts make a connection with the metal piece on the wall end of your hose to start the flow of suction.

Filtex Older System

Hi I have an older model from the late 90's. It is a Filtex FX900, will this product be compatible with this system? Thank you for your time and information. Suzanne Walstrom


If your inlet valves (where you plug the hose into the wall) measures 1-1/2 ID, contains two small metal contact points just inside the inlet valve hole, and will not start the flow of suction until a hose is inserted, this kit will be compatible with your system. Please advise if your system does not match these specifications as we will have a workaround.

Kenmore Central Vacuum needs new attachment Kit

We have the Kenmore Vacuum system, and need new hoses, brushes, mop, etc. The Unit works perfectly, but everything else needs to be new. We don't have carpet at all but areas of hard wood floors and laminate, and we have is six medium, hairy, terrier dogs. they shed a lot. What kit would you recommend to us? Our inlet valves are the original from the unit (the ones as shown in the video) that need the attachment piece). Please let us know ASAP. Also is it recommended to insert a plastic bag inside the unit? That's how it was when we first moved.

We have all of the right parts and accessories that you are looking for. Since you have no carpet in your home, have hardwood and laminate floors, and have six dogs, the best kit for you would be our Basic Kit w/o Hose. This kit comes with everything you need to keep your house as clean as it can be. Since the kit doesn't come with a hose, and you have the older style Kenmore inlets, you will also need the Basic Hose with reduced cuff on the end. We also recommend picking up a pet brush or two. You can find all of these items here (http:/,302RC,403PBP)

Knocking Noise

Kathy Charlotte, NC After catching some fringe of an oriental carpet the power head is banging or knocking. Since this is a fairly common occurence, how can this be remedied at home? The instruction manual is not clear on how to deal with this problem.The powerhead is less than a year old.

Usually this means the belt became stretched or lost teeth. Replacing it should resolve the problem and here are the belts If your home has a fair amount of carpet we recommend upgrading to an electric hose and brush when the oppoturnity arrives. The Stealth and Ace automatically shut down when jammed and have lifetime belt warranties. Nothing needs to change in your system to have an electric kit fit right in.

Lost Rotating Power

I've had a turbo cat zoom now for 6 months now, and suddenly the suction has dropped dramatically. The brushes spin at about half the speed they did when it was new. I've cleaned the brush spindle, and nothing seems to improve performance. About the only thing it will suction up is lose lint, other than that it picks up nothing. The other attachments work fine, and air suction is adequate. And the unit is too new to replace. Please advise what I can do.

We are sorry about your loss of power. It can be do to the screen under the Vacuflo motor needing to be scrapped off, a two motor system may have lost one motor, the hose may have an air leak, or the system may be clogged. If none of that is true then the turbine inside the brush is clogged with hair or jammed. You need to take the TurboCat completely apart. There are 11 screws around the base, one inside the belt channel. Take apart and clean out the turbine. Another consideration is to move to an electric hose and tool kit. They work a lot better on hair and rugs and the debris never passes through a turbine. Take a look at the kits on the Vacuflo Help Page here

M&S Compatible?

I have the M&S Air Vac central system. Can I use this with my system?

Yes, this kit fits all models because the wall inlets are always universal with M&S. The suction from any M&S unit will work perfectly fine with this kit and all the other non-electric and electric kits.

Not Working in 6 Months


The turbo in TurboCat can get jammed with a pebble at any time. You can send it in for repair or take the 11 or 12 screws out the bottom and do it yourself. The most difficult screw to find is the one in the channel the belt goes through. Let us know if you want to send it in. You will need a return authorization number.

Operating TurboCat

Hi; I have a system that turns on the vacuum unit when the hose is insurted into the wall inlet. Should I insert the hose into the wall, and then plug the TurboCat onto the hose, so that the brush is not turning until I have control of it? Or should I insert the hose while holding the wand free of the carpet? I guess I could turn the brush upside down, while plugging the hose in. Thanks, Jack.

We suggest plugging the hose in first and then connecting the TurboCat.

Optimum CFM And Waterlift (Static List) Requirements For TurboCat?

What are the optimum CFM and Static Lift requirements for effective function of the TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom? Thank you for the feedback. John, Tacoma WA


Optimum CFM and Static Lift requirements for the TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom are as follows: 110+ Waterlift / 100+ CFM

Our Suggestion for Carpeted Homes

I have an M&S ssystem, RD1990. I need to replace the vacuum heads and am considering two different ones. We have some wall to wall carpet, wood floors, throw carpets and the bathrooms are tile. What do you suggest. Thanks Samatha

We get asked this a lot and many homeowners what to know our opinion of the best brush for carpeting. We use, promote, and push electrically driven vacuum power heads. They are just better all around. Within that category there is a wide variety of quality. The Stealth is the highest available. To use an electric head you need an electric hose so it is always best to buy them in a complete kit. That way you know they will all fit together. If you have not had electric in the past don't worry. A new kit will fit right into your existing wall ports. Just buy an "8ft cord" Stealth Kit or any Ace Kit. The electric hose has an additional 8ft cord on the wall end that plugs into a nearby electrical outlet. The wires are then hidden all the way up the lightweight, flexible hose. It is real easy and cleans like no brush you have had before.

Parts Available?

RE: VacuFlo TurboCat Plus: RD 1990/9614-C Question: Problems with the carpet sweeper. Need replacement parts for the roller. Can you provide these or do we need to buy a complete new head? Please advice asap; floors are getting dirty! :o) Joey

All the parts that are available are listed here and are for sale

Preco Vacuum Replacement?

I want to replace a very old (1972) Preco Power Brush turbo power brush. My attachment hose appears to have a 1 1/8 opening. Will the TurboCat work for me? Betty Merced,

Yes this TurboCat is the best replacement for your Preco and your sized wands/hose.

Pullman Holt Compatible

Is this the same power head used by Pullman Holt as there model number B100309?

This may be the same manufacturer as the one that you purchased with your system. However, we have no way of verifying what it is that was sold then. The Turbocat Zoom will fit any system that has an extension tube with a 1.25" outside diameter.

Singer Compatible?


Yes, this kit is completely compatible with Singer - guaranteed.

Soon Clogged with Pet Hair

When they sell you the system why don't they ask you if you have alot of pets or long hair or heavier cleaning. WHy do we have to find out when the darn thing becomes clogged, which it always does. It is too finicky and expensive for me. THe sales people are the ones we are relying on, and I see that you have the same complaint from people. My Turbo head is only new in my home and I hate to vacumn now because of it. Do you people stand behind your product.

Is it very unfortunate that the sales person didn't ask you the right questions. You really need an electric hose and vacuum kit. It makes a world of difference in the long run. The TurboCat is sold by every central vacuum outfit in the industry. We don't make it, we sell it as well. It is made by HP Products and they have a limited 3-year warranty. Please call us and we'll be glad to try to get you into another vacuum kit and give you tips on what to do with the TurboCat. Thanks.

TT27 or TK2 Replacement

I need to replace my TK2 brush only. Is my only option TT27 Air driven power brush? Can I replace it with the TurboCat Zoom Air driven brush or TurboCat Air driven brush only or do I need the Kits if I choose the TurboCat Zoom or TurboCat Air brushes.

The TurboCat and Zoom always replace a TT27 and TK2. It is always a perfectly fine option and they always fit in. They are all interchangeable in every system.

Turbo-Cat Replacement?

Hello, I have the Turbo Cat Deluxe system for my house. Can I use the new Turbo Cat Zoom base unit with my current system? Thank you! Tom Win Monroe TWP. New Jersey

Hi Tom, yes the Zoom model can be used as a direct replacement for all other TurboCat models.

TurboCat EZ and Turbocat Zoom Replacement Parts

I want to purchase a part for my TurboCat Zoom. It is the Bearing, Idler Assembly. The manual with the TurboCat Zoom gives it Part # 8556. Thanks for your help.

TurboCat Zoom parts can be purchased here

TurboCat vs TurboCat Zoom

The parts in the image for the 35 ft Turbocat Zoom kit and the description in the More Information do not match. The More Information link appears to take me to the TurboCat kit. In the picture, it appears that with the Zoom kit, I will get a telescopic wand instead of the 2 piece one included in the Turbocat kit and it looks like there is an additional 2 piece plastic wand that is included in the Zoom kit that is not included in the other. Are there other differences? I am trying to determine what the extra $49 will get me. Is the TurboCat Zoom really better than the TurboCat?

The Zoom Kit gives you two plastic and one telescopic. The orginal kit give you only two metal. The main difference is the 20 year old original brush design and the new design. The new Zoom is better for many reasons. The best reasons are the roller brush design that includes two rows of brushes, and the new belt design that will not break as much and is quieter.

TurboCat vs TurboCat Zoom, Interchangeable?

Hi, I have the vacuflo system with the vac head 455. What is the difference between this and the Zoom #456? The part on the bottom is RD-1990. Can I use either of these as replacements? Thanks.

You can use either the TurboCat or TurboCat Zoom with any central vacuum. The Zoom is simply an updated look and has a quieter belt. Jury is out though as to which brush is best though.

Upgrade to Electric?

We moved into a house with a combo of hardwood and carpet with Nutone CV-352 system. My wife is not satisfied with the air powered brush we have now on the carpet. We have inlets with only the low power. Do some power brushes plug into regular 110 house power outlets (separate from vaccuum inlets)? (Most Stealth, etc., seem to require electric hoses.) If so, which is best? Or should we try the TurboCat? What are best options? Thanks! Fred, Atlanta

You are right about an electric hose and brush working so much better over the long run on carpet. You can use the system and ports you have now. Buy an Ace electric attachment kit - it comes with a 8ft pigtail cord off the wall-end of the hose. Or buy a Stealth Kit with "8ft cord" for the same easy-to-use electrical plugin to an existing electrical outlet. Enjoy!

Use with Existing Hose? What is Better?

1). Are the wall plugs universal? 2). I have a Omar system in my house. I need a new beater part. I was not very impressed with Omar vacuum. Is there any universal vacuum beater that i can use with the existing hoses?

99% of wall plugs in all central vacuum systems are universal and 99% of hoses already in homes will work with TurboCat and TurboCat Zoom, both the kit and the head alone. You are not impressed with your current vacuum head and want to know of a better solution. If you already have a smaller air driven head you will be impressed with TurboCat. If you really want to be impressed then choose an electric driven power brush head. They clean deeper and have a lot more air reaching the carpet. You'd need to buy a complete kit to use an electric head because the hose has to have 110 volt wires and low voltage running through it. They are easy to use and also compatible with 99% of all wall inlet ports, especially when you buy the "corded" version of the kit (the wall end of the hose has a 6-foot pigtail you plug into a nearby electrical outlet). Check out the electric kits here

VacuMaid Replacement?

I have a Model P 125 Vacu-Maid. The attachment which is used to clean carpets has broken at the neck and I need a replacement. Could you please recommend a replacement attachment as I am not sure which one will fit this rather old model. Thanks. Hal from Old Lyme, CT

Yes this TurboCat Zoom will work fine with your system and especially if you don't have much carpet or hair on it. If you do then you can own a new electric powered vacuum head and hose. You would need to buy a new electric kit such as the Stealth with the cord or the Ace. They are more money but they clean so well that you'd soon forget about the cost!

Wand Replacement

I need a replacement for a turbcat wand. Please advice availability and price.

These two wands will replace wands for any TurboCat system. One is made for hoses with a button lock and the other is not. Simply choose which one you need,406T

Wool Area Rug Best Vacuum Cleaner

I have a Pullman central vacuum BIV105. I have very expensive hand made wool area rugs over hardwood floor. Please recommend the best accessories for this types of rugs and hardwood floor. Thank you, Dan, Ridgefield NJ

We always recommend asking the carpet manufacturer for proper cleaning methods. If they want a vacuum that barely touches the top of the carpet then buy an electric vacuum head with multiple height adjustments such as the Stealth.

Zoom or Electric Powered Brush?

I currently have the Vacuflow Turbocat Plus model and have noticed that the brush hasn't been working properly and may need to be replaced. We have a lot of carpet in our house and have a dog, so I was wondering what the best replacement brush would be for this model? Thank you.

We highly recommend an electric powered brush over the air powered TurboCat and Zoom. The carpets will never be cleaner. The air stream in the electric brush is larger and uninterupted as it is with air powered ones which spin a turbine. Can your system support a new electric hose and nozzle? Yes. You are using the same suction as before. The only difference is that the hose, at the wall end, has an 8ft electric cord that you plug into a nearby electrical outlet. The wires are hidden in the lightweight 30ft or 35ft hose so all you pull around is the hose as before. Take a look here and let us know if you have any questions But if you want to replace the brush or complete nozzle see this page

Zoom vs EX

what is the difference between the TurbCat Zoom and the TurboCat EX?

There is absolutely no difference between Zoom and EX except the name. Branding them different allows sales channels to have their own unique named brush.