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TL2000 TurboFlex II Agitator Parts

I have a Vacu-Maid, model H-1 with a TL2000 power head w/ tuboflex II agitator and I need a geared belt for this power head. This is a 20+ year old unit and the belts I can find reference newer models. Can you tell me what belt would fit this power head? Lanny in Niceville, FL

This is actually a simple TurboCat turbine power nozzle. They are the same no matter how old or sold under whatever name. The TurboCat belt is the replacement belt for all TL2000 nozzle heads.

Pigtail Hose Parts

Sassan, Norman, Ok I have a worn hose end inlet. Do I needto replace the entire hose assemly and handle or can i just replace the hose inlet? It is the pigtail type.

If the wall end of the hose is worn you will need to replace the hose. If the handle end or pigtail electric cord is worn you usually can find the replacements for them instead of replacing the hose.

No Suction Right Switch Position

When using an electrical accessory with my hose I have the electrical (motor running) but no vacuum. If I depress switch to the left I have vacuum but no electrical. Any ideas?

You will need to replace the wiring harness in the hose handle. The switch is bad but only comes with the harness. Take a look at the hose handles and proper harness here,352S,352GH,352GS

Vacumaid CP-16 Motor

Stuart from Toronto I have a Vacu-Maid Central Vac Model CP-16 (must be 32 years old). The system is very noisy and I notice that the carbon brushes need changing. The motor number could be C1160379. Could you let me know where I can purchase this and how much? Thanks.

Hello, after that many years the armature may not be sturdy or the communtator too rough not to destroy new brushes. But if you think the motor can handle new brushes then you will have to send a photo of the motor because we do not have a cross reference for the lamb motor in that model. If you come back to us with the model you can see if we have the brushes for it by searching the lamb number in the search box on the top right.

Vacumaid Silent Partner 2600 Replacement Unit

We have a silent partner 2600 with a bad motor. We also do not like the dirty exhaust area. What would you recommend as a replacement unit to clean up the exhaust area while utilizing the current configuration? Thanks

Take a look at our Silent Master line Each model comes with a disposable bag that filters down to 0.3 microns with an option to convert to a closed bag design that filters down to 0.1 microns. That should make a huge difference in the amount of dust around the unit and add a fair bit of cleaning power at the same time!

Vacumaind P125 Reset Button Trips

My p125 pops the reset button after only running for 3 to 5 minutes. What could be the problem? Blake Richmond VA

First check all your filters. If they are all clear, then the motor is going out and needs to be replaced. You can find your replacement motor here,

VacPan Not Working

my vacuum system works, but the wall sweep has quit. What do I do to fix it

First check the wire connections to make sure they are connected. If the moving parts on the lever are broken or worn, you will need to replace the sweep with a new one. Take a look at your options here,

Tool for Both Floor and Carpet?

Is there an attachment that works for both carpet and hardwood or do I have to change each time I move to a new room? I have a Vacumaid. Cheryl Fairhope

It is best to use separate floor tools for the carpet and hard floors, there is really no tool that does an adaquate job on both. Hopefully you have a separate set up for each that includes the wands so that way you are not bending over to change the brush.

Short in Low Voltage

Our Vacu-Maid Silent Partner was installed when we built our house in 2004 and has been great. Now in 2011: the other night I came home and heard the vacuum running but no one was in the house and nothing was hooked up. It had gotten hot enough to melt the pvc below the motor. When I disconnect the one of the two wires from the switching line it turns off so it appears there is a short in the system. I have pulled every connector box (where I plug in the hose) and there are no obvious shorts. There has been no work done that would have damaged the system in the walls. What else can I do? I do not want to have to go into the garage and plug in and out the vacuum every time I want to use it. HELP! Jeff in Holland, MI

If you cannot find the short then you have to abandon the low voltage and use radio remote control here It is easy to set up and use.

CT14DX Belt

Hi, we need to replace the belt in the power head of our vacu maid unit model ct14dx. It says the belt number is 5285. We have not been able to find one locally. Thanks

Hello, that is a belt used on the same power brush many brands sell but under different names. The belt you need is here We are so glad you found us.

Dirty Exhaust

the pipe that is blow air outside is very dusty,does it mean i need to replace filter in my vacuum?or maby it needs a cleaning?

The Vacumaid has only a screen filter so the exhaust is always dirty. The only way to fix that is the buy a new filtered MD Vacuum machine for about $550. Let us know when that one dies and we'll point you in the right direction.

Electric Stealth Kit with Older System?

Can the Stealth sets be used for an old style VacuMaid system with 1 1/2 inch diameter outlet with the two balls on the top?

Yes, any Stealth kit with corded hose will work with the Vacumaid system you have described. In fact the two balls can be on the top or bottom and there may only be one single trigger point. It will be an excellent match. Thanks for asking and happy (fast) cleaning.

Vacumaid CT14DX Replacement

I need a replacement electric power brush for my Vacumaid. Model number is CT14DX. The wand and everything works fine, but the head itself needs to be replaced. Do you have a replacement part for this?

Hi, we have the exact replacement here in two colors, but they always come with new wands.,480I. Thanks for asking.

Clicking, No Suction

I have a Vacumaid P125 and it makes a clicking noise when I try to start it. No burning noise. Assume it is the relay. Which replacement relay could I use. I bought the vacuum in 1982 or 1982. Randy Winnipeg

Hi Randy, the clicking is the relay working fine but the motor, most likely, is not responding. We recommend replacing the motor at this time. We have it and it is not hard to swap out

CT14DX Replacement

I need to replace my CT14DX power brush for my Vacumaid Central Vacuum system. Can you recommend which electric powerhead I would need to order? I previously replaced one with a Hayden Superpack Deluxe. Is this the same one that I would need again. Marianne Huntington, Utah

Hi Marianne, yes the Hayden power nozzle is the exact replacement. We have them in stock, new, on premise. Click here to see them.,480I

VacuMaid S1600 Motor Bad?

I have an S1600 Vacu-Maid central Vac with a Silent Partner. It has worked wonderful for years. It was installed in 2000. This morning, I used it for a while. Then a few minutes later, when I turned it on, it was dead. It is getting electric as we hear a clicking from the Silent Partner when we plug in the hose. The switch on the hose handle does need replaced but it is constantly in an "on" position and we have had no problems with that. We did push the white button on the side of the Silent Partner, thinking it may be a reset switch, but it didn't help. Is there a repair manual for this model? Or, is there a replacement motor for it? Does it have more than one motor? Thanks

Yes, it sounds like the motor is not working. Try slapping the canister and then turn it on. May times that jars the motor and it runs for a bit. All a sign of a bad motor. Replacing the motor is quite easy and we have it here,221,how2mtr&q&title=Motor+for+Vacumaid+S1600

Upgrading Ideas

I have a Vacu-Maid system installed in January 1993. It is a wonderful system. At the present time I have decided to do some upgrading. Do you carry a brush for the Turbocat RD-1990, 9227-C? Plus I do have some wood floors and interested in the CentraMop and the MantaMop, would I need both and/or is there something else I should be considering? Thank you, Susan M, Michigan

Hi, excellent idea getting the central vac up and working for you. We have a brush for the TurboCat but we suggest a better upgrade if you have the money. We highly recommend an electric powered brush over the air powered TurboCat and Zoom. The carpets will never be cleaner. The air stream in the electric brush is larger and uninterupted as it is with air powered ones which spin a turbine. Can your system support a new electric hose and nozzle? Yes. You are using the same suction as before. The only difference is that the hose, at the wall end, has an 8ft electric cord that you plug into a nearby electrical outlet. The wires are hidden in the lightweight 30ft or 35ft hose so all you pull around is the hose as before. Take a look here and let us know if you have any questions Anyhow, if you want TurboCat parts see this page The Manta and CentraMop are good tools. The Manta is best to homes with a lot of wood floors. The CentraMop is best for mid-week cleans in the kitchen.

Single Bearing Inlets

I purchased a house that is 30 years old. It has a VacuMaid system with the one ball bearing inside the outlet. The system works great, but the hose and attachments need replacement. Will any of the hose replacements and kits work with this older system? Janet VIneland, NJ

Hi Janet, you are in luck. All the kits fit your inlets. We recommend the Electric kits (with pigtail cord) if you have carpet in your home. Start here to look around and then let us know if you have more questions.

Need Floor Brush

I need new 12" bare floor brush for vacumaid. Can I buy it separately? I also need 2 new attachments (???) that go between electric outlet and hose. Where can I get them? Thank you for your attention to my question.

Hi, for hard floors use one of these two brushes,402W. Please clarify your question about the other parts, thanks!

Need Complete Accessory Kit

I have a P125 model and need a replacement hose and attachments. Are these parts available? If they are how can they be purchased. Judy Parrish Chickasha, Ok.

Great news. All attachment kits on this website will work with your system. Each kit includes everything you will need to vacuum all surfaces of your home. We highly recommend a corded Stealth Kit - it will bring your central vacuum to life! We will help you decide what is best for your home beginning on this page If you have any questions please let us know.

Need Bags

I need to order filter bags for an older Vacumaid central systen. Where can I get new filters? Do I have to order them or can I get them locally? I live close to Ardmore, Oklahoma. Also, how much do they cost and can I get them on the internet?

Hello, please call us for more information on this issue.

CT14DX New Cord

My VacuMaid needs a new cord for the powerhead. One end is fried from not having been making a good connection. The powerhead model is CT14DX.

Hello, we have the old and new style cord system for that model. The new one is a top and bottom wand where the bottom disconnects with a foot release. The older is simply a long cord.

Motor Brushes for P225

I am searching for a set of brushes for the Vacu-Maid P-225 motor. Pete Daly Edmonds, Wa

Hello, we have the brushes here. If the motor is older and has used up its 800-900 hours we suggest replacing the motor.

Hose Handle and Brush Cord Shorting

i am looking for a switch replacement for a gas pump handle hose that fits a power head model ct18dx /ser# D41908060 /VacuMaid. I also would like to replace the power cord on the power head. the connections for the hose and head are chared from not being plugged in tight. The head is now cutting in and out. It will work If i hold the handle at the connection point. Ron Cunningham

Hello Ron, we don't carry parts for that one as we encourage homeowners to move to a better system such as the Stealth II.

EB24010 Belt Replacement

I need a belt replacement EB24010 for my Vacu-Maid

Hello, we don't have a cross reference for that belt. You can take it to a local vacuum shop and compare is with available belts or if the head is nearly ready to be replaced you can upgrade to something new.

Accessory Set Low Cost

I do not have the electric powered system (Model P124). My suctions is fine, but the on/off switch on the hose is not working. Do I need to replace the whole hose? I could probably use a whole new accessory kit, but local store wants to charge $250. Can I use a generic hose and accessory kit and buy competitively online? Price is a factor. Thank you, Trish

If you don't require a beater brush you have a lot of inexpensive choices on our Air Driven Attachment Kit Page.

VacuMaid CP-125 Motor

I have an older model VacuMaid central vac. CP-125. The relay makes a clicking sound but the motor will not always start. There is no burning smell. Wires, connections look good. Instead of changing the brushes and fiddling around with the unit I'd like to replace the motor. Is there a replacement motor (new) for this central vac? Please, advise. Les Kudor

The C shouldn't matter regarding the motor. The P125 only took this motor.

Motor Fan Replacement?

I need to buy the fan for the motor of a vacumaid central vac. Does your company sell replacement fans?

We don't sell or recommend replacing parts within aged vacuum motors. The hassle yeilds little extended life. Sorry, please replace the entire motor. You can find your replacment motor here,

TurboCat - Air Driven Brushes - Replace with Stealth?

I have a turbo cat system with hose which is broke. Would this stealth be okay to replace with my Beam system as long as I buy the pigtail. We have a 3600 square-foot house 3 rooms upstairs are carpeted (bedrooms) and then our finished downstairs with 2 bedrooms and a large family room or can the turbo cat really clean just as well. Thanks

Yes, the corded Stealth kit with either 30 or 35-foot hose will be a tremendous improvement over the TurboCat - guaranteed. The Stealth will fit right into your existing central vacuum system without any modifications. Here is a page on upgrading any system to electric tools You never have to change anything in your system.