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Plastic Cone Location

Does the plastic cone fit below or above the input tube on a vacuumaid central vac system


The cone goes above the intake. If it was below then the debris would go right to the motor. The center of the intake is where cleaner air is taken up toward the motor. The debris enter, swirels around falling to the bottom as clean air is moved up through the center of the cone.

Breaker Pops After a Minute

Richie waldorf maryland I have a p125 system that has been working good. It recently started tripping the circuit breaker within a minute of turning on the vacuum. With the system plugged in it does not trip but right after you start the system it trips. I took an amp reading on the circuit and it went up to 33-34 amps and then tripped the breaker. Before starting under one amp. I suspect the motor is bad but it does work before tripping the breaker. Is there something else that could make the unit draw too much amperage? Maybe bearing inside or something? Should i just go ahead and replace the motor? Thanks for any help you can give.


That is typically a bad motor and replacing the motor usually solves it. Sometimes a bad motor can also ruin a breaker but you will not know that until you get a new motor in. A bad motor works then stops working soon after. It may or may not pop the breaker but in both cases it is a bad motor.

Decreased Suction

Vacumaid P-110: Noticed decreased suction recently. Checked hose and snaked the pipes. Does the central unit have a filter which needs to be cleaned. I can't find one and all I do is reach up with hand and pull down any debris and put the base back. -Ron, Naperville

You are doing the correct things. The mesh filter is up inside the tank below the motor. Reach up to remove it and beat it out. If you don't have that mesh then hair has probably slowed the air flow down in the motor. At this point you'd have to replace the motor. The motor and instructions are here

Low Suction - Clean Inside Tank?

We have a VacuMaid 225 for over 20 years. The vacuum doesn't seem to have as much suction as before. Would cleaning inside the canister help? Jody, Lincoln, NE

Cleaning up inside the canister, the filter, and the screen will help the power.

II Position Has Not Suction

James - Calgary. Hi, I have a 3 year old VacuMaid. The handle has 2 power options (I & II). The 'II' option is no longer working. I believe a blockage in the power vac unit caused it to stop working but even since that has been cleared it still doesn't work. So basically, the hardwood floor vac works fine (the 'I' position), but when I attach the power unit in the 'II' position, it generates power, but no suction. Any thoughts? Thanks, James

That would be the switch in the handle and has nothing to do with a clog or some other cause. This issue is not so untypical for this hose. The part you need is #352GS which is the wiring assembly that includes the switch. It is not difficult to replace.

P125 Amperage Needed

I have a Vacumaid P125 and need to know what amperage circuit (15 or 20 amp) I need to install to power the unit

This power unit needs a 15 amp minimum circuit. If you are running other things on that circuit at the same time the breaker may pop. It can also go on a 20 amp circuit.

Vacumaid 125 Shuts Off After 10 Minutes

VacuMaid CP-125 I have a vacumaid CP-125. It starts fine but about 10-15 minutes in the the reset buttom on the side trips. I wait 5-10 minutes & it resets for about 10 minutes. I don't know how old it is, would it be the reset button getting weak?

First check that all the filters are clear for proper air flow. If they are all good, then you have a motor going out that is tripping the safety reset button. You can find your replacement motor here listed by model number

New Zealand Parts

I'm wanting a replacement motor for a P-75 model Vacu maid unit. On the motor it has the description 'lamb' and '6604-00'. This is a 240 volt motor. Do you have these and how much in New Zealand dollars??

For parts availability and pricing, please contact our New Zealand dealer at

Filthy Filter to Clean - HELP

I have a P-125P. The oply problem is after a couple months its suction drops. Over the years I have learned that the metal screen below the motor gets clogged which is a nasty, nasty job on this thing. After removing the dirt can and emptying it, to clean the screen I have to remove the plastic funnel and then lie on my back to reach up through the upper funnel to reach the screen at which point any debris falls on me. More recently I obtained 2 of those "blue spun fiber inside a net" filters which fit against the mesh screen. They keep the screen clean but removing them is as nasty as cleaning the screen and then you have to put the new one in position. In a couple cases I've had to remove the motor/blower ass'y to blow out stuff caught in the screen. (more)Larry, Weston MA

We highly recommend replacing the unit with the SilentMaster S44 or FloMaster M85. They have a top emptying disposable bag and very clean exhaust. They fit into your existing pipe and wire and are available through local dealers.

Vacuum Noise

Hi, My name is Mireille. I am from New Brunswick. I bought a Vacumaid, Model SR-36 about 3 years ago. After 2 years, it became very noisy. I mean the motor was whistling. They apparently changed the motor, but we still find it very noisy. Is there anything to do ? I have to say that besides the noise, the vacuum works very good. I'm waiting for an answer. Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Central vacuums are inherently loud. The motors used in this type of machine are much more powerful than any portable vacuum and noise is always an issue. You can try a muffler on the exhaust of the unit

Vacumaid P125 Motor Will Not Stay On

My Vacu-Maid P125 unit cuts off after 15 minutes. It tries to restart but doesn't. It will start up again after 20 minutes or so. I have replaced the motor, but the same thing keeps happening. Is it the circuit board? If so what board do I need? Philip Spring Hill, FL

If you have replaced the motor and still experience the same problem, then it may be a bad relay on the circuit board. You can use our generic replacement board found here,

Vacumaid Bracket Removal

I have a Vacumaid. It is about 10 yrs old and 110-120 volt but I cant get the thing off of the garage wall to service it. Their is some kind of bracket that is attached to the wall holding it their and I cant seem to figure out how to remove it. Help

The Vacumaid system should lift up and off of the bracket on the wall. It will be a tight fit to keep vibration down.

VacuMaid P125 Venting

I have a p125 westrock central vac. Does it need outside vent?

While the unit does not need to be vented outside, it can be done. Standard vacuum tubing can be attached to the exhaust and run outside with an exhaust cover on the end. All you will need will be the appropiated length of pipe, a few connections, and an exhaust cover.

VacuMaid P125 Motor Testing

I have a Vacu-Maid P125 with Lamb motor 117549-12. Green power light is on, but does not engage. I have pressed the reset button, with no change. How can I tell if it is the motor or a circuit board that needs to be replaced? Thanks.

Take the wires coming out of the motor and connect directly to the wires of the power cord, then plug it in. If the motor turns on, it is good and the circuit board needs to be replaced. If the motor does not turn on, then motor is bad and needs to be replaced.

Motor Hesitates to Start

I have a vacumaid S2600 central vac. the motor hesitates one to three minutes on start up. I checked electrical conections with a meter they all check good.I jumped the motor out at the canister, the green led dimed but the motor still hesitated. Thanks carmine

Keep using it like this and it should get worse and worse until you are ready to replace the motor. It should be a motor issue even if it test fine at the unit itself, but waiting will prove that out.

VacuMaid, Need Board

I have a Vacumaid p-125 and I need to replace the PC board.

This 235S PC board is a strong generic board for all single motor central vacs. Print the enlarged photo of the board from online to use as the wiring diagram. You may have to make a new hole on the can for mounting, but this board for this price is a real deal. We sell a ton of them.

Dirty Exhaust

A dust/dirt debrise discharge has started to appear outdoors at the exhaust pipe. Vacu-Maid P-125 is 17 years old, never had a problem with it and it continues to work well. Also, is reaching up thru the bottom of the unit with a brush the only way to clean this screen? Thanks, ron/lexington, sc

Hi Ron, the only filter is at the top and is a mesh. It needs regular cleaning by pulling it down and out. The exhaust is dirty because mesh is not a fine filter. Thankfully it exhausts outside. Maybe when your motor is burnt out you can consider a finer filtered unit such as SilentMaster or FloMaster.

Filter? Bag?

Just purchased a house with a VacuMaid system that doesn't appear to be working well. There is no filter or bag and I understand there should be both. Sherry

Hi, congratulations on the home and central vac. The Vacumaid, in our opinion, is the dirtiest running vacuum made. It has no real filter or bag, just a mesh disck up at the top of the cavity under the motor and it is there to catch large debris. You should consider buying a new filtered vacuum. They use the same pipe and wire and nothing needs to change other than the vacuum unit. We suggest the SilentMaster S44 or Flo-Master M85. Please use our dealer locator or call us for help. If you don't want to buy a new unit then use this guide to see if everything is working properly

Inverted Cone

I have Vacu-Maid P-225. It works great and is 25 plus years old. This is evidently a "cyclonic" system. It has a inverted V plastic funnel in the lower collector tank. Is this plastic funnel supposed to stay put and if so where? this usit was in the house when we bought it. thanks

Hi, the inverted cone faces with the narrow end looking down, down into the debris bin. The only maintenance is emptying the bin and banging out the filter at the top as you reach up.

Motor Goes Off and On

Our Vacumaid S2600 system restarts after use. The motor winds down after use and then occasionaly restarts and stops. The motor never gets up to speed, rather it somehow gets a short burst of electricity and activates , this repeats itself in now particular fashion but does seem to reduce days after using the unit.

Hi, the motor is just about to final die and all you will hear is the click of the relay. Slap the can and it will start again, maybe, for a little bit. Anyhow, it is better to change the motor now before it heats up and does any damage to other electrical parts. Use our Vacumaid page here for easy replacement

Maintenance and Troubleshooting

about maintenance if any is needed. Why some of the inlets suddenly wouldn't start while others still working.Can clogged tube cause this? Or I need to Rewire using fish tape?

Hi, the only maintenance is to reach up into the can and take the mesh filter out and clean it. For the inlets not working it sounds like the low voltage wire that follows the piping has been cut. Take a valve off and short the wire together to be sure. You may have to trace the wire or put another in or convert to a remote control clicker to operate the vacuum.

Replace Fuse - Minibreaker?

I have a Vacumaid P125 central system. I live in Las Vegas, NV. Every summer the unit's fuse pops after approximatey 15-20 minutes of use in the day time. The motor was replaced last year. Do you think it could be the fuse itself? If so, can I order it and install it myself?

Hi, if the minibreaker fuse is not connected to a circuit board then you can use this one The reason it pops in the summer is it is so hot in Las Vegas! Be sure the unit has adequate circulation and it will be fine.

Odor and Excess Dust at Unit

Hi! My name is Diane. I live in Staten Island, NY. I have a vacumaid system since 1976. It still works great, but I can't use it anymore because when I am done vacuuming, there is a HORRIBLE,DISGUSTING odor down the basement where the unit is, and the whole room is filled with dust! HELP!! What should I do? I replaced the motor once about 9 years ago, and replaced the hose once. I would love to start using it again. Thanks for your help.

Hi Diane, you can spray paper towel sheets with Lysol (not too much) and suction them down your hose and into the unit. That will cut the order and bacteria. For the dust, the unit should be vended outdoors. There is only a mesh filter and it will let dust through. Check to see if the vent fell off or something. Otherwise you may consider replacing the unit. Call us for prices as low as $299.

Low Suction

vacumaid P125 located in cellar. outlets are located in bsement,1rst and 2nd floors volume of motor & suction is diminished when 2nd floor outlet is used. uclogging the lines has been attempted with a snake but still seems weak in suction. reviewng other questions, is there a site to instruct one on cleaning the filter screen? hanks josh

Hi Josh, you can reach up and remove the mesh filter, shake it out and replace it. Sounds like you do have a clog though. Did your read all our ideas under solution number three here

Drywall Dust in Vacumaid

Hello, I have a Vacu-Maid 240 volt S3240 central system. I have been undergoing some remodeling in my house and have, knowingly and willingly, been sucking up drywall dust. I have noticed some reduced suction and airflow which I expected. I have checked all the pipes for any obvious blockage and buildup with a nerf ball, which works quite well I might add. I have a rectangular box installed in each exhaust pipe that I am afraid of breaking by forced entry. What is inside and could there be buildup in these boxes? Is there any way to actually clean the buildup off of the motor impeller blades, which is what I think might be most of the issue? Or am I better off buying a new motor(s) when it gets to the point of needing it? Thank you, Greg / Churchville, MD

Hello, the exhaust is not filtered and shoudn't be your problem. Check it, though, by disconnecting the exhaust at the unit and running without it. You have removed the filter at the very top under the motor and cleaned it, right? The build up on the motor is usually not what makes less suction and there is no safe way to clean the motor and keep it balanced. Let us know what you find. Most clogs happen in the hose. Did you try the ball in it?

Remove Clog

When I moved in 10 yrs ago, system worked fine, Vacu-Maid Model P-225, don't know when previous owner installed. But the suction was close to zero from two of the outlets, and fine from the others. Actually these two outlets are in rooms closest to motor. I always suspected that they must have sucked in a few socks or something before we moved here and they are clogged. So have not used those outlets for 10 years, but the rest are still working fine. But saw this website and thought you could help. How to get the clog, if that is it? Carol Doylestown, PA

Hello Carol, you can remove the clog and it is easier since the ports are close to the vacuum unit. The unit has a place to plug in the hose right? Do that then disconnect the incoming pipe from the unit and duct tape that entrance hole. Let that open pipe sit there open. Now drag the hose to the clogged port and suction it out. Use your hand as a seal, build pressure and release. Do this for 10 minutes if need be. The other day we unclogged one this way and just as we where about to give up the clog came loose and we pulled it from the wall inlet. Fun, fun, but worth it in the end.

Bag for P70

I'm looking for bags for a Maid P70 built in vacuum

Hello, viewing the bags on this page, the one that looks like yours, is yours. There are many vacuums and only these paper bags in this industry which makes it helpful when there is not a cross reference for some models.

Works When Slapped

Bob - Andover CT I have a Vacu-maid P-125. The motor runs if I tap it sharply while having the hose plugged in upstairs. Can the brushed be replaced? Thanks!

Hello Bob, your Vacumaid motor has seen better days! Brushes could be replaced but the motor is officially done. They are made to be replaced after their 800 hours or so of use. Brushes should be replaced around 500 or 600 hours to extend the life. But once they get to the point of working when slapped then they have done their swan song damage. Nevertheless we have the motor you need and it is painless to swap it out. Cheers.

Clogged Filter, Metal Ring

I am cleaning the motor screen on my Vacu-Maid P-125. Under the motor screen there is a metal ring. The ring is not fastened to the screen or the canaster. Should the ring be centered on the motor inlet hole, or offset? Mine is offset so that the ring divides the inlet hole so that half the air passes through the ring, and the other half passes from outside the ring. I don't know if I moved it while cleaning. This thing was caked thick with dirt. Thanks, Gary from Woodstock NY

Hello Gary, be sure to clean off the screen so you get all your air flow from the vacuum. The metal ring was probably part of the mesh filter that used to be attached to the screen. You can use our #740 mesh, cut to size, to stay up there and act as a filter.

Shutting Down Minutes into Using

Recently bought a home with a Vacumaid P128 central system installed around 1990.It shuts off when I try to use it,sometimes it works great for 5 minutes before it shuts off.No manuels from previous owner,just told to clean the filter several times a year.Unable to remove screen/filter but husband uses shop vac to clean it.Suction is great but crevice tool will make it shut off. Has worked great for 8 months.Hose and tools in very good condition.HELP!Mary, Elliottsburg, Pa.

Hello Mary, this is typical of the motor going bad. Good news is we have the motor and it is not difficult to replace. Here is the motor and instructions. That is really all you need. Cleaning the filter and emptying it is all you have to do! Also keep in mind that any of our new electric attachment kids fit right into your system and are absolutely going to make your cleaner easier, quicker, and deeper. Here is the motor,221,how2mtr&title=Motor+for+Vacumaid+P128

Reset Button - 10 Sec.

I have a Vacumaid p 2 325 when I hit the reset button it runs for about 10 seconds and cuts off. Help. glenn fort wayne

Hello Glenn, it is time for new motors. You may have been running on one motor for a while now. Here are the motors and instructions. It is really quite easy. You have a powerful, huge, two motor system - a clean house no doubt! Get back up and running, here are the motors:,220,how2mtr&qty=2,2&title=Motor+for+Vacumaid+P325

Dusty Unit

Hi I have a vacumad P110 i have alot of gray dust buildup on the outside of the unit an inside alsn one of the brushes spark but the unit runs fine and suction is good and i never trips off. What can be done about th dust Also is there suppose to be a filter inside the canister ?

Hello, that is a typical Vacumaid in our opinion. Very dirty. We did write up some instructions for changing the filtration in the unit into a bag type filter which cleans the unit up. See the filtration column on the right side of this page for instructions.

Removing Filter

I have a Vacu-Maid system with the blue removable filter at the bottom of the motor. I see on your website that it can be replaced or removed. What is the procedure for eliminating it? Is there a downside to removing it? Jim - Alexandria, VA

Hello Jim, you must have a filter on the unit. If yours is the cloth one with a weighted center we do have them if your unit is 14 wide. To remove grab the cloth near the side of the unit a pull inward. The stiff outer ring flexes and the bag falls out. If you want to use a paper bag instead you may be able to adapt. See filtration on Vacumaid page here

Take Bags?

i have a p-125 is the a disposable bag that fits this unit?

Basically none of the Vacumaid Central Vacuums take bags. They have a foam or mesh filter. It is recommended that you exhaust the unit outside.

H-1 Vacumaid

I moved into a home that had a built in central vac by Vacu maid. I did not receive a manual with the vacuum cleaner and am not sure how to replace the bag or clean the filter inside. The model on the vac says it is Model H-1. I do not want to mess with the cleaner considering it is attached to the wall and tubes. If you have suggestions, please let me know. Thank you Boris

Congratulations on having a central vac! You need to replace the bag about every 3 or 4 months, or when it is about 3/4 full. The secondary filter only needs to be beat out yearly or so. That is all the maintenance the system needs. Now to get the most from the system we suggest the Stealth Attachment Kit with corded hose. The electric nozzle cleaning extremely well, as our customers have said on the Stealth page at

Always Running

I have a Vacumaid P-128. It is always on, and I can shut it off only by pulling out the AC plug on the unit. When it's on, it runs just fine. What do I need to do?

Use our simple troubleshooting chart to discover and resolve the problem.

VacuMaid P125 Motor

I have a P-125 with a 117549-12 motor. The motor is sparking at one of the brushes and giving off a real pungent odor. After a few seconds, the button breaker on the side of the unit trips. Is the motor shot? Can it be rebuilt? If not, is the 117478 the correct replacement motor?

Yes, the motor is shot and this is the correct replacement motor. FYI, five percent of the time the thermal minibreaker will fail when a motor goes bad. Get the motor first and you should be fine.

Vacumaid P-125 Motor

I have a P-125 and the motor just hummmms and then a little bit of smoke comes out of it. I turned off the motor immediately. Is the motor burned out? Is there a rebuilt kit that I can buy?

The motor is burned out. The motors are made to last around 800 hours and then be replaced. There is not a rebuild kit but the good news is replacing it is not too difficult at all. Click here to find the replacement motor.

VacuMaid Singer Trigger Inlets Replacement

I have a Vacu-Maid model #P128. One of the inlet valves is bad. It looks like this one. It has one ball inside that the hose makes contact with. Which valve do I need? Thanks, Joe

Modern inlets have two contacts inside the hole and the METAL end of the hose shorts them out - starting the suction. Modern inlets have two screws on the face that are 4 inches apart. If you have that screw pattern then you can use these inlets to upgrade your single contact inlets. If your hose doesn't have a metal end you can buy that separately (#302HCR).

VacuMaid with Low Suction

I have a Vacumaid P125 central system.The system has extremely low suction on the vacuum hose. The hose has no blockages. The motor is running hot. It is about 20 years old. What other information do you need to diagnose the problem?

How is the suction where the plastic pipe from the home connects to the Vacumaid? If low, have you cleaned the screen below the motor, up in the cavity of the machine? It gets clogged with hair and carpet fibers, restricting airflow.