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Naked Hose without Ends?

The product picture shows attached connectors which I presume are priced into the product offering. Is it possible to order just the 'naked' hose at a lower price (if so, what savings?). Glenda

Sorry, but the hose is not available without its ends.

Need a Short Basic Hose

Is it possible to offer a 15-foot basic vacuum hose at some time in the future? Instead of having to haul out my 35-foot hose, I would love to have a shorter basic hose for those times I have a quick mess to clean up.

We have a stretch hose that is 7-feet long and extents to 30 feet. You can also buy any basic hose, cut it to any length and reattach the end to it. Ends unscrew off (clockwise), or you can just pull real hard.

Need Button Lock

Can I get The 35' Basic Hose for Fasco with the Button Lock? William Farnum Chepachet, RI

You will need this hose since the Basic Hose with button lock is not available. For a bit more money this hose will give you suction control on/off at the handle, full swivel for less kinking, and higher quality construction.

Need Hose with Electric Cord

Carl Lay, Elizabethtown, KY I want to replace my fasco unity hose. The hose plugs into the wall and has two buttons or contacts in the wall plug. The hose also has a standard plug that plugs into a wall socked. The better bar cord has two round prongs that plug into the end of the hose that is attached to the beater bar. Which hose do I need to replace the standard hose? Thanks

You are looking for our Electric Hose with cord. Both ends will fit the Fasco model and connections you describe. Here are these hoses

Need the Hose End Only

Can we just order the rubber end with the metal band around it...for our M&S catalog match? I am trying to match a V330 30' hose 1 3/8" diameter hose. What item do you have that will match it? Is your item crush proof?

Hoses are crushproof. When stepped on they bounce right back. The hose end you need is available here in Hose Parts ( If you need a new hose it sounds like the Basic or Low Voltage Hose will work fine.

Need Wands

How do I get an extra metal wand? I want to leave the one stationary in my power end.

Newtone - Basic or Low Voltage Hose?

I have a Newtone whole house system that I installed 22 years ago when I built My house. It has never given me a minutes worth of trouble. Of course with time certain items will go bad. Recently I had an outer wall socket cover go bad and had to replace it. My hose is really hard to get into the hole of the new cover, but it does work. We are now ready for a new hose and I am wondering if it will be to small for my other outlets. Will I need to replace the other outlets for the new hose to work properly.I have three hoses now, one for each level.The hose we have now tuns the vacuum on when you plug it into the wall and it has a push pin connector on the curved nozzle that connects to the pipe. Will the new one be the same or have they changed that. Thanks in advance Tony from Clayton, OH

We highly recommend a Low Voltage Hose, button lock style. It will fit better in the valves you have now, new and old, and has the button lock, which no Basic Hose has. It is available here in 30ft and 35ft. Another good reason for this hose is that if it is too tight, it is the one hose you can remove some plastic from for the perfect fit all around.

No Metal Ring on Original Hose

My present hose does not have a metal ring around around plastic but is all metal. I'm not sure that the hose you sell will work. I have an old Fasco system. I want to keep my old hose as an extra, so I don't want to use the end of it for the new hose.

Yes, the Basic Hose will replace hoses without the metal ring. The key is that the hole in the wall diameter is just about 1.5 inches.

No on/off Switch

I don't see a switch on this basic hose. How do I turn on and off the Silent Master system when I use this hose?

To turn the suction on and off at your fingertips you want to buy a Low Voltage Hose. It fits right into your system.

Nutone CV350 Hose?

Hello, My parents have an old 1979 nutone central vac system and their current hose is absolutley falling apart. I would like to get my mom a new hose maybe for Mother's day. I believe the nutone system she has is the 350 model. How do I know which hose I would need to buy to fit the current system? The end that gets inserted into the wall also has some sort of pressure rod that is inserted into the wall and this is what initiates power. Can you help?

You are on the right track. Take a look at the Basic Hose photos on this page The hose you have is more like the bottom of the two photos, right? Has a longer metal wall end. This is what you want. It fits into the Nutone inlets that are more or less square framed, not rectangle. Let us know if you have any questions.

Nutone Vacuum - Hose - Upgrade

Do you have hoses for Nutone vacuums? The vacuum is 35 years old. Felicia, Brewster

We have hoses for Nutone and all systems, no matter their age. The first thing to determine is if you want to upgrade, you don't need to change anything in your home for it. If you have carpet we highly recommend a new Electric Kit such as Stealth, Ace, or BlackHawk. The hose has an 8ft pigtail electric extension cord that comes off the wall end of the hose and plugs into a nearby electrical outlet (extension cords can be used if needed as well). This hose will plug into your existing inlet valves and if the fit is too snug it takes one minute to fix. So when you are vacuuming there is still only a hose to move around, not a hose and an electric cord because the wires are hidden in the ribs of the lightweight hose. Here are the Electirc Kits that fit your system If you truly only need a hose at this time you first need to decide if you need an electric or non-electric hose. You need electric if the carpet brush nozzle used in your home has an electric cord coming out the back of it. If there are no cords involved with your system then buy the Low Voltage Hose, not the Basic Hose. It will fit into the older Nutone inlets and if it is snug can be easily modified in one minute by removing a bit of plastic from the friction ridge on the hose end. Here are Low Voltage Hoses If you have any questions please let us know.

Nutone Vacuum Port

I bought a 35-ft basic hose and it doesn't fit into the existing Nutone outlets. It goes in about 1/4" and then the taper of the hose stops further insertion. Do I need to get a Nutone hose instead? Replacing the outlets looks like a drywall patch and nutone adapter kit job otherwise.

You need this hose end instead of the one you have. The ends spin/pull off clockwise. Please call us for a special since you already bought the hose

Old Hose Broke at Handle

Naresh Allenwood NJ I have Central Vacuum installed in 1990.It is HP Product Model 26.My hose is broken at terminal end where metal piece starts. Shall I buy New Basic Hose? or Shall I change to new outlet ( old Outlet we 2 holes) buy low voltage hose. Pl advice. I need to improve efficiency of vacuum system too.Thanks

You can cut the hose and reattach it to the same hose (reverse thread, by the way). Or you can buy a new Basic or Low Voltage Hose. You may be able to put in new face plates. Read the text at the Basic Inlet page to determine that.

Only Basic for Two Contact Point Inlets?

I have a flomaster canister system installed in 1994.when I plug the hose in the wall it automatically turns on, when contact is made with the two pins inside of the wall outlet.The hose end is all metal.What hose do I need,I love the one with the handle.can any other hose fits beside the basic hose.

You have a lot of options. The first upgrade would be to the Low Voltage Hose. It will fit and allow you to control the suction right on the hose handle. The next upgrade would be to the Electric Hose in any Electric Kit. This will give you tremendous carpet cleaning power! Just buy the Stealth with "cord" or any Ace Kit.

Pullman Holt Compatible?

I have a Pulman white Holt central vacuum mod.BIV 105 and need 30' hose replacement. Please let me know if a Basic one will do a job? Which one would you recommend and why? Thank you. Michael

Yes this hose and others will fit your system because you have standard inlet valves. At least buy the Low Voltage hose because you can turn the suction on and off at the hose handle and it kinks a lot less. If you have carpet we suggest a complete electric kit with corded hose.

Push Pin Locking?

I have a Vac-u-maid system that has a 1/4" hole in the side of the female end of attachements and a pushpin in the side of the male end to help keep them together. Does the #303 or any other hose you carry have the pushpin male end? Will it stay inserted in the attachments without it?

Our Low Voltage with Button Lock will work with your system. If you want to stick with the Basic Hose you will need new #406 Extension Wands without the button lock.

Replace Hose or Upgrade to Electric?

We have MD central vac model TP210 and the rug portion of the vac doesn't pick up like it used to. We had it checked and they said the suction was fine. Do you think it could be because we need a new hose? I do pull on the hose (to stretch it) when it won't reach certain areas of the house. The central vac was installed when we bought our house - back in 2000. Not sure how much life these hoses have in them. Please advise. Thanks! Sue, Pembroke MA

Everyone can upgrade to an electric hose and tool kit. They provide the best cleaning possible with your central vacuum. And they are consistent, don't relay on air power, and they are so much quieter. You can replace your hose with a Basic or Low Voltage Hose but our advice is for a new electric tool kit. They fit right into your system without any modification (we made your vacuum system and it is industry standard as most manufacturers are). An electric cord comes out the wall end of the hose and reaches an outlet with 8ft of the vacuum port. Check them out here at

Sears Kenmore Built-in Vacuum Hose

Do you have a hose to fit a Sears Kenmore built in vacuum cleaning system model number 116 40522? If so how much is it?

Yes we have several hoses that work perfectly with your system. There is more information needed to decide which hose though. We need to figure out if it is 110 volt or not, and if the hole in your vacuum port is standard or not. The easiest thing to do is to call us, we help many Sears customers who have been looking high and low for a built-in vacuum hose.

Sears Kenmore Central Vacuum Hose 50ft

I have a Kenmore Central Vac - Don't know year - It was there when we moved in. Model #116.480208UC Class BI-5 - I would like a 50' replacement hose. Do you have these? Thank you. Sue

We have the Basic Hose 50ft here with a different hose end if your wall port diameter is 1.25" and not the standard 1.5".,302-1.25A. If you want a better hose then buy this 50ft hose and push in adaptor for 1.25" diamenter inlet holes,302-1.25ST.

Sears Kenmore Replacement Hose

I have a Sears Kenmore Central Vacuum model 116-5718180C my hose is completely finished and I am in need of a new one. Do you have a hose to fit my model? The hose is original but the beater bar and accessories were purchased in October 2001. Can't live without my vacuum. Thanks Laurie

You can find Sears Kenmore compatible hoses here,

Shop Vac Hose?

I have a "Hang Up" model shop vac with a 20 ft hose, 1 1/4". Could this hose attach to that hose to give me 50 ft of hose? Thanks.

Yes, it sounds like it can. The inner diameter of the Basic Hose is 1-3/8". We do sell hose couplings on this page

SilentMaster Vacuum Valve Compatible?

Will the basic hose plug directly into my Silent Master unit? I've measured the inlet and it is 1.25 inches inner diameter. thanks

the vacuum port on the top front of the vacuum unit itself will receive the basic hose. That hole is 1.5" diameter, or just under.

Smart Vacuum, Clogged

I have a model 361 Smart central vac. The motor is working fine but we have no suction through the hose. I have blown out the hose and there does not appear to be a blockage. Does this mean we need a replacement hose and if so what is the price and delivery costs. I live in London, Ontario, Canada. Regards, Cyril Andrews.

Try putting the hose into the wall backwards so the suction pulls it out the way it went in. Our hoses fit your wall ports if you need a replacement. For the final cost please use the Canada Checkout button in the cart and enter your address.

Spartan Central Vacuum System Hose

Our home was built in 1977 and had a Spartan central vacuum system. We purchased the home in 1990. Would your hoses and accessories fit this unit? If you need more info on this unit I can supply it. The home is about 3000 sq ft and is 2 level. There are outlets on both levels. The unit works but the hoses are shot. The unit is located in the basement. Thank you for your help. I cannot locate a source for Spartan parts as the only Spartan I can find is industrial. Ethlyn

The Spartan Central Vacuum System (many times known as Fasco should have used industry standard inlets on the wall which mean you can use ANY hose and ANY complete hose and accessory kit. Standard inlets have a round intake hole about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. If there are electrical cords on the hose you will have to buy a complete new electric kit with hose and new accessories since the original hose is not available or repairable. Please use the link above to see all your options. Many Fasco systems are in use and many are still using the original hose and tools. Upgrading is extremely easy and the benefits are so incredible, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it sooner.

Spiralock Hose Replacement?

Would this hose replace a Spiralock hose? The original was 25 ft. long, and 1.25" diameter.

This hose replaces the Spiralock Hoses that were made years ago. The new hoses are a better technology.