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1-3/4 inch Diameter Pipe Needed

I have an older Vacuflo system. I upgrade the unit about a year ago. The problem now is I am having work done on my home and need to reroute a small section of pipe. The current pipe measures 1 3/4 inch on the outside. I have 8 inlets so replacing all the pipe with 2" is not an option. Do you sell pipe and coupling that would be compatible. Thanks.

Yes, we have the adaptor to make the transition from your pipe to 2 pipe then back your pipe. Find the pipe and #507P1 adaptor here

Need Best Attachment Kit

I have model 26 of the vacuflo system which uses inlet valves and I need a new hose and attachments, what would you recommend? We have 2 inside dogs and 5 kids so I need your best! Thanks! Bridgette, La Grange, CA

Hello Bridgette,
One of us here has 4 kids and a constantly shedding dog and uses the Original Stealth attachment kit. It is certainly the best, the cream of the crop and it works with your system. You can choose between the 30ft or 35ft versions here. You don't have have to change anything in your system for it too work. Depending on how old the Vacu-Flo system is there are improvements to the wall plates that will make the vacuum experience really super convenient. If you want to do those improvements later you can and it would be best to call us to get the low-down on it.

Upgrade to Electric?

I purchased a 460 model Vacu-flow central vac in 1999. I picked up a nail and ruined the housing on the turbine powerhead head and will have to replace it. How much trouble would it be to replace the head with an electric model head?--(I do not have the prongs in my outlets)--And how much is a new head like the one I own? thank you. Millie Butler, Mo

Hello Millie, the air powered head you have now is replaced with this one here You can easily upgrade to electric. This will give a lot less headaches as the debris never travels through moving parts as in your brush now. We recommend the BlackHawk Kit. Call us for further helps and explanations, we are here for you.

Replacement Bag

I have a VacuFlo EF1060 (circa 2004)and cannot seem to find replacement bags for my unit in the Boston area. Are there generic paper bags compatible with my system I can order locally or online?

Buy Electric Kit? Bag in Unit?

does vacuflo uses bag or only bagless. if i use the bag unit do i need to vent outside. i have carpet upstairs and wood floor downstairs and some area rug do i need to get the stealth attachment kit. do i need to get the electric power brush.

Hello, 99.9% of Vacuflo models do not use a bag. That means when you dump the bucket you also need to reach up and pull the hair off of and clean the screen just under the motor or you will loose vacuum power. The Stealth is great and if you have pet hair then get it, but if not then save some money and deep clean with the EdgeLift Kit that is also electric powered like the Stealth. Enjoy!

Change to Electric Kit, Have Vacuflo Inlets

I have had a Vacuflo system for 13 years. My powerhead is a Turbocat Plus non-electric. I am interested in getting an electric head for better cleanup of dog hair etc. I have an electric outlet next to my vacuum wall outlets so an adequate power supply is not a problem. My outlets currently have two pins approximately 17 mm apart that provides power to the switch on the handle to turn the system on and off. Can you tell me what my options are? Is the Imperium hose compatible with the Vacuflo outlet? One dealer I spoke with suggested an Imperium hose and electric powerhead to replace the Turbocat; that's why I ask. Thanks for any info you can provide. Dale

Hello Dale, upgrading to electric is the smartest thing you can do. You have proprietary inlets that only Vacuflo hoses will benefit from but you can buy any new electric kit with corded hose and it will work with the system you have. However, the suction on/off benefit will not work unless you switch to industry standard inlet valves. First install an easy-to-use adaptor plate and then a new inlet. Here is the information on all that The electric kits we prefer are the Stealth and EdgeLift and here they are: Remeber, you can use them without updating your inlets. If the suction on/off ability you really miss then you can update your inlets at a later time.

Need Belt 8439

I need a belt (part #8439) for a model 54201 Power Brush, but can't find the info on your web site. How do I go about ordering one on-line? Bob Armstrong Asheville, NC

Hello Bob, we have the belt for the most common Vacuflo power brush. Look at this page and if your brush looks anything like it then the belt will fit and is on the same page towards the bottom.

How to Use Stealth Kit with Vacuflo

I recently purchased a home with the Vacuflo 560. I have the Stealth Kit Direct Connect that I would like to use in the house. What do I need to do to make the Stealth kit compatible with the current system? Also does this canister need a bag or is it bagless? Thanks!

Hello, typically Vacuflo has what looks like direct connect 110 volt inlet valves but the smaller holes are actually low voltage holes so your electric hose will not be compatible. The first thing you need to do is convert your direct connect hose into a corded one using this The second thing you can do, if you want to be able to control the suction on the hose handle (versus it coming on when the faceplate it lifted) is converting the faceplate to a Basic Inlet Valve. But you have to do it using the Vacuflo Adaptor. Go to this page and scroll down to the yellow background box for more details

Vacuflo - Switching to Electrical Kit and Valves

I have a 27 year old Vacuflo system with the low voltage 4940 outlets. I would like to upgrade to a Stealth II power brush since my old air driven brush never worked well since I purchased the house 3 years ago. I've cleaned the filter on the main unit and it would work a few times but not to my satisfaction. Your site recommends changing out the 4940 outlets and using the hose w/plug. I want to avoid that and run 110 electric to the outlets. Do you sell 110 outlets and can I just simply run electric from a nearby 110 outlet and get the direct connect hose for the Stealth II? Jim Uniontown OH

We know you will be extremely pleased with the cleaning you will get from the Stealth Kit. It is so much better that even if you don't put in direct connect 110 volt wall ports, it is still worth it to plug the hoses' electric cord into a nearby electrical outlet. You can upgrade your vacuum inlets to industry standard without the 110 volts by reading the section on it in the Vacuflo webpage we have. That would make the hose function properly (even if you didn't upgrade you can still use the Stealth Kit but you'd loose the ability to turn the suction on/off without disconnecting the hose from the wall port). But if you really desire to have a electric hose plug into an electrified vacuum inlet then you'll have your work cut out for you. You have to cut the existing backing plate out and cut the pipe in the wall. You'd have to put a new tight 90 turn and an Electravalve backing plate, as well as run the accompanying molded end romex in the wall to an electric source. It is a bit of work to do for every inlet, but avoids any compatibility issues for the life of the system.

Canister Stopped Up with Pet Hair

My Vacuflo gets stopped up with dog hair. Is there some way I can blow out the system or trap the dog hair before it stops up the vac?

Good question and we understand your frustration. Dog hair and Vacuflo True Cyclonic canisters are not a good match. The hair floats to the top and clogs the screen protecting the motor. This also happens with carpet fuzz - especially on new carpets. You can use a pre-filter to trap the hair. Normally you attach it to your hose and it plugs into the vacuum inlet on the wall. You could put it along side the Vacuflo True Cyclonic vacuum in the basement or garage as well, but it would take some clever connections.