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Adding a Utility Garage Valve at the Vacuum Unit

I purchased an AirVac Model AV3500 from someone and wish to install for my home. I have experience with installing these on two other occasions...once in new and the other in old construction. Problem is, the unit I bought did not have a mount for the unit to install in the garage. Do you have this available? I've looked and can't find it.


When a vacuum doesn't have a utility valve you simply need to use a sweep tee central vacuum PVC fitting inline before the intake line connects to the unit. Then use a utility valve that fits directly into the sweep of the sweep tee. Wire it along with the home low voltage wire connected to the unit and you are good to go. Here is what you need. http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=613A,508

Airvac 425 Utility Valve

Hello, I have an Air Vac 425 and have broken the utility inlet on the actual vacuum unit in my garage. What part can I use to replace that? I looked at the Utility Valve on your site, but am not sure if that one will work. What is actually broken is the part that holds the open/close latch; one of the pieces that holds the metal hinge broke off. Kindly advise. Thank you very much for your help.

For your Airvac system, you will need to contact the manufacturer for the replacement part at www.purelypowerful.com .

Vacumaid Replacement Utility Valves

Hello MD. I have a Vacumaid system with 2 utility outlets (garage and basement). They are simple undecorative outlets such as #613A. The spring loaded contact points in tube have corroded and do not work. The inlet does activate when I join the lv wires. Will this #613A work for me as a replacement? Charles, Mason, OH

This will work the same as the valves you have now. The internal diameter of this valve is 1 1/2". You'll need to measure your current inlets to be sure that the diameter is the same.

Use Hardware PVC? Splice-in Control Wire?

I want to add on an outlet in my basement. Can I use any inch and half pcv pipe from a hardware store as long as I use a sweep T? Or do Ihave to buy the pipe from you? Also can I splice the low voltage wire to wire that is connecting a current outlet or do I have to run the new wire all the way to the canister? Thanks

You can splice into the existing control wire and be perfectly fine. We highly recommend central vac pvc and connections. They fit together without ridges in the air flow stream so you avoid clogs. Read the measurements on this valve noting what is fits into, what the interior diameter of the pipe needs to be. You may not find that at a hardware store.

Add Utility Valve to Piping

I have a Vacuflo 466 (located in the garage) and would like to add an outlet to vacuum the cars. What do I need to do this?

Hi, the easiest way is to cut out a 2-3/4 inch section of pipe, add the T, and then the utility valve into the sweep T opening. Then run any wire from the utility valve (something like speaker wire) to the connection the wire from the home is also running to. Easy stuff! http://builtinvacuum.com/retail/shopretail.php?part_no=508,613A. If that doesn't work for you let us know and we'll give you more ideas based on your needs.

On/off Switch Hose?

Hello, I have tried two different hose cuffs with metal rings, neither one will start the motor of the vacumm when I insert them into the 3 utility valve outlets (All 3 outlet will start the motor when I short them). I even tryed cutting some rubber off of one of the hose cuffs to see if it would make a difference when it was inserted into the utility valve, however it still did not make the motor work.

If the hose has an on/off switch then be sure it is switched on. Sorry, sometimes it is forgotten.

Compatible Hoses

I just installed 3 of these outlets to my Central Vac, However when I connect my hose that has a "cuff with metal 1.5" ring" my vacuum does not turn on. I have checked all 3 outlets with a jumper and they all switch the vacuum on when I jump the metal contacts inside the outlets. Is their a special hose cuff for this utility outlet or is their something else that I can do that will correct this problem?

Hi, any vacuum hose with metal on the end should touch the inner contacts on the valve and start the suction. You have verified that the contacts, when shorted, start the vacuum. The hose's metal end, when touching them will do the same. Please verify that the hose is going in far enough.

Use with Quick Clean Kit?

Can you use this with the Quick Clean kit? Thanks

Yes, this inlet will accept and work perfectly with the hose in the Quick Clean Kit found here: http://builtinvacuum.com/quick-kit/index.html. This part goes into exposed central vacuum tube and connections. If you have any questions let us know.

No Switch

How do I turn the vacuum one without a switch?

Hello, usually vacuums with a hose connection on the vacuum unit have an on/off switch somewhere on the unit. If the valve has contacts inside the hose connection hole than a metal end hose will cause the vacuum to turn on.