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Wand Clip for Neck

I have a Turbo Zoom. There was a piece at the neck that held the pipe in. It broke and now the pipe slides out easily when vaccuming. Can I just order that piece? Or do I need to get a new head? Bernie in Arizona

You need the Spring Clip found on this page

Hose Handle Parts

My vacuflo central vac power nozzle has a broken wire near the electric plug- where can I get replacement parts? My son quickly diagnosed the problem - I just need to know where to get replacement parts. Margie, Underhill

If the hose has low voltage and 110 then one of these wire harness placements will work,352S,352GH,352GS. If only low voltage and the handle looks like this link then use this product.,382S

Hose and Tool Set for Model 260.

We have a vacuflo 260 that was installed by the previous owner of the house. We are trying to figure out which hose we need to purchase along with what attachments. Help?

We have a wide variety of complete hose and tool sets to meet your cleaning and budget needs. Since you have a Vacuflo you first need to see if you have the proprietary inlets or industry standard. Does the inlet on your wall have two small holes next to the main hole and/or does it say 4940 anywhere on the inlet? Is so you have proprietary inlets. If not then all the kits here fit your standard system

Electroglide 7921 Parts and Replacement

Motor in Vacuflow Electroglide 7921 has quit. Wired it direct to 120v and wouldn't turn. One website said it is a discontinued power head. What can I get for a replacement?

If your Electroglide looked like the vacuum on this page then it is the replacement and we have the parts for it there as well. That vacuum head has been sold and is being sold under many different names including PowerMate and Hayden.

Pipe and Fittings

Need to move inlet where can I get correct size and type of piping

The normal central vac pipe and fittings are not available at hardware stores in the USA. They are available at central vac stores such as ours and through our dealers. To be sure you have central vac pipe and fittings measure the outer diameter of the pipe. It should be two inch. You can see it on line here

One Inlet Not Working

I have a Vacuflo vacuum unit which was installed in Oct 2007. Worked fine since then until yesterday when the inlet valve on the upper (2nd floor) was noted not to be working. The total number of inlet valves in house is 4 - One (1) on first floor, two (2) in Basement.and one (1) on upper floor. Suction occurs at upper floor inlet valve when vacuum is turned on at first floor level. Could you advise what the problem may be. Thanks

You should feel the two metal nubs inside the 1-1/2 inch wide hole. The should be there and have spring tension. If they are bad you need to replace the inlet. If they are good then remove the inlet and see if the low voltage wires are connected. You can use this video to help you understand inlet removal. Having said all that, you may have the proprietary 4940 inlets. If so, there will be some differences.

Turbocat Plus Parts

I need the turbine part for the Turbocat Plus. The bearings are shot.

You can view Turbocat parts we offer here,

Extending An Inlet Valve

We recently put 1/4 inch wood paneling on the wall on which our Vacuflo inlet port is located. The pipe from the wall plate now does not fit tightly into the piping in the wall. Can we purchase a different wall plate with a longer pipe or, alternatively, a connector to place between the wall plate and wall piping that will bridge the small gap? Cathy, Boston

You can use the Inlet Valve Extension found here, along with a trim plate to make up any extra room created by the extension

Exhaust Filter Available?

Our vacuflow 360 is not exhausted. To the outside so some dust accumulates in the area it is in. Is there a filter that can be attached to the muffler? It iss not feasible to exhaust to the out side.


Yes, there is an exhaust filter available here but please take note of the instructions to maintain it and replace correctly

Vacuflo 260 Intermittent Power

Hi. I have a Vacuflo 260. I am wondering if I need to replace the hose. When flipping the switch on the turbo grip to on, the system would power on and work fine briefly but then it sporadically will turn off and then on again numerous times. Seems the contacts might be problematic. I just replaced the switch in the turbo grip but that didn't help. I can push the hose into the wall outlet and leave it not quite all the way in so the system stays on without using the turbo grip switch. Any thoughts on if this might be the hose contacts or perhaps try another new switch? Thanks. Skip, Sturgeon Bay, WI

This may be an issue with the hose or the main unit itself. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the problem.

Vacuflo 560 Screen Has Hole / Missing

My Vacuflo 560 guard screen has a hole the size of a quarter right in the center. I have no idea how long it has been there or how it happened. Is it safe to continue using the vacuum? I have 1 dog that sheds excessively, so am worried about the motor. Is there something I can fashion to cover the hole in the screen? Thanks. Colleen in Illinois

That screen is in place to keep hair and debris that gets past the filter from going into and damaging the motor. That screen needs to be replaced before your motors are damaged and require a costly repair.

TurboCat 1990 Not Spinning

We have RD 1990 power turbocat. The brush will not rotate, thus, not working. Help! kate, sapphire, nc

Remove all 11 or 12 screws from the base (there is one under where the belt crosses itself) to get to the turbine. Usually something is stuck in it.

No Suction after One Second

when i open the thing to plug the vacuum in it sucks for one second and then stops. i can still hear the vacuum going but its not sucking at all. what do i do?

If it is truly still running but not sucking then something must be clogging the unit or the pipes. Use this guide to figure out which. It make be the screen is clogged or the filter is sucked up against it.

Reset Switch Keeps Popping

My Vacuflo shuts off while I'm vacumming. I have to reset the small swith on the unit in the basement, but it continues to do this. What could be the problem?

That means you have a bad motor. It is overheating due to wear and tear and needs to be replaced. Please reference your model here for the replacement motor

Clog in Hose?

my vacuum will hardly pick up anymore there doesn't seem to be a leak because the suction is very powerful (from all inlets), until I attach the hose to the powerhead, then it looses suction. The canister is clean and the system is three years old. It is the Turbocat zoom powerhead

It sounds like your hose is clogged up. Take a look at solution six here

Extend Hose?

Is there anyway to extend the hose just a bit? I use my vaccum for everything and cannot reach the far corners of my screened porch. I do not want to replace entire hose or add an outlet as my current system reaches everywhere else. I love this vaccum- it is my third house and my third vacuflo system. diana

We offer an extension hose to fit all standard 1.5" diameter inlets. The extension will work with any hose other than a Direct Connect Electric Hose. You can find the item here,

TurboCat Not as Powerful

Julie, Monticello, IL My turbocat does not seem to be pulling itself. It's picking up very well, the brush is turning but it has always shot across the floor for a short distance when I detach the unit from the wand while the suction is still on. It no longer does that and feels like it is fighting me when I try to vaccuum carpet. There does not appear to be a clog and the unit has just been completely cleaned and the filter is clear.

It could be that the interior turbine has some minor holes in it or hair is wrapped up in it. There are 11 perimeter screws that allow the entire bottom to come off so you can inspect it. One screw is under where the belt crosses itself above a small metal bar, remove the bar to access the screw.

Will Not Shut Off

I have a Vacuflo 260 that will not turn off unless I unplug it from the electrical outlet. How do I determine what the problem is? Thanks! Mike in KC

Most likely you have a bad relay that will not turn power off. Follow our troubleshooting guide to verify

Not Picking Up Hair

I own a vacuflo system. model 446Q/566Q. The rug cleaner is not picking up dog hair, difficult to get it up, several sweeps are needed...not doing the job. Pls advise the part I need for the problem.

First, are you getting enough suction? Have you cleaned the screen under the motor? You should everytime you empty the unit. Just reach up and scrape off the screen. Do you have a clog? Test the suction at the unit, then with a hose, then with the brush. It is better? If it is the brush then you can remove the 11 screws and take the entire thing apart for a thorough cleaning. Hopefully that will help or will expose any other issue.

Clean Inside Hose

My vacuflo hose has a funny smell. Is there a way to clean the actual hose?

You can spray Lysol on a full paper towel and suck it into the hose corner first. Repeat as much as you'd like then take the towels out of the unit or they will clog up the Vacuflo systems that have only a screen under the motor.

Vacuflo 57 Hose and Accessories

Hi! We just purchased a house with a HPVacuflo Series 57A 372. Can you tell us how old it might be? Are accessories to fit still available? (we see a hose, but no wand, beaters, crevice tool, etc).

Yes, the hose is available and all the accessories as well. All of our products and tools can be found here, Please let us know if you have any more questions.

Electroglide #7960 Belt

Hello, I need the belt for Vacuflo's electroglide powerhead #7960. Which of your belts is compatible. Thanks RJ

The Electroglide was a nozzle that many companies used under different names. See it here to confirm it is the same nozzle and then look for the belt on the same page

Motor Brush for Model 26

Where can I get motor brushes for a VacuFlo, Model 26. central vacuum system?

Hi, here is the motor and the brush and a link to instructions

Funnel and Gasket Placement

I have the canister, a gasket & a cone shape piece & want to put it back together, how does it go back in ???

The cone sits on top of the gasket and looks downward into the bucket which latches on to the top section.

PRT-200 Neck

I have a vacuflo power nozzle Model PRT-200 serial 09-98-100. The moveable nozzle that holds the wand shaft cracked and is broken and cannot hold the wand shaft. Do you have a replacement part for this? I prefer a new part but a used part is acceptable. Irwin Ft. Salonga, New York

Hi, if the nozzle has an electric cord then we don't have the neck but if no cord then this may be what you need