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Vacuflo Black Motor Dust

I have a Vacuflo model 360 that is about 10 or 12 years old and has started emitting a very loud whirring noise and is ejecting a black substance on to the wall where it hangs. It sounds and looks like something black plastic is wearing and coming apart. I took the motor out and did not readily see what the problem is. It still works but is very loud and my wife complains that it has lost a lot of suction. Is this typical of the motor needing replacement of something else?

That is the carbon brushes in their last stages - in a bad way this time. The entire motor needs to be replaced and it is quite simple to do. If you feel this happened too soon, contact the manufacturer regarding warranty.

Vacuflo 26 Replacement Motor

my central vac. is hp vacuflo, model 26 power unit no. 4950., serial no. 206A730, 120 vac 50/60hz., 11 amp. h.p.production, from Louisville, Ohio. now it makes noise and is not that powerful. do i need to replace the motor and where to buy and how to install. thank you. r. khan

Yes, you need to replace the motor. Good news is it is quite simple to do. Here is the motor and instructions. Also read the reviews for encouragement.

Vacuflo Circuit Board

Looking for relay, reset, capacitor the unit is a vacuflo Model 26

The motor is a 115334 and the electronics can all be replaced with a $36 circuit board #235S .

Exhaust Bag?

Hello. I bought a house with Vacuflo 26 and I am trying to understand the system. What appears to me is that the previous owner put a paper bag where the exhaust port is located. What's up with this? Is this okay?

There is actually a bag that is made for the exhaust on machines such as the Vacuflo that have extensive dirt flowing out the exhaust. The bag will clog up though and needs to be changed when its white color changes to brown. If it is not changed, the exhaust creates back pressure and excessive heat on the motor which takes hours off its life. If you want to continue to use the exhaust filter you can buy them here. WARNING: The manufacturer of the bag says not to use it on units such as Vacuflo and Vacuflo may also warn not to use them. Why? There is so much debris coming out the exhaust that the bag clogs fast and if not changed quick enough will hurt the machine's motor.

Only a Screen Filter?

I have two Vacuflo 560 vacs. One is running about half speed. Is it designed to take an extra filter besides the built in screen? Gary LaBelle

Many Vacuflo units such as yours only use a thin metal screen to filter the air before it reaches the motor. If you find that the screen is clogging up with carpet fiber and hair too often and cutting the suction in half, you may want to consider a disposable bag type of central vacuum such as the SilentMaster.

Will Not Turn Off

I have a vacuflo 560, and the motor no longer turns off from the low voltage accessories. I think the transformer mounted in the motor housing is shot. Do you have that replacement part?

Typically it is either the circuit board (or separate relay) or there is a short in your low voltage wiring in the home. Disconnect the low voltage wire from the Vacuflo to determine which it is. Use our troubleshooting chart for more help.

Model 26 Motor, Replacement, Inlets

I have a very old VacuFlo Model 26 from the 1960's...I believe the motor has finally burned out...what compatible unit from you would replace this unit...I also have the inlets where all you have to do is lift the cover for suction not pigtail outlets...what do I need to do to replace....already have attachments for these inlets...please advise...thank you, gina taylor

You have several options. You could replace the motor itself (not too difficult), or you can replace the entire unit with a new quiet and powerful SilentMaster for about 3 times the cost of the motor. The SilentMaster's exhaust emits no visible dust (unlike the Vacuflo), and uses disposable 12 gallon paper bags. Regarding your inlets, we recommend updating them with an adaptor and new faceplate (not difficult). There is more information on the Vacuflo Help page about that. Your older attachments and hose will work with the new inlets so long as you buy a new hose end with a metal ring on it (found in Hose Parts). If you have carpeting, we suggest making these changes and buying a complete Stealth Kit with corded hose.

Dog Hair Clogged Vacuflo

How do I un-stop my Vacuflo with dog hair? Where is the screen that protects the motor? Can I get to it? How?

Sorry about this typical problem. When your motor goes out, consider a bag type model such as the SilentMaster. Anyhow, when you remove the dust bucket you can reach all the way up and feel the screen. It must be cleaned and scraped regularly for sufficient airflow.

Low Suction

My vacuum's suction is barely sucking. I've checked the following: All vacuum inlets are closed. Wiring inside and out looks good. I've tried two different hoses. I've emptied the bag and replaced the filter. Couldn't find any blockage from system inlet to collector. The vacuum is 7 years old and used for 6. It powers on, but again little suction. Please help

How is the suction directly at the unit? Try it at the hose connection on the unit or disconnect the intake pipe and check it there.

Weak Suction

We have a Fasco central vac system that at times seems to be working ok, but at other times the suction is very low. We've made sure the hoses are all clear, the filter is clean, both motors seem to be running normally. Do you have any suggestions on what we can do? Could it be time to replace the motors even though it seems like they are running ok? We believe the unit was placed in the house in 1988 and it is model #852SVDM. Thank you--Larry and Angela Watts

Some Fasco's had one small motor such as the 851DM, A853 and A853449. If you have a model with two minibreakers (two motors) then one motor can be out. If you have a powerful single motor unit then you have some sort of clog or air leak.

Accessing Motor

How to access the motor compartment on vacuflo model 560?

Most Vacuflos have the motor at the top. There are a couple of screws or bolts on the side of the canister securing it on. Remove these and lift the top. If you are going to disconnect wires be sure to label their positions first.

Sign of Bad Motor

I have a Vacuflo central vacuum system, model 560. When I turn on the vacuum, there is a sharp noise from the motor and burning smell. Then it shuts off in 10 seconds. What is the problem and how can I get it fixed? Thanks.

Typical sign of a bad motor. Motors are not intended to be rebuilt but replaced and we have this motor in stock ready to ship.

How to Unclog

How do i unplug the lines?


Tripping Circuit Board

I have a 1999 Vacuflo 560, the breaker on the unit keeps tripping after several minutes of operation. We you reset it, the duration of operation is even shorter. I replaced the motor and the same thing happens. Perhaps the breaker needs to be replaced. Do I have to buy a whole new circuit board or can I replace the breaker by itself. What are your thoughts and do you have parts for this procedure? Thanks, Jim

You will need to replace the circuit board. Please call us for information.

New Motor and MiniBreaker but STILL SHUTS OFF

I replaced my inline minibreaker and replaced motor but fuse is still tripping after a couple of minutes of use. Any ideas? i have a plastic cone, where is the screen?!

Ah, yes, the screen. If you never cleaned the screen then it is most likely restricting the majority of air and the unit is overheating. Pull the plastic cone down and really clean that screen off well. Use scrapers and a dust mask!

Convert to Bag System?

We have a Vacuflo 560, installed 6/1998. Can it be converted to a bag filter rather than the present centrifugal separator? How and what parts are needed? Cost? The present system is terrible to empty. We never let it over fill but dust and debris gathers on the upper perforated screen. Also, the system came with cardboard wall caddies (we have two, sets of accessories since it is a large house) These are giving up--do you have replacements available or a decent substitute?? If so how much ? Please send pictures of any proposed parts. THANK YOU for YOUR HELP!

Hello, sorry but this common complaint is what moves homeowners to buy a bag system such as SilentMaster once the motor fails in the Vacuflo. No Filters is a good idea but not practical as you experience. Regarding the wall caddies, please help us understand; are these accessory holders, like a bag? Or clamps or hose hangers? Here are our heavy duty versions of these:

Need Troubleshooting

we have a vacuflo 560 and the only way it runs now is if you plug it in. it will not shutoff from the on/off switch and the reset mounted on the machine doesn't work

Please use the troubleshooting at

Changing to Vacuflo

I currently have a AirVac ZX6000 and was wondering if I could change out to a Vacuflo system using the current pipes and electrical I have and just change the motor and wall outlets? Gail, Dalla

Hello Gail, yes you can swap out the units. You don't have to change the inlets.

Vacuflo 26 Clogged Screen, Low Suction

My family just purchased a house with a very old Vacuflo model 26 installed. The system has low sucking power and after reading here, I've found that the screen in the cone is truly clogged. Is there a way to take the screen out so I can unclog it? I scrapped the debris off the side that faces the bottom of the cone, but how do I clean the other side? Thanks, Leigh Johnson

Remove the motor chamber on top of the unit and then remove the motor to get to the upper side of the screen.

Clean Unit Screen !

I did not receive a manual with my central floor system, on the waste tub it says to clean the screen when you empty, but I cannot find the screen to clean. Can you explain to me where this screen is?

The screen is very important to clean to keep airflow at a maximum and the motor cooled. Remove the bottom debris bucket and the screen is located at the very top just under the motor. Remove the plastic cone if your arm and hand will not fit through it.


How can I get a manual for my Vacuflo model 26?

Hello, sorry we don't have a manual. We do know that the maintenance it needs is emptying the bucket before it is 3/4 full and when you empty it is very important you reach up to the top and clean off the screen. That really is it! The vacuum wall inlets you have, the hose, the tools can be upgraded to any vacuum kit you see on the website. Troubleshooting help is here Let us know if you need more help.

Isn't There a Filter?

I am looking for a filter for HP Vaculflo MDL #26. Which filter will work? Todd Bloomington, Indiana

Hello, Vacuflo didn't have filters. There is only a screen just under the motor that needs to be cleaned off when you empty the bucket or have loss of suction.

Vacuflo Filter?

I have a Vacuflo Model 360 Serial # 313X 401 but no Operating instructions. Does this unit have a filter and should you use a bag? Thanks. Ed Fairfax, VA

There is only a filter screen up under the motor which needs to be scraped off when you empty the bucket. Reach all the way up and scrub off the screen each time to ensure you have full suction power.

Low Suction

last year i bought a new motor for the vacuflo and it worked good initially but now the suction power is almost reduced tremedously.could you advise please .thanx. rashid khan

Hi, many times owners are not aware that there is a screen up in the top of the cavity just below the motor that needs scraping to keep from clogging. Vacuflo units are filtered with a screen. If that doesn't help then use this guide

Unit Turns On By Itself

At random times, usually in the middle of the night, the system starts for a split second on its own and then shuts off, as if someone were opening the inlet valve. What is causing this and how can I fix it?

Hello, first disconnect the low voltage wire from the home that connects to the unit. You will see it running along near the PVC pipe. If the unit continues to turn on then relace the circuit board in it. If is stops doing it then you have a short in the home. We have see where rodents chewed the wire and when the pass by it, it shorts.

Hairs Clog Screen - Shuts Unit Off

For model 466Q & 566Q, I have problems to use the Central Vacuum system. I have to either reset often the system or clean up the guard screen very often (about every 1-2 minutes) if there're hairs on the floor, e.g., the bath rooms). I would like to know if there's any way to improve the operation. The system was installed by a contractor. The best way to reach me is via email. Thank you in advance for your reply with suggestions/assistance. Sincerely, Lilian, MD

Hi Lilian, most likely this is a new problem, right? What most likely has happened is the motor fans are wrapped with hair so it can't spin. The cooling down and resetting the minibreaker allows you to vacuum for a couple more minutes until the same thing is repeated. The only way to resolve that is to replace the motor in the vacuum.

Vacuflo Loosing Suction

Our unit is starting to loose suction. Wondering if we need a new motor.

Motors really don't loose suction. The suction is hindered. When the motor is ready to die it just will. Have you reached up into your tank and cleaned off the screen under the motor? The Vacuflo clogs at this point most often.

Motor Loud And Has Weak Suction

We have vacuflo model 107, we bought it at least 14 years ago, but only installed it 4 years ago. I did not know to reach up and clean the screen. Now the motor is very loud and suction poor. Can we get a new motor for that model? Bernice Onalaska WI


You will need to replace the motor as it is most likely filled with hair. We highly recommend switching to a bag filtered unit such as the FloMaster C650.

Model 26 Motor Brushes

looking to buy two motor brushes for a hp #26 please advise price and availability thanks

Hi, the motor brushes are here but beware that you may need a new motor. Check to be sure the center motor shaft is not loose, that it only spins securely. Check where the brushes wear, that is it not pitted and rough.

Low Suction, Clean Screen?

vacuflow model 26 How do you clean the screen on the model 26? I just bought a house with one and the suction is low. Keith

Hi, please remove the bucket and reach as far as you can up into the unit to find the screen just below the motor. Scrape it off until it is clean. That should help the suction. If not then use these steps

Low Voltage Solenoid Out?

My solenoid is not working properly. Used to open and close the micro switch lid many times. Now it is not doing it. Can I clean the low voltage solenoid? Is the part I am referring to also known as relay?

Hi, please use this guide be sure the relay went out Let us know if you have more questions.

Add Foam to Vacumaid Motor Screen?

I have Vacumaid P125 w/the steel mesh filtration. Can I add the foam filtration along w/steel mesh to prevent the fine dust particle from loading up the motor windings. My thought is that the filtration will provide some additional longevity to my motor. What are your thoughts ??

Great idea but the foam will not stop the dust because it is very porous. Only quality bag type units such as SilentMaster do that. Sorry!

Vacuflo 26 Rubber Above Motor

Question update: re HP vacuflow model 26. I took the top off the unit and I discovered that there was a circular foam rubber ring with a circular hole in the middle that looked as though before it has perished acted as some kind of filter. The question is - does the foam ring need replacing? and what was its purpose. This was not the gasket for seating the motor unit, it sat on top of the motor and covered the electrical controls and wires in the 'donut' area around the motor. The hole in the middle fitted over the ridge at the top of the motor.

Those are there to help quiet the motor and help keep large debris from falling into the cooling intake on top of the motor. Not a huge loss if you are missing parts of it.

Manual Works, Not Automatic

Ed Tolland Ma.....The vacuume runs on manual only it will not turn on when set to automatic...none of the breakers are this the relay??

Hi, it sounds like the low voltage from the vacuum unit is not getting to the wall inlets in the home. Try this page for help

Vacuflo 26 Motor

i have a mdoel 26 purchased in 1984 the motor is out. we need the motor and the housing that i think is all one unit the series is i need it ups to my office pierce equipment 9685 west 55th countryside, il dan pierce m26 450a295 part #115334 bottom of motor 110584p

The motor you need is here It is in stock ready to ship. The motor is new and complete, upper and lower.

No Suction After Emptying

I recently purchased a home that has the Vacuflo 560 system. I cleaned the bucket and the screen. Put the bucket back on and now there is very little suction. I have check the hose and it is not clogged. Bucket is seated properly. I have also tried other areas of the house for plugging into the system and it does not improve and maybe worse farther away from the main unit. This all seems to have occured after cleaning the bucket. Any ideas or suggestions you would be very much appreciated.

Either there is air getting into the pipes before they reach the unit or the screen up inside the unit is clogged. How does the suction feel if you disconnect the intake pipe from the unit?

Dust in Garage or Basement

we just moved into a 5 year old house with a Vaccuflow 260 vaccuum unit. When ever the unit runs - there is a good amount of fine dust that blows around in our garage. There also does not seem to be a filter with the unit. Is there a filter? and just wondering if there are any options for reducing the dust that is blown around? thanks

Hello, the Vacuflo unit should be exhausted to the outside. The majority of Vacuflo's do not have a fine filter, only a screen just under the motor. This screen should be cleaned off each time you empty the bucket. Reach up and scrape it off (where a dust mask, if you wish).

Clogged Pipes?

We have a vacuflo--the downstairs vents are working fine, but the 2 upstairs are not working at all--there is no sound at all when they are opened and the hose does not turn on after being plugged in. Sally-Woodbridge, VA

It sounds like you have a clog. You can use the solutions under #3 found here, or look in your yellow pages for any vacuum system dealer that has experience with this, regardless of the brand.

One Year Old Motor Bad?

Have a 560 model, we installed in 1998. Replaced motor 1 year ago. Now it intermittently shuts off, anywhere after 1 5 min. of use. If you leave it plugged in it will start up on its own from 1 to 10 minutes later or if I have enough energy I will run downstairs and tap or hit unit and it will start right up. But again it will quickly shut off. Is this a circuit board or relay problem? The unit doesn't feel hot and I do frequently clean off the screen. Thank you so much for you help. We do live about 3hours from the nearest service center. Patty Beatrice, NE

Based on the young motor age it should be the circuit board (actually the mini breaker on the board). But, it may be a diffective motor. There is really no way to tell easily. The motor should be opened up and the motor brushes and armature looked at. Try to go back to the reseller and get some help.

Removed Top Filter, Runs Now

I have the 560 vacuflo that was installed in 1998 (question previously asked last month). I have since taken off the top lid/and filter. Have not had a problem since. Is this a circuit board heat related issue? Can my husband replace that if that is the problem and do I order the parts from you? Thanks! Patty Beatrice NE

That is a filter that keeps debris from entering into the cooling air fan. If it was clogged then the motor and/or circuit board was overheating. But it can also be the motor going bad. Because you toyed with the unit you allowed the motor to find fresh positions with the motor brush. Continue to run the unit as is and see what happens. You will probably find that it over heats again, meaning you need a new motor.

VacuFlo 760 Won't Turn On

Own a Vacuflo 760. Was working fine then moved hose to another location and Nothing happened. Checked breaker- it was fine. Tried another hose. Same thing- dead. Went outside to main unit and plugged hose into second leg attached to the 760 and it DID turn on . All outlets inside house are dead. Any ideas?

Sounds like you have a break in your low voltage line that runs along the pipe back to the unit. This wire is what tells the vacuum to turn from inside your home. Follow our troubleshooting guide to help determine where the break may be.

Switch Out - Rotate Hose to Operate

My on off switch is not working on the handle of the hose. When the hose is plugged into the vacuflo system and rotated a small amount the system seems to work properly. Will it harm my system to operate it without the on/off switch? Can this be replaced, or will I need to purchase a new handle? Thank you for your assistance.

It will not hurt to run the vacuum without the switch. Rotating the hose simply acts as the switch in the wall valve. The two little contacts end up sitting on the same metal plate on the hose end which makes it start. We have a switch here if your handle looks like the one in the photo,382S.

Vacuflo 360 Motor Brushes

we have a vacuflo model 360 that won't turn on. can we buy replacement brushes for the motor?. some black dust but no burn smell at all.

You can find the correct replacement motor brushes for your system here,

Unit Will Not Turn On

Folks, I have the VacuFlow 460, now 14 years old. It has been working fine, but today...nothing! It is getting juice from the power outlet. There doesn't seem to be a reset button on the I wrong? Thank you for any input. Your site has already been quite helpful! -Bob from Belmont, Ma

Try testing the motors for power. Connect 120v directly to the motors and plug it in. If the motors turn on, then you know they are good and the problem is elsewhere. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue at

Unit Shutting Off, Running Hot

We have a 460Q model. A year ago we replaced the motor and relay but still having same problem. The unit will run for 5-10min. and then shutoff. I have to hit the reset switch. If I go outside to the unit, I can feel the heat on the vac system. Could it be the motor is bad? Could it be something wrong with the piping system with either a leak to prevent vacuum from being pulled or something clogging pipes? thought it might be cloged pipeing so we used a pipe wire and ran it to the first outlet but did not find anything clogging the pipe. Is there equipment we can rent or buy to help trouble shoot? We live away from Houston area so geting someont out here is expensive.

The most likely problem is low airflow that is causing the unit to run hot and trip the heat sensor. Check your filters, most Vacuflo are cyclonic filtration systems and have a metal screen just before the motor that can become clogged. If all filters are clear, check your exhaust for blockage.

Remove Unit from Wall

Vacuflo 460. No suction at all. I have a clog and was told by my installer to take the unit off the wall and check the elbows closest to the unit. There are two wires connected to the unit that I am thinking are grounding wires but I can't see how to disconnect them. Any suggestions?

Checking the first few feet of pipe at the unit is important. The two wires are the low voltage wires used for starting the vacuum and turning it off. They should be plugged into the unit and you can pull them free. Also, you may want to run through this guide first to see if the clog is somewhere else

Vacuflo 26 Relay Clicks

We have a model 26 vacuflo. The motor will not run, but the relay picks up when the door is opened. It appears we cannot reset the mini-breaker; the button will not move in or out. If the relay picks up could the circuit protector, mini-breaker be bad? I have not tried to jumper out the breaker while opening the vacuum door. Should I try that? It appears to be nearly impossible to replace the mini-breaker only. Is that the case? What else should I try? Gary Boldenow

The relay is trying to turn on the motor, that is the clicking sound. Your motor is dead and needs to be replaced. You can find the correct replacement motor here,

TurboCat Parts

I have a TurboCat and it has broken twice. I currently have a refurbished unit from the local Central Vac store, but it there any way to buy parts for these things instead of having to buy another one when one thing breaks? I really don't want to spend $80-140 when I could buy a $2 part and fix what is broken. Looks like someone has us consumers by the gonads!

Yes, there are TurboCat parts available. Please check out our TurboCat parts to see what is available.

460 Motor Needed

Hello i have 460 vacuflo, 2 days ago we had a loud noise that came out and burned smell that came out of our vacuflo unit.. Is there anything we can do it ourselves to try to fix it? please help!! we have 4 pets and alot of hair..:) we need our vaccum back ASAP.. thank you..Tina

Hello, we show the motor as the first one on this chart However, you should also call 800Vacuflo to verify it. If you get the motor from them or us, then you can quite easily replace it yourself.

Vacuflo 566Q Black Dust On Unit

Vacuflo 566Q Keeps shutting off. After about 10 minutes the circuit breaker on the unit activates and turns the unit off. My unit also has the black carbon dust on the PVC pipes just outside the motor housing. Do I need to replace both the motor and the circuit board? Thanks for your help

The black carbon dust is from the motor which would expain the unit turning off. Your circuit board should be just fine, change only the motor and you're back in business!

New to Central Vac

I just purchased a home with an H-P Vacuflo Model 26. How can I get a hold of an owners manual. I'd like to make sure it's working properly and also do any preventive maintenance that may be required. Thanks ...

Congratulations on the home and vac! We don't have a manual for it but the manufacturer is at Nevertheless we can help you. Use this guide to thoroughly checkout the system and test it The main thing you'll learn from a manual is to empty and clean the unit. Detach the bucket from the unit and dump it carefully into a trash bag. Reach up into the unit and clean off the screen. That is basically it. There is no oiling or anything like that. Let us know how things go. We have parts and accessories for the system here

Replaced Motor - Now Shuts Off in Minutes

I have a Vacuflo 466Q and replaced motor and brushes 2 months ago. Suction is better than ever. However, after about 5 mins of continous use, system shuts off, requires a reset, and then repeats again in a few minutes. What could be the problem? Thanks. John, Rochester NY

Hopefully it is only the minibreaker. We see them fail after a motor replacement every so often. We have replacement minibreakers and circuit boards (if that is what is in your unit) here

Motor Cycles - Bad Motor or Electronics?

We recently purchased a home with a Vacuflo 5600 installed in 2007. When the main unit is plugged into the power outlet it begins "cycling". That is, it switches on as though a switch was flipped on and off, then winds down. Before it completely winds down, it turns on again and the cycle is repeated. I have disconnected the low voltage wires and it doesn't run when plugged in. With the low voltage wires plugged in and the canister removed, it runs continuously. Does this description narrow the problem down any further than "it's the low voltage wiring"? Thanks very much for any help you can provide.

Run another test please. Get it to run continuously and see if it stays on for 15 minutes. Usually this exact issue is a motor problem. The motor seems to run great but only because the tank was jarred causing the motor or "reset" but not for long. With the low voltage disconnected it has nothing to do with low voltage. The only other issue could be the relay/circuit board but it usually isn't. Let us know what you find on this test.

Motor Replacement for Vacuflo 17 (6392-00)

I have a Vacuflo model 17. I am trying to find a replacement motor for it. There are two numbers stamped on the old motor. 650697F and 6392-00. Nether match two anything you show. Can you help me out? Thanks.


The replacement motor for your Vacuflo Model 17 system is Lamb Ametek Motor #119412 - Item #206G. If you prefer to place your order over the phone, please contact our Customer Service Team at 1-800-997-2278. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rattling Noise at Unit

I have a vacuflo 460 installed in 1997. Lately when running there is rattling noise - makes me think of a bad bearing -- is that a typical failure point? If not, where to look for the cause? Dave - Yardley, PA.


It could be a piece of debris hanging from your filter. It can also be the motor bearing or fan blades which can be failure points. We usually recommend using the motor until it fails or has low suction. The solution for any of these motor problems is a complete new replacement motor. Rebuilding them is as expensive and requires motor expertise.

Flo-Lite Central Vacuum Surging Power

I have a flo-lite model 26, full cyclonic cleaning system. The other day I used it for a longer time than usual to clean cat hair from the window curtains. Now the motor revs up and slows down continuously until we unplug the main unit. Would a clogged filter cause this issue or does the motor need to be replaced? This happened once before but seemed to work its own way through without any intervention.


Be sure to clean any screen that is under the motor by reaching up from underneath. However, the issue you describe is usually a circuit board problem (which is not affected by using it for a longer period). If it doesn't fix itself then look into replacing the electronics (circuit board or relay if separate components). Rarely is this a motor issue.