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Retro Install?

I am having a house built & purchased a vac system. Comes with auto kitchen dustpan - can we add a second dustpan after market for the bathroom? thanks, Tracy, Laurel

Hello Tracy, most likely you have the VacPan that has a left/right foot switch. If you want another one of those and you have an unfinished basement below the area of installation, they you can have one installed. The vacuum pipe and wire will run down and connect to any part of the existing vacuum line and wire. The VacPan II works in place of an inlet on the wall of your home. If your inlets do not have 120 volts to them (two holes above the main suction hole) then you can use the VacPan II as both an inlet and VacPan.

M and S Compatible?

Will this unit work with M & S central vacuum units? Shirley

These work with any brand so long as the inlet looks like one of these rectangle inlets http://builtinvacuum.com/inlets/basic.html

Compatible with SuperValve, 1750 Valves?

I have a Flomaster system, will the inlet number #1750 work with this?

This part is only compatible with SuperValve, 1750 valves that have the low voltage wires at the top of valve. Open your inlet and see if the two small metal contacts INSIDE the suction hole are at the top. If so, you can use the VacPan II, BUT NOTE that you loose the ability to use your direct connect hose. You will no longer be able to operate your electrified power brush on your carpets from this valve. However, if you buy a new pigtail corded electric hose, you will be able to use this valve and the electric carpet brush. It may seem confusing, so please call us for any clarification.

Budd Compatible?

I currently have a Budd inlet. Will this product work with a 1.25" inlet or do I need an adapter?

Sorry, this will not work with your system and there are no adapter for it. You'd have to install a regular VacPan from under the main floor and into a wall or cabinet.

Inlets Below 16 Inches

Can the Vacpan II be installed in an older (1980) existing central vac (Beam) system? Is this an add-on to an existing inlet, or a replacement? The inlet I want to replace/add-on with the Vacpan is lower than 16" from the floor (more like 12"), is that a problem? Thank you. Sonya Mesa, AZ

Hi, you can cut the product to any size below 16 inches. Vacumaid has had some odd inlets. Take your faceplate off and see if the circle hole is 1-5/8 inch diameter and that two screws can be put into the backing plate four inches apart at 12 and 6 o'clock.

Install in Barbershop?

What other materials do i have to purchase? A vacuum too? Do you have anyone in the San Francisco, Ca that I can buy from and that can install in a barbershop? I need 3-4 of these installed. Thank you.

Hi, installing a central vacuum is an excellent idea. You do need the piping and vacuum ran in the shop. Please look up a dealer here for an estimate http://builtinvacuum.com/dealers.html.

Cut BaseBoard?

David from Hopkinton, MA - How easy is the installation? Do I have to cut the base board/trim?

Hi David, yes you have to cut the baseboard. This is the most difficult part of the installation.

Vacuflo Conversion

Jerry, Hyde Park, Vermont. Thank you for your answer and directing me to the inlet adaptor kit. If I understand correctly the adapter kit would change my vacuflo inlet to a "standard" inlet. Wouldn't that necessitate me buying new hoses?

Good point, yes, usually that is why our clients buy the adapter kit, they want to use electric hoses and nozzles for deep carpet cleaning. The hose has an 8ft cord on the wall end that is plugged into an electrical outlet and the hose if plugged into the new outlet.

Work with Vacuflo Proprietary inlets?

Jerry, Hyde Park Vermont. The vacpan looks rather interesting to me. We have a vacuflo model central vac. The hose has two prongs which fit in holes on the wall socket to control the unit being on or off. Is that setup compatible with the vacpan?

Hi, you can do but need to purchase and install an inlet adaptor kit for your proprietary Vacuflo inlets. You can find that adaptor here http://builtinvacuum.com/help/vacuflo-dirt-devil/adaptor.html.

How Does Suction Start?

I'm not sure how the lower inlet of the vacpan works, how is the unit turn on when you sweep to the unit as shonw in figure one? Also 3-in-1 Mounting Bracket PVC Part#517 is for new construction, do you have one not for new construction?

Hi, when the VacPan II is lifted up for floor sweeping, the suction starts automatically as it is lifted. Regarding the 3-in-1, it is also the backing plate used in existing homes. Score off the three hole stud mounting side and cut a hole in the wall the exact size of the raised plastic rectangle. The top and bottom flange hold to the back of the inside of the wall when the faceplate is screwed into it. It pinches itself incredibly tight to the wall.


I have tried ordered one of these from local dealer and been told it is not avalable. What is the story? Thank you Mike

Hi Mike, they are available, we sell them. Maybe he is not aware of that since we only brought it in this AUG 2008. You can try him again or order it online.