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TurboCat Zoom Poly V Belt Q&A

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Zoom Turbine Belt Pulley

While I found the belt I need for my Turbocat Zoom, it looks like the bearing or screw where the belt attaches to the turbine assembly (not the roller brush assembly) should have a washer or lip on the top to hold the belt in place. Could this lip or part have come off such that I need (a) an additional part; or (b) a replacement bearing for the belt to stay in place? Thanks, Tim - Raleigh

The attachment pulley on the turbine of the Zoom brush has only a slight lip that helps to restrict the belt and is permanently attached. If it has broken off you will need to replace the turbine. You can find replacement parts for the Turbocat Zoom here,


I have a TurboCat Zoom. The roller brush stopped spinning and the belt is in tact. What should I do? How can I tell tell if the belt is worn orut or there is another issue? Thanks, Sherry

Sherry, the best thing to do is take the entire brush apart. The turbine may be jammed since everything vacuumed has to pass through those moving blades. There are screws around the bottom perimeter that release the top from the bottom.

Fit HP Vacuflo TurboCat Zoom?

does this belt fit on the Turbocat Zoom Vacuflo

Yes, this fits HP Vacuflo TurboCat Zoom.

Zoom or Not

My unit has TurboCat across the top. I do not believe that I have a TurboCat II, but I am not sure i have the Zoom. How can I identify the right model for my order? Lamar Tyler, TX

Hello Lamar, the Zoom will say Zoom or EX. All others are the standard Turbocat that has gone by many names.