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Outlet Not Working with Hose but Works Shorting the Wire

I've been following your flowchart to troubleshoot my vacu-queen 3000's problems but I've run into a snag. My original problem was a single outlet not working. When I took off the faceplate and connected the two wires the unit turns on. The original home-owner left three extra outlets. So I installed a new outlet, then another, etc. I eventually went back to the first outlet. Now none of the outlets work unless I connect those two wires behind my original non-functional outlet.I checked the springs in the outlets and all seem to push in and rebound just fine. I'm at a loss. It seemed like an easy fix and now... Thank you for the excellent flow-chart and information.

Did you try to short the new inlet by putting foil across the two interior metal points inside the new inlet? If that works then the issue is the hose or the amount of voltage available at the end of the hose. The hose adds a lot of low voltage resistence that can make the switch not work on the hose handle. This is do to the installation not having the correct gauge wire (20). We have options to increase the voltage, give us a call.

VacuQueen Replacement Belt - Model 575

I require a replacement belt ref #575 Is this still available?

Unfortunately, we do not have your belt number listed in our system. However, you may compare the measurements on your belt with those listed on our website for compatability. Please follow the link below.

Intermittently Will Not Start

Hello I have a Vucu-Queen Model SD500 Intermitently won't start Relay problem?

It could be a couple of things actually, so the best way to deal with it is to wait for a failure. Maybe this guide will help in the meantime though

Not Running

I have a Vacu-Queen 1000 that's not working. We think it's the low voltage control connection to the unit, but I don't know how to verify this. We've checked all the low voltage control connections at outlets and found they're all still connected. Should the green light on the side of the unit (by the white reset button) light up when the vacuum unit is plugged in? Any ideas on what's wrong?

Hi, please follow these steps if you have not already. If you have then please call us.

Berber Carpet, Pet Hair

Hello, I have new berber carpet. I also have a dog & a cat. Which power head would work better, an air driven one or an electric? I have to buy a kit and need to know which one would be better. Thank you.

Hi, our recommendation is the electric Stealth Kit, you can adjust it to barely beat the berber, thus adding years to its life - and still remove debris and hair. The Stealth has 10 points of height adjustment so you can dial it in for your vacuuming needs. The next recommendation would be the air powered TurboCat Deluxe Kit. The bristles are soft and retracted to it will not over beat the carpet. You'll also save a considerable amount of money over an electric kit.

Pow-R-Nozzle Belt

I have the Vacu-Queen SD-500 and I need the replacement belt for the "Pow-R-Nozzle" (which is the large vacuum cleaner used to clean carpets). Can this be ordered? If not, can a generic one be purchased in a hardware store? Thanks! -Mike. Johnston, RI

Hi Mike, we don't have a cross reference for it but we do give detailed descriptions of our belts online. More searches or lots of measuring is probably your best bet. Or replacing the head if it is getting old, call us for that one.

Air-Driven Power Nozzle

I have a Vacu Queen SD 100 central vacuum system with the cone shaped filter that goes int the top. My power head motor seems to have burned out and was wondering if the VACUFLO TURBOCAT head would be a compatiable replacement? The Vacu Queen suction is very good and I understand that is what drives the power head of the VACUFLO TURBOCAT.

Hi, yes you can use the TurboCat with your vacuum. It does need very good suction to work well. An electric hose and nozzle kit will work better in our opinion but it is your call. The TurboCat should fit right on to your metal wands.

TurboCat Fit VacuQueen Central Vac?

Will the TurboCat air driven powerbrush fit the tubing of my VacuQueen 3000? Thanks.

Hi, yes, the TurboCat will fit your hose and extensions. Thanks for asking, enjoy.

VacuQueen Compatible?

Anne, Raleigh, NC Hi there! We have what looks like an old Vacu-Queen V3000 unit in our house and the motorized unit doesn't have hardly any suction. The hose has lots of duck tape as well, in short, probably needs to be replaced. It appears that it is a 'basic' hose system, ie just plug into the wall and that's it, no prongs or cords or switches. The Stealth models don't appear to be compatible, but I did note in your text that you could upgrade - could you describe how this works? Is there anything else on the main system in the garage that needs maintenance - owners didn't leave any original docs. Thanks very much!

Hello Anne, congratulations on the home and the central vac. You can begin to systematically test the system using this guide You really do want to get a new hose - duct tape means loss of suction and a less clean home. Yes, the Stealth and other kits will fit your system. The electric Stealth Kit plugs into your wall receptacle and the 8ft cord that comes out the wall end of the hose gets plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. If you order a electric kit buy the one with the 8ft cord in the description. You are not limited to 8ft, the wires are hidden in the long hose and come out the end of the hose into a cord. For the maintenance of the system it is really simple. Lift up the top of the vacuum unit and you will find a cone shape coffee-like filter. Did they leave any of those for you? Change that every few months and you will be go to go! Happy vacuuming!

Vacu-Queen SD100 Motor - Ship to Canada?

which motor will fit a vacu-queen sd 100 and where can i order one in canada or the u.s. that will ship to canada

You are looking for the Lamb Ametek 119413 found here, . We sell and ship to Canada. Just choose the Canada Checkout option.

Low Suction

Hi.....My central vac has suction at the canister but not(very little) at any of the outlet....Looked for broken or disconnected pipes/tubes and found none. Where could my problem be?.....Roger in Toronto

Roger, please go through these steps here

Need Wands

I have a new Vacu Queen V1000, and have the hose/handle with switch and the powerhead, but have lost the wand. Is there any wands that I can purchase that is compatible?

Hello, yes, we have wands that will work for you. There are a few questions to ask though so it would be easier if you called. The wands are described well here if it helps:

Vacu-Queen Lid Needed

I have a Vacu-Queen 3000, bought in 2002. The area where the filter seats has completely cracked. Can the just lid of the unit be replaced? Thanks for your help. Our area dealer has retired.

Please call us for details.

Broken Filter Hinge, Poor Suction

I have a Vacu Queen SD500 central vac. The top hinge is broken so the filter doesn\'t seat properly on the canister & the result is very poor suction. The motor seems just fine. Can the lid with built in hinge be replaced? thanks, lp

Hello, we suggest calling VacQueen directly for warranty replacement.

Replacement Hose

I am looking for a replacement hose for my Vacu-Queen Underneath my power nozzle reads: V88 serial # 105-203 if this helps. Thanks Pattie Calgary, AB Canada

Hello Pattie, in Canada you'd be best off looking up dealers of any central vacuum in your area since the hose universal.

Vacu-Queen SD 300 Filter

I need a replacement filter for my Vacu-Queen SD 300. It was placed in our home when we built in 1991. Can you help? Many Thanks!

There where only so many pleated paper filters used in this industry and we sell a bunch of them. You'll have to check the measurements to find a match because we don't have a cross reference.

Fit My Vacuum System?

I have a Filter Queen vacuum and need a new power head. Will this unit hook up to Filter Queen hose.

The BlackHawk may very well may fit your vacuum system. If the very end of the cord sits in a channel at the top of the metal tubes then be sure the tips of the cord are about 1 above the metal tubes on your old vacuum head cord. If it doesn't sit in a channel at the very top but dangles then the BlackHawk and the Stealth will fit.

Shaking Canister

I have a Vacu-Queen 1000. After emptying the canister and putting it back together. I have noticed the whole canister is shaking. When I raise the lid the canister and shaking stop. There seems to be great suction, but what is causing the shaking. The shaking, vibrating, that is occuring to the cansiter, did not start happening until I emptied the cansiter.

The canister should not be shaking. It shakes when it runs? If it is vibrating then the motor is probably full of hair wrapped around the internal fans and needs to be replaced. Or it must be something with your filtration or maybe gasket alignment. If you have a cone inside try putting it all back together again. Let us know the how it goes.

Reassembly Problems

I have a V1000 VacuQueen and just tried to change the filter. Cannot remember how to put the unit back together again. Can you email me instructions on how the cannister is put together - there is a rubber part and cone inside and I dont know the order or the direction of the rubber part. Thanks

Sorry, we are not that familiar with the actual vacuum itself. Typically though, the cone points down and the rubber part is the seal between the two halfs.

Noise But No Suction


Sounds like the motor bearing is nearly frozen. Replace the motor.

Broken Vacuum Head

Hi, I have a Filter Queen 75th Anniverary model and the power nozzle doesn't work, just stopped working. My husband took it a part and cleaned it, made sure nothing was caught in there, and put it back together. It still won't go. Any suggestions other than taking it somewhere to be looked at? Thanks, Jane

Can you please give us the information on the under side of the vacuum head? There are several brushes that all the companies use and we can give you direction based on that.

Pleated Filter Needed

We have a Vacu-Queen SD500 which operates perfectly but needs a new pleated filter (cylindrical type). Can you suggest a source for this filter or at least, a source for an adapter which would allow us to adapt to the newer cone style filter?

Sorry, we don't have a replacement fort this at this time.

Faulty lid reducing power

I have a vacu-queen SD500 in the garage. The top lid hinge doesn't work anymore & the lid is sucked down into the canister reducing power. The motor seems ok. Can this part be replaced or do I have to get a whole new power unit? What do you recommend? The system is about 14 years old. thanks, laura pittman

We recommend replacing the vacuum unit with a stronger, more durable one such as the SilentMaster .