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Unit Connections

Hi I just got a kenmore central vac system. The house is new and it has the central vac rough in. I need to know what components I will need in order to install my power unit in the garage. I can see 2 pipes in the garage already, One is coming from the second floor and the other one is coming from the side wall from the first floor I guess. Kindly give suggestions for the piping components and adaptors and any other stuff I will need

If the piping already exists in the home, just connect the pipes to the intake on the unit. There will be a thin wire running along the pipe that connects to the unit, consult your Owner's Manual for the location of the connection on the unit. After that, just plug it in and enjoy!

Connect To Steel Pipe

Victor, Phoenix. I would like to know if I can use this kit to install an Electrolux PU3650 unit to the steel pipe coming out of the wall? Thank you.

The biggest issue you may run in to is adapting the different diameters of pipe. If you can find the proper adapter to connect the two pipes together, then you will be able to use the kit.

Install All Brands?

Sam, Ripon Can I use this Unit Install Kit to connect the Hayden supervac 6000 unit to the wall opening?

Hi Sam, you can use this kit to install your Hayden. The kit was designed to install all brands of central vacuums.