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Standard Hose To Hayden Brush

I have a silent master central Vacuum with a direct connect hose, which I am sure you can accommodate me. My question is will this hose be able to plug into my carpet brush which is a Hayden Super Pack if not what would I need to make this hose work with it?

You will need to change the wands along with the hose to make it all compatible. The lower portion of your wand has the cord on it, the replacement will have the right cord end for our standard electric hose. You can view all the parts here,,406su

Stiff? Unruly?

My old crush-proof hose is getting very stiff - like wrestling a snake. Will a new hose help or do they all have a mind of their own?

All our hoses are amazingly pliable and they stay that way. Like your old one though, they are long so be sure to let it relax when purchased and coil it in four or five loops only when storing. Don't forget about our Stretch Hose which is perfect for quick cleanups and easy handling.

Stub Tube Needed?


The Basic Hose fits a 1.5 diameter vacuum inlet. The Stub Tube makes it fit a 1.25 diameter vacuum inlet (which are quite rare except for Budd and some Kenmore systems).

System in Now Louder

The system seems "extra loud" all of a sudden, any comments? Barbara in Eudora, KS

If you mean the hose is loud (and if new) the since this is a Basic Hose you need to and can switch the ends of the hose. The hose is backwards and will be very loud and whistle when backwards. If you are not talking about the hose but the power unit that collects the dirt then if it is louder it usually means the motor is going bad. Continue to use the system until something fails. You will be fine.

Thomas Built-in Vacuum Hose Replacement?

Will the basic hose replace the Thomas Built-in vacum model number T-610? Alnita Bushton

The Basic Hose may very well replace your hose. Please call us to make sure. The wall end should be fine. The other end has no nipple lock. If you need that then buy the Low Voltage Hose with Button Lock.

Torn at Hose Handle

Hi: I have a Pullman BIV-95 with a broken hose at the end that goes into the wand. Will your basic hose replacement work for this unit and can I salvage the old hose as a spare (the break is very close to the wand piece)? Thank You George Vienna, VA

Actually you can spin the hose handle off the hose (reverse thread), or pull and twist it off, and simply twist it back on to the hose after you cut the tear off. Use rubber cement to hold it in place if you want to as well. Otherwise, yes you can use a new Basic Hose, or Low Voltage hose.

Ultra Vac 100 Central Vacuum

I have a central vacuum system in my 30 year old home. The name on the canister is ultra vac 100, model UV 100, serial number P1327. Does the hose shown fit my system?

This is an industry standard hose for 99% of all central vacuums. If your port hole in the wall is just a hair under 1.5 inches diameter then this hose will fit.

Vacuflo 260 Loss Of Suction

What are all the possible causes for a gradual loss of suction over time (several years) in my model 260 vacuflo system? It is approximately 10 years old. Thank you. Lil, Canton, Ohio.

You could have a clog building in your system that is reducing airflow, a dying motor, or a clogged filter. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate the issue at

Vacuflo Compatibility Issues

I have a Vacuflo in wall system that I bought in 1987. I have tried to buy new hoses but they never fit correctly in the wall inlet. How do I know which one to buy? I need a 35 foot one.

If your Vacuflo hose connects to the wall with two small metal pins as well as the hose end, you have to buy a hose directly from Vacuflo or you have to upgrade your inlets to industry standard ones. You can do that with an adaptor for $12/per inlet and a new Basic Inlet faceplate for about $9/per inlet. Visit the Vacuflo Help Page for more information ( The benefits of upgrading is you can now have much more options of hoses at better prices. You will be able to control the suction with the new hose (Low Voltage or Elecltric Hose).

Vacuflo Compatible?

we have a 1979 version of model no. 26 is the basic hose you have compatible. serial number 142a134 thank you Jerry Corp Rittman ohio

If you suction starts before you insert the hose then this hose will not have the ability to turn the suction on/off from a hose switch on the hose handle (it doesn't even have one like the Low Voltage hose has). This basic hose may be just a tad too wide for older Vacuflo inlets so simply take the end of your older hose off the hose and put it in place of the of the new one (which is taken off in reversed thread and by pulling).

Vacuflo Hose?

I have a Vacuflow 460 model 042PP484, the end of the hose has a button that snaps it into the extension hose, which hose should I order?Terry -Virginia

Usually the Vacuflo takes the Low Voltage Hose. Please see it here and you'll see the one with the button lock. Please also read the Not Compatible information. If you have questions, please call.

Vacuflo Hose?

I have a Vacuflo model 260/360 what was installed prior to us moving in. The original hose was either lost or broken and I'd like to replace it. What kind of hose should I use? Thanks. Shelley, Naperville

Please take a look at the inlet on this page. You may have this version. If so then please read your options there. If you don't have that valve then you can buy any hose or complete vacuum hose and tool kit you want. If you have carpeting you'd most likely want an electric kit with an electric hose. Our suggestion is to call us so we can give you your options from $60 to $600. We want to get you want you need and will do it without any pressure. Please give us a call.

VacuMaid Compatible

We just bought our house. It is 18 years old so I am not sure if the Vacu-Maid system was put in at the time the house was built or after. The only number I can find for the model is T210. Will the Basic hose fit this model and will the 4 piece vacuum accessory set Part #400 also work for me? I would like to make sure before I order. Thank you for your assistance.

Yes, the hose and tools will fit. Also get #406, two of them, for your connection wands. We urge you to get a Low Voltage Hose instead of the Basic Hose. For a few more dollars you will have less kinks, a better handle, a better fit and a better hose. The wands and tools work with both hoses.

Vacumaid Compatible?

I just bought the basic hose for my Vacumaid central vacuum. As somebody mentioned before the new hose does fit as tight as old one. Is this cause any loss of suction ? Will electrical hose fit any different than basic hose ? Regards, Anil Patel

The Vacumaid inlets that have a single trigger point inside the suction hole actually need the Basic Hose with tapered cuff. You can find this hose on the drop down menu at Basic Hoses here

Vacuum Hose for Very Old Vacs

i have a biv central vac can you tell me if you have a hose that will fit it it is an older model i wont say it back in the 70. thank you, Annette from canada

Yes we have central vacuum hoses for all central vacuums for all time. It would be best if you called us to help you get the right hose.

Wall End Options

Paul - Carlsbad, CA I don't understand the "tapered cuff" option - do you have a picture of each type?

Does this link help you see the differences? Only some vacuums will take the hose with a different end. 99% of systems will take the hose as is and it works for them. See the "Find Your Brand" link and start with the Brand you have in your home. If you need a hose with a different end we will mention it or what to look for.

What Hoses Fit What Models?

I have an AstroVac (Model SR 72) Central Vac system and I see hoses on this site but i don't see what models they are compatible with. How do I know I'm getting the correct one?

Actually, the model of the unit is not at all the defining point of the hose used. In fact, any hose can be used, even electric ones with a pigtail cord. The main thing to consider when getting a hose is the shape and diameter of the hole in the wall inlet, and the cleaning needs of your home. Use the hose page and the kit page to choose what you'd like. Having said that, Vacumaid/Astrovac did have some non standard inlets. Ones that where not round are no longer supported (you'd have to buy a basic hose and put the end of the old hose on it), and some standard round ones with the correct 1-1/2 inch diameter have a single trigger inside the inlet hole instead of the two found in most standard inlets. If you have one trigger, you can use any hose you'd like but the on/off switch to control the suction at the hose handle will not work. However, having a better hose is certainly a benefit despite the switch not working. The hoses have a nice handle and spin so that the hose doesn't get kinked as it unwinds itself when used. So instead of a Basic Hose you can get a Low Voltage Hose, or an Electric Hose in an electric hose kit such as Stealth or Ace.

Whirlpool Issues

The plastic end of my whirlpool metal carpet brush has broken off in the metal connection.We use duck tape to secure it and the metal wand works but it has to be constantly re-taped. Can you still find SCV60LCWhirlpool central vac.attachments. The # inside the brush is 670036 FSP amd HM3The Whirlpool Model is SCV-60LC Serial No. 07553.This is the non electric which starts by pushing a metal strip inside the door. I found someone to make an electric motor to fit and have just had a new hose reattached to the plastic insert.I would have to tear out the walls to have a new system. Vivian Little Rock

We get a lot of calls from Kenmore / Whirlpool customers and are able to help them out to a full or partial degree. The best thing to do is call us and ask for technical assistance. It is much easier to ask you the right questions when you are with the equipment. Thanks!

Zenex Compatible?

Does the basic vacuum hose work for the Zenex Model # 275? Bette Winhall Vermont

Yes, the Basic Hoses always work with Zenex systems and wall ports. We suggest you upgrade to the Low Voltage Hose, it is compatible just the same. It has an on/off switch on the hose handle. it swivels at the handle to minimize kinking, and it is made better. All this for under $30 more.