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11640523 Kenmore Cyclone Hose, Attachments, Outlets

I bought a house with a Kenmore model 11640523 cyclone separation central vac and would like to replace the hose which is very tacky feeling, the wand and floor attachments, and replace the exterior outlet plates as they are yellowed and old looking. I would also like to install a hanger to the replaced 35ft hose on the wall in the garage. I have no paperwork or manual for this unit and hope you can assist me in my request to replace parts that are 30 years old. The motor and canister is in excellnet condition. Thanks for your help. AJ Louisiana

We specialize in this for homeowners just like you who own older Kenmore central vacs. We have even produced a series of videos that spell out your options and things to watch for. We would love to speak with you and walk you through it or you can get started with the Kenmore Central Vacuum Videos right here. We have everything you need and advice or workarounds for things that are no longer available.

294 vacuum hose

We have an older model, model #294. Will the basic hose fit our model? It was unraveling at the top and eventually the rubber and wires pulled apart. This is the type with a switch on the handle. Thanks, Mark

Our basic hoses do not have an on/off switch. However, our Low Voltage Hose does have an on/off switch and can been seen here, both the basic and the low voltage hose will fit into valves that have a standard ID (inner diameter) of 1.5". Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) for more information and one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

725390 and 725930 Replacement

I have a Kenmore built-in Vacuum cleaner Model # 116.4053280. I need a new 25' to 30' hose and also the terminal which goes into the wall system. The part # in my book are 725390 and 725930. Can you help me? I assume the hose has the rubber ends attached. Thank you. Marjory, Groton, Vermont

We have the replacement you need in one hose. Go to our Basic Hose section on this page and buy one for the 1.25 inch diameter inlet. The wall end is metal but fits in perfectly. And for you to also know, you can buy any of our kits on this page and they ones for 1.25 inlets will give you more cleaning power then ever before. They rotate and groom your carpet.

Basic Hose with Swivel Handle?

Do any of your basic non-electric hoses come with a swivel handle?

Low Voltage Hoses, which are not 110 volt Electric Hoses, have a 360-degree swivel handle. Our Basic Hoses don't have the swivel.

Basic vacuum hose turns on

Are the pins in this hose low voltage or 120v? I assume when you plug this hose it in shorts the pins and turns on the vacuum, no switch at the other end, it just comes on when you plug it in, right? Thanks Rob

The basic hose does not have any pins on the end of the hose it only has a metal ring. When this metal ring make contact with the two contact points inside the inlet valve that completes the circuit and turns on your vacuum.

Beam Replacement Hose

I need a replacement hose for a Beam Central Vac System. It has no electric plug where you plug into the wall inlet. It's 19 yrs. old. Thank you, Wm. O'Brien

You can find all the hoses that will work with your Beam system here, We have basic hoses, low voltage hoses with an on/off switch, and high voltage to upgrade your system to full power!

Beam System 50ft Hose

We have a Beam unit that utilizes electrolux hose and accessories. The wall plug units use a simple ball/microswitch for turning on the unit. We want a 50' hose for the pool patio area. We will not be using any electric accessories. It appears the basic hose will work, but we also need to replace a couple of wall hose attach units. Do you have these units or do we use the basic unit and rewire the low voltage to accommodate the two connector hose connection? I presume that the 14" brush attachment works with both the basic hose and the electrolux wand. Thank you for your assistance.

The 50ft hose will fit your inlets and be great for your outdoor living area. If you need replacement inlets then take a look at the text above the Basic Inlets, they should work but just go through the information there. The wire in the wall fits all types of inlets. The two conductor wire will always connect to two places on the back of inlets. For the brush, stick with the 12" wheeled brush #402W because it will be more effective picking up debris. It usually will not fit Electrolux wands so we suggest a new wand such as two plastic wands or a telescopic wand #406T.

Beam Unit Needs Garage Hose

I have a Beam Model #189D vacuum in my home and I need a hose that connects directly into the unit. The unit is in the garage and I want to use it to clean my cars. Will your non-electric standard hose work? Steve, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our Basic Hoses will fit the utility valve on all Beam Systems. We also offer complete Garage Kits if you are interested.

Best Non-electric Hose?

I have a Vacu Maid Silent Partner ... believe to have 1.5 outlet openings ... no electric, just straight suction. Want kink free 30 ft hose with really good handle. What is your recommendation for a hose? Also, are there any improvements in floor brushes over last 10 years?

The Low Voltage Hose will be the best choice. Here it is For the floor brushes, that is a subjective determination! But the 402W and 402D are the most popular.

Black & Decker Push Button Inlets

I have a Black & Decker central vacuum, model 721. It has a 1.5 diameter vacuum inlet and a button on the bottom. The original hose has a metal collar that pushes the button in. Can you tell me which hose to buy? Thanks. Joe Coram,NY

That hose is not made any longer. Read the text at the top of this valve page. You should be able to change out your inlets quite easily. Then you can use any hose or kit of your choosing....even electric.

Broan Hose Needed

We have Broan Central Cleaning System. Model #CV30, Volts - 120, Hz - 60, Amps - 11.0. The hose is missing. What kind of hose should we buy? Thanks, Vaida Palos Park, Illinois

Several hoses fit your system. Generally if your carpet nozzle has NO electric cord then you would buy a Low Voltage Hose and if it did have an electric cord they you'd need an Electric Hose with pigtail cord or 8ft cord as you will read online. Start here for all hose options but first take a look at your carpet vacuum head. Oh and if your nozzle has no cord and you get a Low Voltage hose be sure you get the one with a button lock or not based on the metal wands and if they have a hole on the side near the top.

Budd Vacuum Compatible? Options?

I have inherited a Budd Model #7811, 120 volts, measure to 1.25 opening from 1993. Unfortunately, I am missing the hose and smaller attachments. Would a 30 or 35 foot basic hose work? And what accessories do you recommend? many thanks, Gregg

Yes, a new basic hose will work, just be sure to buy the one for the correct opening size. Also, a Low Voltage hose will work, but you may need adapter for 1-1/4" dia opening wall valves. It is a better hose all around for a bit more money. You can buy any of the complete hose and tool kits, as well, as you match a kit to your floor cleaning needs. If you want you can give us a call and we can walk you through your options to be sure you get the best tools for your home and money.

Button Lock Available?

I need a 50' basic hose with button lock to fit my Vacu-Maid unit. Can you provide the correct number so that I order it correctly? Wayne J

They stopped making the button lock on the Basic Hose. You can replace your wands with or drill your own hole and use this button lock clip

Central Vac Model 1165419081

My folks have a Kenmore PowerMate Central Vac Serial D55000527; Model 1165419081; Class P-FL or P-F1 with a 25ft hose which needs replacing. Which of your hoses would fit? Thanks, WendyLee

We help out many in your parents situation. There are a couple of ways the system could have been installed that we'd need to ask about with someone who is there. Please call us toll-free so we can ask some basic questions.

Cut and Reattach End?

We have an AirVac system with a 50' hose. The hose is splitting where it fits into the metal on the attachment end but other wise in good shape. Can we cut off a couple of inches where is it splitting open and then reattach the hose into the metal curved handle? It is a basic hose with no on/off switch. Thanks in advance.

Yes, if your hose has no on/off switches on it then you can cut any length and reattach the end or ends. Most have reversed threads. If not coming off use warm water or pull hard. Use rubber cement if you want to secure the end on.

Cyclo-Vac Hose for Unit

I am looking for just a basic hose for my Cyclo Vac to vacuum my garage. Can you please recommend one? Thanks Bryan

We have Basic Hoses that will fit your 1.5" diameter opening. Here is a list of the hoses

Dor-Vac Compatible?

i have a central vac system by DOR/VAC. can i use your hose?

Yes this hose should work with your vacuum. Read the information on the top of the Basic Hose page and you might consider a Low Voltage hose. It will fit and work better.

Electric Cord?

The picture of the basic hose does not show an electric cord to plug in the wall when using the carpet attachment(with beater bar) Is there one?

That would be our Electric Hoses here

Electric Hose Extension?

I have the electric vaccum hose for beam with 8ft cord pigtail. I was just wondering if an extension is possible and if I bought a direct connect hose, how hard would it be to replace the part that connects to the wall? Thanks. Melani.

Unfortunately, due the internal wiring of an electric hose, extension is not possible. Replacing your current low voltage inlets to high voltage for a direct connect hose is fairly simple and instructions can be found here, under "Vacuum Receptacles".

Eureka CV1801G

I have Eureka Cv1801g. Can i replace the hose, main filter bag (i forgot the part#) and the attachment accessories with the latest i see from your site?

This is certainly feasible as far as the attachments are concerned and if you are referring to the paper bag that would be our part number 723EB. You can find all of this information by going to the following link.

Fasco Compatible?

I have a FASCO 120v 13 amp central vacuum. The opening measures 1 1/4 inches and I am hesitant to order a hose because they all seem to be 1 1/2 inches. What can I do?

All the Fasco wall vacuum inlets we have seen are 1-1/2 diameter. The attachment end of the hose is 1-1/4 . Please take another look, thanks.

Filtex FX900 Compatible?

Will this work on airvac fx900?

Yes, the FX900 was introduced when Filtex was, for the most part, using the industry standard plastic wall inlet with a 1.5 inch diameter port.

Filtex Hose Is Cracking

i have a filtex power cleaning system (VSI) model #TC-600L and would like to replace the hose as it is beginning to crack. can you tell if me the basic hose will be compatible for my unit and will the attachments fit onto the hose? also it seems like the paper bag inserts (722L) will be the one i select. please advise. i am so happy i located your website. helen w hacienda heights, ca

Our basic hoses will work with your system if the Inner Diameter of your Wall Valve (Ports) measure 1.5", this will be a standard valves. If your valves are non-standard, please contact us by phone and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing a hose with the correct adapters. Yes, your model 600L does use Paper Bag #722L. Have a great day!

Filtex Hose, Plastic End

I have a non-powered Filtex system and need a new hose. My present hose does not have a metal ring but I notice some hoses do. Will a hose with a metal ring work for me?

For Filtex, Vacumaid, and AstroVac if the wall end of your hose is all plastic then you need a tapered end hose. We have basic hoses with this end already attached,303TC and if you want to use any other hose we have you simply push this hose end onto the new hose So if you wanted an electrified attachment kit, simply put this on the hose.

Filtex Metal Inlet - 50ft Hose Needed

I have a Filtex system and need a new hose. The wall end of the hose does not have a metal ring as my system is not powered and the outlet powers on when you pull down the cover. Since I want a 50' hose, do you have one without a metal ring, or does that even matter?

The diameter of the metal auto-starting faceplates in Filtex systems is a bit too wide for the standard hose ends. By adding a different cuff on the basic hose though, you can easily create the hose you need. Here are the parts, the 50ft hose and new cuff,303,302CT. Remove the old cuff by pulling and twisting clockwise (it is reversed threaded and so is the new cuff). We included the 35ft hose as well for anyone else who uses this link in the future. Remeber that you can cut the 50ft basic hose to any length you want! Also, if you wanted to use your inlets and have an electric hose kit you can. Simply take the #302CT and push it on the end of any electric hose in an electric attachment kit. This is an awesome set up! If you needed an electric hose longer than 35ft you can use the Quick Click modular electric hos with any of the electric kits on this website. Hope that helps.