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Relay Replacement or Board?

I need a new relay for my Ultra Clean central vacuum model 300. I can turn the motor on and off only by using the wall plug that goes in the electrical outlet. Putting the vacuum hose into the hose receptacles has no effect. Any idea where I can get a relay? Thanks. Gil, San Jose, California

We don't know where you can get a compatible relay, the company is out of business as far as we know. We have a relay (#242) but you'll also need our transformer for it to work properly (#232). We highly suggest replacing all the electrical components by retrofitting a circuit board. The boards and simple wiring guide (use the enlarged picture of the board as the guide) are here https://builtinvacuum.com/parts/electrical-parts.html

Clog Solutions

We have a 2 story house, the 2 ports up stairs have very little suction. The wires are connected on all ports. The bottom three and the garage ports work great and the suction is as it always has been. My guess is that it is clogged, any suggestions on cleaning it out?

See solution #3 on this page for how to deal with clogs. http://www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. It is obvious the clog is in your pipes, not your hose because the hose works fine on other inlets.

Wand Replacement

I broke the electric extension wand attached to my ultra aire care power head. I cant seem to find an extension wand that looks like it would attach to the power head and my power hose. The power head has the same look as the Stealth model in the kits, but I don't need a new power head or all those accessories

Wands on electric hoses and heads have to be the exact fit on the bottom and top. If you can send us photos we can nail it down for you, but in the meantime here is the original Stealth wand https://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=406ST. What's important to note is it connects with a single locking nipple on the bottom. On the top the plastic channel holds the two pin cord 1/2 inch up off the top of the metal wand (the pins start 1/2 inch up and then extend), and the pins come out of plastic that has two bevels on the rectangle face.

Nozzle and Wands

Hi--I am in need of a new vacuum head (with the attached metal wand) but not the hose. I have an Ultra Air Care system and am having trouble locating just the carpet wand on your site. So I need to buy a whole kit? (hose, etc?) Thanks! Leslie, Bothell

They packaged the "Hayden" power nozzle into their own brand, most likely. On this page, about half way down you will see the nozzle and below that the wands. If we are off on this assumption please call us.

Ultra Clean 300

Catherine Toronto I had just bought a house with Ultra Clean central vacuum model 300. Do your equipment fit this brend?

Yes, our hoses, kits, and accessories fit your system.

Unit Turns on Automatically

I have an Ultra-Air Care system w/ two motors. The problem I have is the motors start and stop by themselves randomly. The only sure way to stop it is to turn it off at the fuse box. No hoses are connected when this happens. the system seems to work when the hose is connected however I don;t know if it working 100%. Thanks Lance

Hello Lance, remove the low voltage wire from the unit and see if that stops it. It means those wires are shorted at an outlet or somewhere in your walls. If it still happens then replace your relay.


I have an Ultra Aircare Central Vacuum system that I had installed in my home that I built in 2001. The vacuum system was installed 9/14/2001. It has stopped working and I do not have any instruction book and I can't find a repair person to come out and see what is wrong with it. Do you know anyone that services the Ultra Air Care central vacuum system in the Tacoma, Washington area I live in Lakewood, Washington about 15 miles south of Tacoma, Wa. My invoice that I paid when I had the system installed says it has a lifetime warranty, parts and labor. Dorothy Lind, 253-584-1632

Hello Dorothy, here are a couple things you can do. First try fixing it yourself with this very helpful step-by-step trouble finding guide at www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html. Second, try contacting UAC at ultraaircare.com. Third, use Google to find any central vacuum manufacturer and use their dealer locator. Central vacs are all the same for the most part and so any brand service provider can help you.