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Electric Head Upgrade Options

We have an older model P 225 with a standard hose and would like to add an electric powerhead. The catalogue that came w/ the unit shows an AWU172 unit that can work w/ a standard hose. Do you have that unit or can you provide a comparable one? Thanks, Joe

Your system is ready to use a new hose and electric head and you have more options for the new accessory kit then you think. You'll need a "corded" hose as seen here At the bottom of the page is a link to all the compatible electric kits. We guarantee they fit your system and that you will see a huge difference in your carpets.

Hose Not Controlling Suction

We just moved into a house that has a Vucumaid P125-AV built-in vac. The vacuum runs fine with the crumb attachment in the kitchen but will not start when the hose is plugged into an outlet. They are double contact outlets and if you short the two contacts in the outlet the vac starts and suction is fine, it still will not start with the hose. The hose that was left has two metal pieces that look like the should start the system, the handle has a I O II switch which works for the power head. Can't figure out how or where the hose should s/c the contacts. No manual left with system. Help Reg Sherwood Park AB

Can you borrow another hose to try in your inlets? Once you know it is not your hose, which it rarely is in this kind of situation, then the issue is the type of wire used in the system. The wire is too weak to carry enough current to the inlet to support the addition of a hose. They should have used a 20 gauge wire in the system. We have a Low Voltage Booster that can be easily connected to the wire near the main tank. It will allow the vacuum hose to control the suction.

Dusty Exhaust

Our vacuum was working fine but the other day dust started coming our of the exhaust pipe and filled the garage with dust. From Jan in Old Hickory, TN

Actually, that is not uncommon for Vacumaid because there is little filtration. Maybe the exhaust line fell of the unit? When was the last time the filter up under the motor was removed and cleaned?

II Position Has Not Suction

James - Calgary. Hi, I have a 3 year old VacuMaid. The handle has 2 power options (I & II). The 'II' option is no longer working. I believe a blockage in the power vac unit caused it to stop working but even since that has been cleared it still doesn't work. So basically, the hardwood floor vac works fine (the 'I' position), but when I attach the power unit in the 'II' position, it generates power, but no suction. Any thoughts? Thanks, James

That would be the switch in the handle and has nothing to do with a clog or some other cause. This issue is not so untypical for this hose. The part you need is #352GS which is the wiring assembly that includes the switch. It is not difficult to replace.

Vacumaid Bags

Hi I have a Vacu maid. I think the model # is P10, LR22305. It was installed sometime around 1997. I don't know what bags to order. Lisa

You can find replacement bags in the Vacumaid section of our site here,

Vacumaid P125 Stopped Working

The last time I used my vacu-maid p125 (3 days ago) it was working just fine. I went to use it today and there was no motor goiong, no suction. We checked with alternate hoses, at alternate outlets, checked the circuits and the electrical outlet. Why would it be working completely normally and then not at all? Thanks, Sharon. Dallas, Oregon.

There could be an electrical short in the power supply, a broken wire, or just time for the motor to go out. You can contact your local dealer for testing and service at

Hose Torn

We have a newer house but it broke right next to the handle. Can I cut this off and reinstall? How do I get the handle apart to get the hold hose out? Looks like it is snapped in somehow? Mike Grand Rapids, MI

If the hose handle has no switch on it, then you can cleanly cut the hose behing the break/tear. Remove the remaining hose portion inside the end and then screw the remaining hose into it. If the handle has a switch on it, then it cannot be repaired due to the wiring. You will need to replace the hose.

Vacumaid No Suction

hello I have a vacumaid central vacuum , the motor works but minimal if any suction at any of the outlets .I emptied the canister and still no change any suggestions ?

Sounds like your motor is going out. Follow our troubleshooting guide to narrow down the issue.

Electrolux Kit with Vacumaid?


Yes, you can use any brand's complete attachment kit with any Vacumaid system, even Electrolux. We ask you to compare these top kits first though before you buy

Newer Inlets Wider?

Hi, Karl in NY. My Vaccuum Maid system was installed in 1967 and the outlet hose hole is 1 3/8 dia. So, took the cover off and found it goes into a 1 5/8" hole(o-ring) Now I need to know the diameter of the new non-electric cover. If you need it, I will take it apart again and send a pic

Hi Karl, you can use any of the Basic Inlets. They fit in the 1-5/8 backing hole. The faceplate hole is just under 1-1/2 so your hose will be loose. We suggest replacing all the inlets and then buying a new hose end.

Hose Handle Electric Parts

I have a VacuMaid S2600, that we bought in October 2005. It is the second time we have to replace the Hose Handle Electrical parts. What should we use to replace it for that particular model and where could we find it. Thank you.

Hi, a variety of hoses are used with that and all models. Please send in a photo and we will let you know use this quick form please

Bags for Vacu-Maid H-1

We need replacement bags for the Vacu-maid Model H-1

Hi, these bags here should be the ones. Let us know if they look totally different

CT14DX Manual

Need instruction manual for Vacu Maid Power Head Model #CT14DX, won't pop apart - think something is stuck or needs new belt possibly. Would like to see manual how to get apart to figure correct parts needed

Hello, we have an exploded diagram of the brush here and the parts here The top most part really does pop off as you push in the sides. Other than that there is not much information about the brush that we have electronically.

Low Suction

I have an AstroVac III whole house system that was installed in 1994. The system recently ran fine but now only runs on "low" speed which is not suffieicent for vacuuming. Based on this web site I see that I may need 1) a new unit, 2) a new motor, 3) new motor brushes, 4) new controller etc...... What is the next step for me to repair the unit without replacing the wrong components? Joe Ozdowy, Landenberg PA

Hello Joe, did you use this guide to pin point the issue? Typically, and looking at the installation year, you need a new motor. You can have an electrician simply put 110 volts directly to the motor wires (non polar motor so either side can be hot) and if the motor is not running at full power then replace it. It is too old to put new brushes in. If you want a cleaner filter unit you can replace it with any of them at our website (sold through dealers). Hope that helps!

LR 22305 Central Vac

I have a model LR 22305 system, number 98ER20508. I am looking for two things. 1. A manuel for the system and two a new power head for the vacuum. The head I now have is a model CT14DX, serial number DH3207219. Thank you for your time. Mel, Belgrade, Maine

Hello Mel, we haven't heard of that Vacumaid product but assuming it is like their other ones the only maintenance is to empty the debris bucket and scrape or clean off the filter up under the motor. The CT14DX is otherwise known as Hayden and we have that exact one and kit but if you want to upgrade we suggest the Stealth Kit which fits perfectly into your system. You can see them here

P125 Power

I have an older P-125 Vacumaid that no longer works as of today. My wife complains that the suction really "SUCKS" if you know what I mean. Can I replace this motor with a more powerful motor or do I need to buy a more modern machine(ugh)? If so, do you recommend a particular unit and if so,do I need to replace the head I now have? Thank you very much for a wonderful web site! Richard Shedd, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

The P125 has a very good motor in it. There are a couple of things you should check after replacing the motor, if that is what you want to do. There is a screen up inside the unit just under the motor, has it been kept clean every couple months? If so you may have a semi clogged system or micro holes in your hose. For clogs you should run through our service flow chart just to be safe. It is in the support tab at the top of the website. If you want to change the unit we suggest a disposable bag type such as SilentMaster or MD and maybe one with a single three stage motor. It will have more waterlift measurement and feel stronger.

New Inlets for VacuMaid

I have a vacu-maid system. I need two new outlets. My question is do I need somekind of mounting plate or is this all I need (apart from the pipes/wire etc)...

If you intend on replacing existing inlets you most likely need Basic Inlets. If there is low voltage and 110 volt wires you most likely need an electric SuperValve, possibly a VacuValve if the romex has a molded plug on the end. If you are putting new inlets in your home you need a backing plate and inlet faceplate. Most likely a #517 backing plate and a Basic Inlet all found on the basic inlet page.

Attachments for Older Vacumaid System

I have a P-125 model 948804885 or sand a #0588 on the tank I want to know if all the new attachments will work on my inlet that you push in the wall units I have had this unit for 18 years now I need attachment the brush has worn out thank you Rita

Yes, all the attachments you see here will work. We suggest looking inside the round hole in your inlets to see if there is one or two contacts. If one, you need a basic hose with tapered cuff. If two, you can use a regular basic hose, low voltage hose, or corded electric hose. (You can replace the wall inlets with Basic Inlets if you want.) Buy and new hose and new extension metal tubes and the accessories you want.

On/off Hose for Single Trigger Inlets?

We have a vacumaid central vac system and need a hose. Our system is the one that has the single ball bearing just inside the wall inlet. We would like a hose that you can shut off the vacuum suction at the handle if possible. We now have to unplug to stop the suction. Also we would like a hose between 35 and 50 feet long with a sock. Do you have such a hose??

You will have to replace your valves with any of the Basic Inlet Valves - without doing anything drastic to your walls, so don't worry. You will have to replace all your inlets in order to use the new Low Voltage Hose. Please note that hose socks are only available in 30' and 35' options. It is common for long hoses to use two 30' socks on a 50' hose without any issues.

New Hose and Outlets for Single Trigger Valves

I have a vacumaid which was installed in 1986 and still works great. But I need a new hose. The one I have now pushes a single ball bearing to start the vacuum. Can I replace the hose with a low voltage hose so I can have a on/off switch? Which hose would I need to buy? I suspect I would need to change the outlets? If so, can this be done without disturbing the wall? Also, if I do change one outlet, would I have to change all the others or will the new hose work with the old outlet? Thanks Ed

Ed, yes you can replace your valves with any of the Basic Inlets we sell - without doing anything drastic at all. Go to Basic lnlets, also read the text at the top of the page. You will have to do all your inlets so you can use the new Low Voltage hose in them. It will not work with your old valves.