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Remote Handle F9150813-3

I have the remote handle and replaced the batteries in it. How do I reprogram it to turn on again at the handle? My model is one of the FC series, for the vacuum and the handle has a number F9150813-3. Thank you


We are not sure what you'd need to do. Try unplugging the receiver at the unit to reset it then try the handle again.

Vacuflo Circuit Board

Have a vacuflo 560 about 10 years old, unit continues to run after hose is removed from wall outlet and will not shut off until electrical cord is unplugged. Thinking PC/Relay board needs replacing. My question is the part # on the circuit board is 7091 REV 5 H-P Products but the replacement # for the 560 model says to use 7090, which one do I order? Thanks.

Remove the low voltage wire that connects to the tank and see if you have the same problem. Plug the unit into 110 volts. If it stays off then you actually have a low voltage short in the hose. If it stays on you need to replace the board. Does your board have red and yellow or just yellow wires (not going to the cord or motors) attached to the board itself?

Dimensions - Fit T21 Turbine Head?

Your Turbocat air turbine # 45503c looks very similar to the T21 Vacuflo made in Canada years ago.The T 21 turbine dimensions are 3.8" DIA.,1.63" wide,dummy axle .60" long and .330" in Dia. Would your spare part fit the older turbine, or may be a small modification needed for retrofit? Thank you. Mr Cote Quebec Canada

All the dimensions are the same except the overall diameter. The stock item we have is 4" diameter not 3.8". If the 4" will fit in your T21 Power Head then this part will work for you.

Exterior Vent Cover

where can I find an exterior vent cover for my central vacu flo ?

The universal fitting exhaust vent for all systems is here

Need Hose and More, Suction Starts When Valve is Lifted

Hi, I recently purchased a house with an original H-P Vacuflo Model 14, Motor #4471. The hoses were not included with the purchase of the house, is there a comparable hose and accessory kit for this model I could find as well as any bags/filters? As far as I can tell, the diameter of the wall sockets are about 1.5" and the suction starts as soon as the flap is opened and still very good. Thank you!

Thank you for the details, it tells us you need the Vacuflo proprietary hose from Vacuflo themselves. However, if you have carpet and want to use electric beater power you can swap out the proprietary faceplates for industry standard ones and then buy a new Electric Kit with pigtail corded hose. See what it takes under the hose section here:

Power Head 9190 Wand Options

I have a Vacuflo 566Q system. The Powerhead is 9190 and the wand is a 9305-G. My problem is in the wand. A pin broke off on the integrated power cord in the wand. I bought a new cord (9480). Now the wand has an intermittent connection as I vacuum. I've traced it back to the connection between the female plug end of the integrated power cord and the pins in the stem of the powerhead. Very loose fit. Is there anyway to improve this connection (conductive material to fill gap between pin and plug, new pins,or new power cord)? Thanks, Tom - Ham Lake

You should replace the lower section of the wand (our part 406HS), or replace the entire wand with the Ace Telescopic Wand (but your hose has to have the two inch measurement as seen in the photo in the hose section to use the Ace Wand). Here are your PowerHead 9190 Wand Options

Correct Replacement Hose Switch for Turbo Grip

I have a Vacuflo 566Q Central vacuum system. The on/off switch for the turbo grip handle is operating on an intermittent basis. What is the correct part number so I can order a new part? Thanks. Al Batesburg, SC

If your handle looks like this then the switch under it is correct. If not, please call us for further help.,382S

Exhaust Door Replacement

I need to replace the outside exhaust outlet as the cover flap broke off, do you carry replacement parts for that. It is a vacuflo 26

We have a new door for you here (parts are not sold separately to us)

Hose with Pins - Replace Pins?

I have a Vacuflo Model 960/980 and one of the two prongs on the end of the hose that inserts into the wall outlet broke off. Can I replace the end of the hose where the two pins stick out. Thank you

If the pins on the wall end of hose has pins that are 5/8" apart you have a proprietary Vacuflo Hose only available through them. If the pins are 3/8" apart that is a standard electric hose and we have the parts for that here

TurboCat and TurboGrip Hose Replacement

We have a Vacuflo 560 system in our home that was built in 1996. We need to replace the Turbocat and Turbogrip hose, but I can't seem to locate a model number on the Turbogrip hose. Can you please assist me so I can order both parts? Thanks Bob from the city of Orange

You will save money and have a better fitting situation if you buy a complete kit such as the Deluxe TurboCat Kit. But first please take moment to learn if you have the proprietary hose or the universal hose. We only sell the universal hose and kit. See the Attention note in red on this page for more information

Switch on Hose Handle Not Working

We have a Vacuflo 260. The power and the vacuum come on when the hose is plugged into the wall outlet. The turbo head also operates. On the handle is an on/off switch that has no effect on the operation of anything. What is the function of the switch, does it need to be replaced, and if so, where do I get a replacement?

The switch should control the suction. Does your hose end have any metal that slides into the hole? Does the hose end have two metal nubs that slide into the wall plate? Please let us know and we can help you.

Electro-Glide Hose Switch Issue

Adele, Conroe, TX. When I press switch in the handle to the left (suction only) suction comes on and I can vacuum the tile and hardwood. When I press the switch to the right (suction and beater bar) only the beater bar comes on but no suction. Our unit is a Vacuflo 466Q with an Electro Glide Rug Unit. The issue is pressing the switch on the handle to the right I only get power to the Electro Glide Unit with no suction. Can the switch be replaced or repaired or can there be something other than the switch wrong?

The switch needs to be replaced which means the wiring assembly gets replaced. The hose that comes with the ElectroGlide is industry standard which means this part is what you need to fix it

14 Model Motor

My vacuflow model 14 continually trips the small breaker on the power unit. It powers up for 3-5 seconds then trips the breaker! is it time for a new system or can these motors be replaced?

Yes, you can replace the motor on all Vacuflo power units. Please take a photo of the motor and send it to us because we do not have a cross reference for it. Or you can call us and we will help you find the motor and where to get it.

Rugrat Belt Replacement


You can find a replacement belt for your Rugrat in our belts section here,

Turbocat Parts

Need to replaceTL2000 parts. For Turbine Powerhouse we need an Elbow,Spring, Wand,Bumper and belt. Would you also have a Hand held Turbine powerhead?

You can find all Turbocat parts listed here, Hand-held turbines are listed here,

Small Wonder Accessories

Charlie from Pagosa Springs, CO. I bought a 1984 Allegro Class A RV with a Small Wonder Model 19-1 built-in vacuum system. I need the hose assembly Part# 4988-20, the hose adapter Part# 4976, the swivel Part# 4977, a wand Part# 4978, a crevice tool Part# 1141, dusting brush Part# 1142, upholstery tool part# 1139, rug tool Part# 1138, plugs (2)Part# 4960, secondary filter support Part# 4928, and a secondary filter. I have found the replacement bags but can't find anything else. I may need a motor/blower Part# 5129, or a relay Part# 5092 if I can't get it to run. I just hate to throw it away. Basically all it has is the canister, motor and blower and place to plug in the hose with the cover. Can you help me locate parts? Thanks!

If the suction starts when you open the door, you can use any of our hoses and tools.

Vacuflo Replacement

We have a Vacuflo Turbocat plus. The system is original to the house which was built ~1989. The powerhead is shot and we'd like to replace it and the hose. The suction starts in our vac. connections when they're opened. We need to know what replacement parts will work. Also if a wand/chrome connector comes with the powerhead. Thank you, Sara Waunakee (WI)

With your system activating as the inlets are opened, you can use a Basic Hose. The Turbocat will work with this hose, but does not come with the wand which is sold seperately. The Basic Hose is found here, the Turbocat and wand options

Short in Electric Hose Fixable?

I think my control handle has a short. (The handle that connects to the hose. Can I replace the parts inside the handle or do I have to buy the head with the hose?? $200.00 ouch! As we vacuume, the power turns on and off. If we hold the handle to the wand, it works on adn off. I opened up the insides and noted a burn area on the contacts to the cord. Any ideas?? Thanks fo your help. Joe Joe

If you have found the short, that part may be replaceable. Please call and ask for a technician.

Hose End Slipping from Wall

I have the vacuflo 260 installed in my home built in 1998.The hose end that goes into the wall will not stay connected, as it will turn and lose the connection. What might be happening? Is the hose end worn as it will not stay connected to any of my 3 outlets. What would be your recommendation? Becky-Roseville,Ca.

Yes, it sounds like your connection is worn. But is it the hose or valve? Usually it is the hose and that is replaceable. Do you have the hose with two small metal nubs on the wall end? We have the replacement hose without the nubs here

Belt or Replacement for 54201

I have a Vacuflo 26 (original from the construction of our home in 1985). I need to replace a broken belt in the "Turbine Power Brush, Model # 54201" (Part #134472 7R 3). It is the first repair or replacement we have needed! Do you have a replacement belt or do you suggest that we purchase a new air-powered brush? I could also replace the hose. There are no prongs on on the inlets or my hose. Thanks, Gene in Kansas City, MO

We have the belt for the most common Vacuflo power brush. Look at this page and if your brush looks anything like it then the belt will fit and is on the same page towards the bottom. Yes, you can also buy any new kit, air or electric (with pigtail cord), and upgrade what you have. See your chooses here

Accessories Compatible?

Okay - I asked the dog question - this looks good but my system is from 2001 and it is Maxum by Vacuflo 8000?? If it fits, I will buy it.

Hello, all our accessories fit your specific Vacuflo hose. Thanks for asking.

Hose Handle Replacement?

I have a Vacuflo (Maxum) central vacuum - my dog chewed the end of the hose that I put the metal pole into (not the end that goes into wall) - is there a replacement part I can buy?

Most of those hoses took this handle. If it looks like it then it is a match,382S.

Wanting Electric Hose and Brush

The house we purchased has a 1997 nutone system. We love Vacuflow. What does it take to get a vacuflow hose/pigtail system to fit these wall outlets for the central vac system? Do we have to change them out? Larry, Anchorage, Alaska

Hi Larry, the good news is you can have a fully functioning electric kit. The hard part is you have to buy the Vacuflo Adapter Kits and new inlets. They are not hard to put in, so that is good, and the work is well worth the effort.

Will New Hose Fit?

I want to replace my current hose, wands, floor and carpet heads with 35foot hose. I have a 260/280/580 system that is 15 years old. I cannot tell if the connection will fit. Does it make a difference if the holes are to the side or top of the outlet.

Hello, a new electric or air driven kit from us will fit your system. If you have Vacuflo 4940 inlets (they look like the ivory one pictured here then the new kit will fit your system but you will not be able to turn the suction on and off at the hose handle. If you replace these inlet covers as described on the same page then you will be able to control the suction. If you have any questions please let us know.

Vacuflo Inlets - Want Electric Hose and Brush

I have a vacuflo 460 with vacuflo low voltage inlets.Two prongs on the top end of the hose plug in to the outlet.What hose do I need for replacement?Also I am using a turbocat powerhead and want to know which electric powerhead kit can I use if I want to upgrade?

Hi, you are on the right track. The electric brush kit cleans deeper and quieter. Since you have the Vacuflo style inlets with holes for prongs you need to consider your options. First understand the holes are not 110 volt. They supply the low voltage to the on/off switch on the hose handle. That means you need to buy a corded electric kit - the electricity will come from a nearby electrical outlet within 8ft. The new hose has a pigtail electric cord on the wall end - there is not a hose and a cord to carry around, the wires are hidden in the lightweight hose. When you buy an electric kit it will fit into your inlets just fine. The suction however will remain on from the time you lift the inlet cover on the wall until you unplug the hose from it. If you want to regain control of the suction - the ability to turn it on and off from the hose handle - then you need to purchase inlet adaptors and new faceplates (around $20 per port). Here are the adaptors but this can be done at a later date, after you buy the new hose and tool electric kit: and here are the electric kits: If you have questions please let us know.

New to Central Vac

We have purchased a house with a Vacuflo 566Q. It is a new home but in bank foreclosure so there is no paperwork, hoses, etc. We have never had a central vacuum system and don't have a clue as to what we need or how the system works. Any help would be appreciated. Mike-Carrollton

Hello Mike, congratulations on the home and the central vac. With quality attachments you will really enjoy the benefits of a central vacuum (benefits: Vacuflo may or may not have used their proprietary inlets in your home. They look like this They start the suction when opened, but it sounds like you may need to test your system from the bottom up first using this If you have those valves or not, we have what you need to be up and running. We highly recommend an electric hose and tool kit such as Stealth or BlackHawk The kit fits into the proprietary inlets and any other inlet you may have. (For proprietary inlets you will need to file down one portion of the hose end to get a fit that is not so tight into the inlet.). If you don't have much carpet then consider one of our Deluxe Kits here It fits right into your system. If you need any help please call.

Convert to Universal Inlets

I have a vacuflo unit and am replacing my second hose in 2 yrs. want to convert from vacuflo hose to universal and need to change outlets. is there an outlet conversion kit? thanks!

Yes, that is the way to go. You have much better options. Simply use one of these adaptors on each inlet and then any of these new faceplates

Plug-and-Play with New Electric Kit to Clean Better

Hi, I have a VacuFlo? system and the brush head is getting very weak. I was looking at the electric hoses, how can I get an electric hose when the system didn't come like that to begin with? Do you just plug it in the nearest outlet when you are ready to vaccuum? Thank you, Helen

Hello Helen, you can have the power and consistent performance of an electric hose and tool kit with your Vacuflo system without any changes. When you buy the Stealth or BlackHawk (corded versions) it comes with the long hose with the wires hidden but the wall end of the hose has a pigtail 8ft electric cord coming out the end of it which is plugged into a nearby electrical outlet. Measure 8ft, it is a long distance in a home (extension cords can be used if necessary though as well). If you have the inlets that when opened start the suction then you will not be able to turn the suction on and off with the hose switch, it means you have Vacuflo's proprietary inlets. But if down the road you want to convert them to standard ones and get the suction control back, you can with our adaptor kit and new inlet covers (about $20 total per inlet). For now though, test drive a new electric kit, we guarantee you will be AMAZED. Here they are

Use Electric Kit with Proprietary Inlets?

I have Vacuflo propietary outlets. Can I use a universal 35" pigtail hose and electric powerhead (with the understanding that the system will be turned on and off only by opening the valve cover)and the nozzle switch will only control the electric powerhead? Ron, McLean, VA

Hi Ron, yes you can utilize the electric hose and vacuum with the inlets you have. Down the road you can use the conversion plate and new cover inlet, if you want, to gain control of the suction. These are located in our Vacuflo help page.

Add Electric Power Head

I have a Vacuflo system installed in my home with Vacuflo valves. The 35ft hose has two pins which control the nozzle switch to turn the system on and off. I would like to add an electric powerhead. How do you suggest I do that? Ron, McLean, Virginia

Hello Ron, we have a 35ft cord that plugs into a wall socket and into the end of the Stealth or BlackHawk power head. If your hose end has a metal nipple button lock then you can buy the cord, power head, and two #406SL wands and then strap the cord to the hose you have. If you wanted to have it all integrated then purchase a complete central vacuum kit. It will fit right in but you will not be able to control the suction since you have the proprietary inlets. To resolve that we do have adaptors for industry standard inlet faceplates which will end up costing you around $20 per port. Call us if you want to go over all this!

Upgrade to Electric?

I purchased a 460 model Vacu-flow central vac in 1999. I picked up a nail and ruined the housing on the turbine powerhead head and will have to replace it. How much trouble would it be to replace the head with an electric model head?--(I do not have the prongs in my outlets)--And how much is a new head like the one I own? thank you. Millie Butler, Mo

Hello Millie, the air powered head you have now is replaced with this one here You can easily upgrade to electric. This will give a lot less headaches as the debris never travels through moving parts as in your brush now. We recommend the BlackHawk Kit. Call us for further helps and explanations, we are here for you.

Vacuflo Bags?

i am looking for bags for a vacuflo model 26 serial #109a232 I live in lincoln rhode island i have bought bags that never fit please let me know where i could find them thank You Vicky

Hi, the Vacuflo is a full cyclonic machine meaning it has no replaceable filters. Dump the bottom bucket to empty and be sure to reach up and scrap the filter screen off.

Upgrade to Electric Power Vacuum Brush?

We have a Vacuflo 260 system and were wondering if any of the electric systems would work with our existing system. We have the standard 1 1/4 outlet just one opening for the hose. We have the turbocat head now and it needs to be replaced. Thanks-Joni

Hello Joni, excellent idea. The electric hose and brush systems clean so much better for most customers. The Stealth and BlackHawk kits are high quality and will fit your system without any modifications. Just buy a 8ft Cord version of the Stealth or any BlackHawk. If you wanted to control the suction with the new hose you will have to eventually use the Vacuflo Adaptor and a new inlet. See here To begin a cleaner clean start here on our Electric Kit page

Replace Unit and Accessory Kit

I need to replace existing HP model 26, 113a062. It is mounted in the garage and has outside vent, muffler. What would you recommend? my hose is shot,and most of the tools, so I would need that kit also.

Hello, we have excellent replacements for the vacuum and it would be best to go over them on the phone. Please call us at your convenience. We will point you in the right direction.

Adapting to Wider PVC Pipe

How do we replace pipes from an old Model 26 unit? We need elbows, y-s, etc. Is there somewhere we can find the right size of 1.8"? or are there adaptors to connect to the new 2" size pipes? Thanks Vince

Hello Vince, yes part 507P1 on this page for installation pipe and elbows will adapt the older pipe to the standard 2 central vacuum pipe used today.

Replacement Belt 020s329

The rubber belt in the power vac carpet attachment needs to be replaced, do you have it(vacuflo 020s329)

Hello, we do not have that belt. Have you considered upgrading to an new electric attachment kit such as the highly rated Stealth II kit?

Powersweep Model PRT-200

The neck on my vacuflo powersweep model PRT-200 has broken. Where can I buy a replacement neck?

Sorry, we don't sell parts for that. We do recommend upgrading to a new hose and brush though.

Replacement Hose

we bought our house and it has an older model vacu-flo 14. unit works great but the hose has broken. Can we get a replacement hose for it? If so what style would it be ? The wall valves don't have any wiring . Does this help ?

Many style hoses can be used in any central vacuum. That also means you have a choice now to get something similar or upgrade to something different. Please start here though, especially with Vacuflo, to find what you are looking for.

Vacuflo Compatible?


If your Vacuflo inlet INSIDE the main hole has two small metal contacts, then you can use this inlet for the replacement (or any Basic Inlet). If not, you need to contact Vacuflo for the proprietary inlet. If you don't want to do that you can buy adaptors to install standard Basic Inlets. View this page to read about the adaptors

TurboCat, Ultra T210 Upgrade

I have a Vacuflo system which was installed in 1996. The Ultra T210 Turbine Powerhead Edge Cleaning is very loud and does not seem to pick up very well. We have a large amount of carpet and a hairy dog. What would be a powerful compatible replacement for this? Patty

The hands-down best upgrade is the electric vacuum kit - such as the Complete Stealth Kit. The Ultra T210 or TP210 is the best non-electric vacuum available, but for homeowners with enough pet hair and carpet, it is not powerful enough. In contrast, the electric hose and vacuum head are so powerful that you will wonder how you ever got by without it. Pet hair, deep down dirt, and multiple times the air reaching your carpet makes a huge difference. Since you have Vacuflo you need to look at your hose end now. If it has two metal pins/stubs that plug into the wall vacuum inlet, you need to know that a new Stealth Kit with Cord will fit into your system but you will not be able to turn the suction on/off on the hose handle. You'd have to unplug it from the wall. You will be able to control the electric beater brush though. And if you want to control the suction you can if you spend about $20/inlet to add an adaptor and new faceplate (easy to do), and you can do that at a later time. See the Vacuflo Help page for more information about upgrading.

Old Model 26 - Sponge, Carpet Brush, Inlets

3 questions actually: The house I purchased last year has a Vacuflo 26 ( I assume original from 1989). Can I replace the belt in the "Turbine Power Brush, Model # 54201" or purchase a new air-powered brush head that fits on the existing wands? Also, I took the top off the canister today to see if there was anything I needed to periodically check and there is a sponge filter on the top that is so old (probably from 1989) that a small piece broke off when I touched it. Is this something that I can replace easily? I'm assuming this is also a True Cyclonic, correct? Thanks.

Yes it is a full Cyclonic, so you need to enter the unit from below and clear off the screen at the top under the motor. The sponge above the motor isn't necessary. We may have a belt for your brush but you'd much better off replacing it with the TurboCat air-driven brush. In fact a complete new kit will give you more power because the hoses have better airflow now. If your inlets are the type that receive to prongs from the hose we suggest upgrading your inlets using our adaptors found on the Vacuflo page.