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11640523 Kenmore Cyclone Hose, Attachments, Outlets

I bought a house with a Kenmore model 11640523 cyclone separation central vac and would like to replace the hose which is very tacky feeling, the wand and floor attachments, and replace the exterior outlet plates as they are yellowed and old looking. I would also like to install a hanger to the replaced 35ft hose on the wall in the garage. I have no paperwork or manual for this unit and hope you can assist me in my request to replace parts that are 30 years old. The motor and canister is in excellnet condition. Thanks for your help. AJ Louisiana

We specialize in this for homeowners just like you who own older Kenmore central vacs. We have even produced a series of videos that spell out your options and things to watch for. We would love to speak with you and walk you through it or you can get started with the Kenmore Central Vacuum Videos right here. We have everything you need and advice or workarounds for things that are no longer available.

294 vacuum hose

We have an older model, model #294. Will the basic hose fit our model? It was unraveling at the top and eventually the rubber and wires pulled apart. This is the type with a switch on the handle. Thanks, Mark

Our basic hoses do not have an on/off switch. However, our Low Voltage Hose does have an on/off switch and can been seen here, both the basic and the low voltage hose will fit into valves that have a standard ID (inner diameter) of 1.5". Please contact our offices at 1-800-997-2278 (M-TH 7-5 PST) for more information and one of our friendly representatives will be more than happy to assist you.

725390 and 725930 Replacement

I have a Kenmore built-in Vacuum cleaner Model # 116.4053280. I need a new 25' to 30' hose and also the terminal which goes into the wall system. The part # in my book are 725390 and 725930. Can you help me? I assume the hose has the rubber ends attached. Thank you. Marjory, Groton, Vermont

We have the replacement you need in one hose. Go to our Basic Hose section on this page and buy one for the 1.25 inch diameter inlet. The wall end is metal but fits in perfectly. And for you to also know, you can buy any of our kits on this page and they ones for 1.25 inlets will give you more cleaning power then ever before. They rotate and groom your carpet.

Basic Hose with Swivel Handle?

Do any of your basic non-electric hoses come with a swivel handle?

Low Voltage Hoses, which are not 110 volt Electric Hoses, have a 360-degree swivel handle. Our Basic Hoses don't have the swivel.

Basic vacuum hose turns on

Are the pins in this hose low voltage or 120v? I assume when you plug this hose it in shorts the pins and turns on the vacuum, no switch at the other end, it just comes on when you plug it in, right? Thanks Rob

The basic hose does not have any pins on the end of the hose it only has a metal ring. When this metal ring make contact with the two contact points inside the inlet valve that completes the circuit and turns on your vacuum.

Beam Replacement Hose

I need a replacement hose for a Beam Central Vac System. It has no electric plug where you plug into the wall inlet. It's 19 yrs. old. Thank you, Wm. O'Brien

You can find all the hoses that will work with your Beam system here, We have basic hoses, low voltage hoses with an on/off switch, and high voltage to upgrade your system to full power!

Beam System 50ft Hose

We have a Beam unit that utilizes electrolux hose and accessories. The wall plug units use a simple ball/microswitch for turning on the unit. We want a 50' hose for the pool patio area. We will not be using any electric accessories. It appears the basic hose will work, but we also need to replace a couple of wall hose attach units. Do you have these units or do we use the basic unit and rewire the low voltage to accommodate the two connector hose connection? I presume that the 14" brush attachment works with both the basic hose and the electrolux wand. Thank you for your assistance.

The 50ft hose will fit your inlets and be great for your outdoor living area. If you need replacement inlets then take a look at the text above the Basic Inlets, they should work but just go through the information there. The wire in the wall fits all types of inlets. The two conductor wire will always connect to two places on the back of inlets. For the brush, stick with the 12" wheeled brush #402W because it will be more effective picking up debris. It usually will not fit Electrolux wands so we suggest a new wand such as two plastic wands or a telescopic wand #406T.

Beam Unit Needs Garage Hose

I have a Beam Model #189D vacuum in my home and I need a hose that connects directly into the unit. The unit is in the garage and I want to use it to clean my cars. Will your non-electric standard hose work? Steve, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Our Basic Hoses will fit the utility valve on all Beam Systems. We also offer complete Garage Kits if you are interested.

Best Non-electric Hose?

I have a Vacu Maid Silent Partner ... believe to have 1.5 outlet openings ... no electric, just straight suction. Want kink free 30 ft hose with really good handle. What is your recommendation for a hose? Also, are there any improvements in floor brushes over last 10 years?

The Low Voltage Hose will be the best choice. Here it is For the floor brushes, that is a subjective determination! But the 402W and 402D are the most popular.

Black & Decker Push Button Inlets

I have a Black & Decker central vacuum, model 721. It has a 1.5 diameter vacuum inlet and a button on the bottom. The original hose has a metal collar that pushes the button in. Can you tell me which hose to buy? Thanks. Joe Coram,NY

That hose is not made any longer. Read the text at the top of this valve page. You should be able to change out your inlets quite easily. Then you can use any hose or kit of your choosing....even electric.

Broan Hose Needed

We have Broan Central Cleaning System. Model #CV30, Volts - 120, Hz - 60, Amps - 11.0. The hose is missing. What kind of hose should we buy? Thanks, Vaida Palos Park, Illinois

Several hoses fit your system. Generally if your carpet nozzle has NO electric cord then you would buy a Low Voltage Hose and if it did have an electric cord they you'd need an Electric Hose with pigtail cord or 8ft cord as you will read online. Start here for all hose options but first take a look at your carpet vacuum head. Oh and if your nozzle has no cord and you get a Low Voltage hose be sure you get the one with a button lock or not based on the metal wands and if they have a hole on the side near the top.

Budd Vacuum Compatible? Options?

I have inherited a Budd Model #7811, 120 volts, measure to 1.25 opening from 1993. Unfortunately, I am missing the hose and smaller attachments. Would a 30 or 35 foot basic hose work? And what accessories do you recommend? many thanks, Gregg

Yes, a new basic hose will work, just be sure to buy the one for the correct opening size. Also, a Low Voltage hose will work, but you may need adapter for 1-1/4" dia opening wall valves. It is a better hose all around for a bit more money. You can buy any of the complete hose and tool kits, as well, as you match a kit to your floor cleaning needs. If you want you can give us a call and we can walk you through your options to be sure you get the best tools for your home and money.

Button Lock Available?

I need a 50' basic hose with button lock to fit my Vacu-Maid unit. Can you provide the correct number so that I order it correctly? Wayne J

They stopped making the button lock on the Basic Hose. You can replace your wands with or drill your own hole and use this button lock clip

Central Vac Model 1165419081

My folks have a Kenmore PowerMate Central Vac Serial D55000527; Model 1165419081; Class P-FL or P-F1 with a 25ft hose which needs replacing. Which of your hoses would fit? Thanks, WendyLee

We help out many in your parents situation. There are a couple of ways the system could have been installed that we'd need to ask about with someone who is there. Please call us toll-free so we can ask some basic questions.

Cut and Reattach End?

We have an AirVac system with a 50' hose. The hose is splitting where it fits into the metal on the attachment end but other wise in good shape. Can we cut off a couple of inches where is it splitting open and then reattach the hose into the metal curved handle? It is a basic hose with no on/off switch. Thanks in advance.

Yes, if your hose has no on/off switches on it then you can cut any length and reattach the end or ends. Most have reversed threads. If not coming off use warm water or pull hard. Use rubber cement if you want to secure the end on.

Cyclo-Vac Hose for Unit

I am looking for just a basic hose for my Cyclo Vac to vacuum my garage. Can you please recommend one? Thanks Bryan

We have Basic Hoses that will fit your 1.5" diameter opening. Here is a list of the hoses

Dor-Vac Compatible?

i have a central vac system by DOR/VAC. can i use your hose?

Yes this hose should work with your vacuum. Read the information on the top of the Basic Hose page and you might consider a Low Voltage hose. It will fit and work better.

Electric Cord?

The picture of the basic hose does not show an electric cord to plug in the wall when using the carpet attachment(with beater bar) Is there one?

That would be our Electric Hoses here

Electric Hose Extension?

I have the electric vaccum hose for beam with 8ft cord pigtail. I was just wondering if an extension is possible and if I bought a direct connect hose, how hard would it be to replace the part that connects to the wall? Thanks. Melani.

Unfortunately, due the internal wiring of an electric hose, extension is not possible. Replacing your current low voltage inlets to high voltage for a direct connect hose is fairly simple and instructions can be found here, under "Vacuum Receptacles".

Eureka CV1801G

I have Eureka Cv1801g. Can i replace the hose, main filter bag (i forgot the part#) and the attachment accessories with the latest i see from your site?

This is certainly feasible as far as the attachments are concerned and if you are referring to the paper bag that would be our part number 723EB. You can find all of this information by going to the following link.

Fasco Compatible?

I have a FASCO 120v 13 amp central vacuum. The opening measures 1 1/4 inches and I am hesitant to order a hose because they all seem to be 1 1/2 inches. What can I do?

All the Fasco wall vacuum inlets we have seen are 1-1/2 diameter. The attachment end of the hose is 1-1/4 . Please take another look, thanks.

Filtex FX900 Compatible?

Will this work on airvac fx900?

Yes, the FX900 was introduced when Filtex was, for the most part, using the industry standard plastic wall inlet with a 1.5 inch diameter port.

Filtex Hose Is Cracking

i have a filtex power cleaning system (VSI) model #TC-600L and would like to replace the hose as it is beginning to crack. can you tell if me the basic hose will be compatible for my unit and will the attachments fit onto the hose? also it seems like the paper bag inserts (722L) will be the one i select. please advise. i am so happy i located your website. helen w hacienda heights, ca

Our basic hoses will work with your system if the Inner Diameter of your Wall Valve (Ports) measure 1.5", this will be a standard valves. If your valves are non-standard, please contact us by phone and we will be more than happy to assist you in choosing a hose with the correct adapters. Yes, your model 600L does use Paper Bag #722L. Have a great day!

Filtex Hose, Plastic End

I have a non-powered Filtex system and need a new hose. My present hose does not have a metal ring but I notice some hoses do. Will a hose with a metal ring work for me?

For Filtex, Vacumaid, and AstroVac if the wall end of your hose is all plastic then you need a tapered end hose. We have basic hoses with this end already attached,303TC and if you want to use any other hose we have you simply push this hose end onto the new hose So if you wanted an electrified attachment kit, simply put this on the hose.

Filtex Metal Inlet - 50ft Hose Needed

I have a Filtex system and need a new hose. The wall end of the hose does not have a metal ring as my system is not powered and the outlet powers on when you pull down the cover. Since I want a 50' hose, do you have one without a metal ring, or does that even matter?

The diameter of the metal auto-starting faceplates in Filtex systems is a bit too wide for the standard hose ends. By adding a different cuff on the basic hose though, you can easily create the hose you need. Here are the parts, the 50ft hose and new cuff,303,302CT. Remove the old cuff by pulling and twisting clockwise (it is reversed threaded and so is the new cuff). We included the 35ft hose as well for anyone else who uses this link in the future. Remeber that you can cut the 50ft basic hose to any length you want! Also, if you wanted to use your inlets and have an electric hose kit you can. Simply take the #302CT and push it on the end of any electric hose in an electric attachment kit. This is an awesome set up! If you needed an electric hose longer than 35ft you can use the Quick Click modular electric hos with any of the electric kits on this website. Hope that helps.

Fit into the Vacuum Unit?

I've got a Silent Master Wall unit mounted in our garage like the one on your website. I also have wall outlets upstairs and have the Stealth Brush Kit with 8 ft. pigtail. That hose fits directly into the wall unit. I want to get another hose to leave in the garage just to do the cars and am thinking of getting the 50' basic hose for that. I presume that it will fit the wall unit. Correct? Thanks!

Yes the hose will fit directly into the SilentMaster and most all other vacuum units.

Garage vs Indoor Hose

What is the difference between the 50' inside hose and the 50' garage hose... other than color. I don't use power heads, just cleaning hard surfaces and vacuuming my dogs. Mine currently has a switch, but I can't tell that it serves any purpose.

They are actually the exact same hose. Sorry if the photos show different shades of grey.

Handle Sold Separately?

Can we purchase just the handle or accessory end for hose that is from a 35 +/- year old Black and Decker central system? Nick Chester Springs, PA

Hi, here is a universal hose end that will work It has no button locking nipple on the curved wand, and no on/off switch either. It is made for basic vacuum hoses.

Hoover Hose with Female Receptacle

We built a new home with a Hoover system. I have an old Hoover Quadraflex (1996) with a 110v wire and a male pin plug to plug into the hose. My problem is that the hose has no female receptacle to accept the male plug. Do I need to get a new hose? Just tell me what I need. The hose plugs into the wall vac-outlets without any pin connections. If need be, I'll upgrade the vac-outlets too. I would need 3. We kept this unit from our old home and it worked fine. I just want to configure the Quadraflex to my present vac-outlets with a new hose if need be. Thanks Steve Toms River,. N.J.

Sounds like you need an Electric Hose with Pigtail Cord. Usually you can't run electrical to inlets that don't already have them. You'd have to take one off the wall and call us so we can evaluate it with you. Here is the hose that should work now though in 30ft and 35ft.,353GC

Hose Kinking Grief

We have a 30' hose. It gives quite a bit of grief by kinking. Has the industry come up with some swivel fittings that can be installed at intervals on long stiff hoses to eliminate or reduce kinking?

Low Voltage and Electric Hoses have a 360-degree swivel at the handle that makes a world of difference. Also, with all hoses, be sure to hang them up when finished using only 4 or 5 loops.

Hose Weight

How much does this hose weigh?

The 30' basic hose weighs 7.5 pounds.

HouseKeeper Vac Hose Replacement?

I have a housekeeper by rittenhouse would this hose fit the system?

Yes, the Basic Hose will fit your system because it has standard vacuum wall inlets that are 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

How Does in Turn On and Off?

I have an electric hose and now want to buy a second hose to use out in the grarage, but don't know if I can use a basic hose. Our outlets have 2 connectors and the electric hose turns on at the handle. If I buy a basic hose, how would it turn on and off ?

When you plug a Basic Hose in the suction automatically starts because 99% of all systems use the standard wall inlet with two small contacts INSIDE the main suction hole. When those are shorted the suction starts. The other connections you mention supply voltage to the power brush.

Jetflo Central Vacuum Parts

Risdon, OK Our beautiful home was built in 1967 with a Jetflo installed vacuum system. Jetflo was a Tulsa Ok mgf company which is now out of business. In 1988 we replaced the power unit with a Nutone CV-353 but had to retain the hose and installed pipes/connections. The hose for inside use is dieing--I keep having to cut off sections near the metal sweaper end. This is a basic hose--no electrical connections in the hose. The external diameter of the plastic jetflo connection to the wall is close to 1.5 inches. (1) do you think that you have a replacement hose? (2) if so how can I insure that I am ordering the correct connection?

We do have a the correct replacement hose for you. In fact, you also have some wonderful upgrade options without any changes to your existing system. Please give us a call when you are at the home and in a few questions we can determine the hose you need and present your options. When you bought the Nutone, that model or any model, a variety of hoses are standard with it so we want to make sure we get you the hose that fits right in. We look for forward to your call.

Kenmore 116-4053482 Hose Replacement?

have a kenmore built in vacuum cleaner. Model 116-4053482. The hose end is one inch and one eight OD. The end that plugs into the wall is one inch and three eights OD. Do you have a 30ft hose to replace this one? Thank you, Richard Lange, Walkerville MI

Yes, we have the hose you need but can we clarify some things first? The hose you have has no on/off switches on it? If not then you need a basic or low voltage hose. The wall end, does it have any metal part, or is it all metal, that slides into the wall valve? If it has metal then the basic or low voltage hose will work without any adapters. If all plastic end then you need a basic hose with reduced adapter. Use this page to get the hose you need If you have any more questions please let us know. Also, just so everyone knows, you can buy an electric kit no matter the valve size hole. Read up about it in the kits link from the page we just posted in this answer.

Kenmore 116.500 Vacuum Hose Replacement?

I have a Sears Kenmore Central Vac - model 116 500 and am in need of a new hose. My current hose doesn't have any buttons or anything, the vacuum starts when you plug the hose into the wall outlet. Do you have a replacement hose for this model?

Yes, we have hoses that fit your system. We encourage you to spend a few more dollars for the Low Voltage Hose because of all the outstanding features over the Basic Hose. It is a joy to use. Take a look here We are assuming that the diameter of the suction hole in the vacuum port is over 1-1/4" inches. If it is not then you'd need this one adapter For customers who want a robust electric hose and carpet sweeper, all our Electric Kits fit this system as well. Please visit this page

Kenmore Canister Hose


Sorry, we only have hoses for Kenmore Central Vacuums.

Kenmore Compatible?

Need Replacement hose: Model 11640540 Kenmore Built in cleaning system. Need replacement hose or at least a part number . Can it be sourced from a local Sears parts store. (Manchester NH)

Kenmore is not offering parts for the built-in systems any longer. We'd be glad to help you find the part you need. We have assisted many in your situation. There are a variety of issues to determine the correct hose, and we have all the hoses that you may need. Please call us for assistance.

Kenmore PowerMate 116-4053180 Hose?

i need a hose for model 116-4053180 lenny

A couple different hoses were used with this Sears model and we have replacements for them all. It would be best to call us so we can quickly identify what you need and give you your options.

Kenmore Version?

I'm Bob from Saugerties, NY...Have Kenmore #116.40523 ser #5E3 074853 built in with 1.25" inlet, non wired, button lock wands... looking for 35 Ft. hose like 303RC... Also, do you sell a Combo kit like the 416C for this unit... Would like prices please... Thanx Tel # 845 246-5853

The 303RC is a good hose for you and because it is a speciality item you will need to "build your own kit". Simlpy click on the categories under Accessories to find the items you wall for your kit. The Extension Wands you need are #406.

Kenmore Wall End Size

I have an old Kenmore Mark III central vacuum system and need a new hose.....will the end fit (part that goes in the wall)? thanks

Kenmore used two diameter wall inlets, regardless of the model installed. Please measure your inlets to determine the proper wall end you need. Either the standard 1-1/2" or the smaller 1-1/4". The Basic Hose is available in both.

Longer Hose = Less Suction?

I have a 25 foot hose now on my build-in vacuum. If I go with a longer hose, will the vacuum air pressure be reduced?

The airflow is lessened with a longer hose. Five feet longer is not big deal, you can't even tell.

Longer than 30-feet?

When measuring for replacement hose, does measurement for a 30 foot hose include the end pieces or just the flexible part of the hose? Nina Madison, WI

The hose is actually longer than 30 feet because of the ends and manufacturing variance.

Longest Hose?

what is the absolute longest hose that can be purchased? are extensions possible?

The 50-foot hose is the longest sold. You can couple them together to make as long a hose as needed but the hose has the most suction loss so at some point it will be pointless to make it any longer. That point depends on the strength of the vacuum. Electric hoses are only 35-foot at their longest and you can't extend these.

Loud Whistle - Pool Hose?

I have a vacuum cleaner and needed an extention hose. When I turned on the vaccum, the hose made a loud whistling sound. Is this hose only made for central vacuums?

Simple, the vacuum hose is backwards. Turn it around (switch ends) and the whistle will go away. If you used a pool hose as a vacuum hose, though, the sound will not go away.

Low Suction

I notice that my Vacuum has low suction lately what could be the problem?

We created a step-by-step outline of finding the issue. Please use this trouble shooting chart

Magicvac Replacement Hose

My dad has a Magivac home system made by John E Mitchell Co, Dallas, TX. Will the basic vacuuum hose fit this system - SR#114573 Model MR110.

The Basic hose will fit any wall inlet with a 1.5" diameter.

Make an Extension Hose

I have a new Vacumaid unit with a 25 foot hose. Is there an extension piece of 5 to 10 feet I can join onto the existing hose?

If your hose has no on/off switches on it then you can buy any Basic Hose and a Hose Coupler (in Parts>Hose Parts), or a Slip Coupler for temporary extensions. The Basic Hose can be cut to any size length you want the end pull/unscrew clockwise off the hose and can be reused.

Metal or Plastic End?

Does the hose have plastic or metal we get what we see...some dealers have hoses with plastic ends...also can i upgrade to a 35 ft hose with no reduction in performance with a 15 year old M&S unit...thanks, B Arico

The Basic Hoses on the wall end have a metal ring around a plastic end. The metal ring engages the two contacts in the vacuum port. If you want the all metal end you can buy it separately ( and install it yourself. Hose ends thread on to the hose counter clockwise. Regarding vacuum loss, you will not feel any difference with an additional five feet of hose.

Music and Sound Compatible?

I have a very old unit the only name on it is Music & Sound Dallas Texas. I need a long hose around 30 ft it has a metal ring on the OD of the end which makes the electrical contact the dia. of the end which fits into the wall is 1.5 inches. Do you have a hose that will work.

You are correct, the Basic Hose is exactly what you are describing. It comes in a variety of lengths.

Naked Hose without Ends?

The product picture shows attached connectors which I presume are priced into the product offering. Is it possible to order just the 'naked' hose at a lower price (if so, what savings?). Glenda

Sorry, but the hose is not available without its ends.

Need a Short Basic Hose

Is it possible to offer a 15-foot basic vacuum hose at some time in the future? Instead of having to haul out my 35-foot hose, I would love to have a shorter basic hose for those times I have a quick mess to clean up.

We have a stretch hose that is 7-feet long and extents to 30 feet. You can also buy any basic hose, cut it to any length and reattach the end to it. Ends unscrew off (clockwise), or you can just pull real hard.

Need Button Lock

Can I get The 35' Basic Hose for Fasco with the Button Lock? William Farnum Chepachet, RI

You will need this hose since the Basic Hose with button lock is not available. For a bit more money this hose will give you suction control on/off at the handle, full swivel for less kinking, and higher quality construction.

Need Hose with Electric Cord

Carl Lay, Elizabethtown, KY I want to replace my fasco unity hose. The hose plugs into the wall and has two buttons or contacts in the wall plug. The hose also has a standard plug that plugs into a wall socked. The better bar cord has two round prongs that plug into the end of the hose that is attached to the beater bar. Which hose do I need to replace the standard hose? Thanks

You are looking for our Electric Hose with cord. Both ends will fit the Fasco model and connections you describe. Here are these hoses

Need the Hose End Only

Can we just order the rubber end with the metal band around it...for our M&S catalog match? I am trying to match a V330 30' hose 1 3/8" diameter hose. What item do you have that will match it? Is your item crush proof?

Hoses are crushproof. When stepped on they bounce right back. The hose end you need is available here in Hose Parts ( If you need a new hose it sounds like the Basic or Low Voltage Hose will work fine.

Need Wands

How do I get an extra metal wand? I want to leave the one stationary in my power end.

Newtone - Basic or Low Voltage Hose?

I have a Newtone whole house system that I installed 22 years ago when I built My house. It has never given me a minutes worth of trouble. Of course with time certain items will go bad. Recently I had an outer wall socket cover go bad and had to replace it. My hose is really hard to get into the hole of the new cover, but it does work. We are now ready for a new hose and I am wondering if it will be to small for my other outlets. Will I need to replace the other outlets for the new hose to work properly.I have three hoses now, one for each level.The hose we have now tuns the vacuum on when you plug it into the wall and it has a push pin connector on the curved nozzle that connects to the pipe. Will the new one be the same or have they changed that. Thanks in advance Tony from Clayton, OH

We highly recommend a Low Voltage Hose, button lock style. It will fit better in the valves you have now, new and old, and has the button lock, which no Basic Hose has. It is available here in 30ft and 35ft. Another good reason for this hose is that if it is too tight, it is the one hose you can remove some plastic from for the perfect fit all around.

No Metal Ring on Original Hose

My present hose does not have a metal ring around around plastic but is all metal. I'm not sure that the hose you sell will work. I have an old Fasco system. I want to keep my old hose as an extra, so I don't want to use the end of it for the new hose.

Yes, the Basic Hose will replace hoses without the metal ring. The key is that the hole in the wall diameter is just about 1.5 inches.

No on/off Switch

I don't see a switch on this basic hose. How do I turn on and off the Silent Master system when I use this hose?

To turn the suction on and off at your fingertips you want to buy a Low Voltage Hose. It fits right into your system.

Nutone CV350 Hose?

Hello, My parents have an old 1979 nutone central vac system and their current hose is absolutley falling apart. I would like to get my mom a new hose maybe for Mother's day. I believe the nutone system she has is the 350 model. How do I know which hose I would need to buy to fit the current system? The end that gets inserted into the wall also has some sort of pressure rod that is inserted into the wall and this is what initiates power. Can you help?

You are on the right track. Take a look at the Basic Hose photos on this page The hose you have is more like the bottom of the two photos, right? Has a longer metal wall end. This is what you want. It fits into the Nutone inlets that are more or less square framed, not rectangle. Let us know if you have any questions.

Nutone Vacuum - Hose - Upgrade

Do you have hoses for Nutone vacuums? The vacuum is 35 years old. Felicia, Brewster

We have hoses for Nutone and all systems, no matter their age. The first thing to determine is if you want to upgrade, you don't need to change anything in your home for it. If you have carpet we highly recommend a new Electric Kit such as Stealth, Ace, or BlackHawk. The hose has an 8ft pigtail electric extension cord that comes off the wall end of the hose and plugs into a nearby electrical outlet (extension cords can be used if needed as well). This hose will plug into your existing inlet valves and if the fit is too snug it takes one minute to fix. So when you are vacuuming there is still only a hose to move around, not a hose and an electric cord because the wires are hidden in the ribs of the lightweight hose. Here are the Electirc Kits that fit your system If you truly only need a hose at this time you first need to decide if you need an electric or non-electric hose. You need electric if the carpet brush nozzle used in your home has an electric cord coming out the back of it. If there are no cords involved with your system then buy the Low Voltage Hose, not the Basic Hose. It will fit into the older Nutone inlets and if it is snug can be easily modified in one minute by removing a bit of plastic from the friction ridge on the hose end. Here are Low Voltage Hoses If you have any questions please let us know.

Nutone Vacuum Port

I bought a 35-ft basic hose and it doesn't fit into the existing Nutone outlets. It goes in about 1/4" and then the taper of the hose stops further insertion. Do I need to get a Nutone hose instead? Replacing the outlets looks like a drywall patch and nutone adapter kit job otherwise.

You need this hose end instead of the one you have. The ends spin/pull off clockwise. Please call us for a special since you already bought the hose

Old Hose Broke at Handle

Naresh Allenwood NJ I have Central Vacuum installed in 1990.It is HP Product Model 26.My hose is broken at terminal end where metal piece starts. Shall I buy New Basic Hose? or Shall I change to new outlet ( old Outlet we 2 holes) buy low voltage hose. Pl advice. I need to improve efficiency of vacuum system too.Thanks

You can cut the hose and reattach it to the same hose (reverse thread, by the way). Or you can buy a new Basic or Low Voltage Hose. You may be able to put in new face plates. Read the text at the Basic Inlet page to determine that.

Only Basic for Two Contact Point Inlets?

I have a flomaster canister system installed in 1994.when I plug the hose in the wall it automatically turns on, when contact is made with the two pins inside of the wall outlet.The hose end is all metal.What hose do I need,I love the one with the handle.can any other hose fits beside the basic hose.

You have a lot of options. The first upgrade would be to the Low Voltage Hose. It will fit and allow you to control the suction right on the hose handle. The next upgrade would be to the Electric Hose in any Electric Kit. This will give you tremendous carpet cleaning power! Just buy the Stealth with "cord" or any Ace Kit.

Pullman Holt Compatible?

I have a Pulman white Holt central vacuum mod.BIV 105 and need 30' hose replacement. Please let me know if a Basic one will do a job? Which one would you recommend and why? Thank you. Michael

Yes this hose and others will fit your system because you have standard inlet valves. At least buy the Low Voltage hose because you can turn the suction on and off at the hose handle and it kinks a lot less. If you have carpet we suggest a complete electric kit with corded hose.

Push Pin Locking?

I have a Vac-u-maid system that has a 1/4" hole in the side of the female end of attachements and a pushpin in the side of the male end to help keep them together. Does the #303 or any other hose you carry have the pushpin male end? Will it stay inserted in the attachments without it?

Our Low Voltage with Button Lock will work with your system. If you want to stick with the Basic Hose you will need new #406 Extension Wands without the button lock.

Replace Hose or Upgrade to Electric?

We have MD central vac model TP210 and the rug portion of the vac doesn't pick up like it used to. We had it checked and they said the suction was fine. Do you think it could be because we need a new hose? I do pull on the hose (to stretch it) when it won't reach certain areas of the house. The central vac was installed when we bought our house - back in 2000. Not sure how much life these hoses have in them. Please advise. Thanks! Sue, Pembroke MA

Everyone can upgrade to an electric hose and tool kit. They provide the best cleaning possible with your central vacuum. And they are consistent, don't relay on air power, and they are so much quieter. You can replace your hose with a Basic or Low Voltage Hose but our advice is for a new electric tool kit. They fit right into your system without any modification (we made your vacuum system and it is industry standard as most manufacturers are). An electric cord comes out the wall end of the hose and reaches an outlet with 8ft of the vacuum port. Check them out here at

Sears Kenmore Built-in Vacuum Hose

Do you have a hose to fit a Sears Kenmore built in vacuum cleaning system model number 116 40522? If so how much is it?

Yes we have several hoses that work perfectly with your system. There is more information needed to decide which hose though. We need to figure out if it is 110 volt or not, and if the hole in your vacuum port is standard or not. The easiest thing to do is to call us, we help many Sears customers who have been looking high and low for a built-in vacuum hose.

Sears Kenmore Central Vacuum Hose 50ft

I have a Kenmore Central Vac - Don't know year - It was there when we moved in. Model #116.480208UC Class BI-5 - I would like a 50' replacement hose. Do you have these? Thank you. Sue

We have the Basic Hose 50ft here with a different hose end if your wall port diameter is 1.25" and not the standard 1.5".,302-1.25A. If you want a better hose then buy this 50ft hose and push in adaptor for 1.25" diamenter inlet holes,302-1.25ST.

Sears Kenmore Replacement Hose

I have a Sears Kenmore Central Vacuum model 116-5718180C my hose is completely finished and I am in need of a new one. Do you have a hose to fit my model? The hose is original but the beater bar and accessories were purchased in October 2001. Can't live without my vacuum. Thanks Laurie

You can find Sears Kenmore compatible hoses here,

Shop Vac Hose?

I have a "Hang Up" model shop vac with a 20 ft hose, 1 1/4". Could this hose attach to that hose to give me 50 ft of hose? Thanks.

Yes, it sounds like it can. The inner diameter of the Basic Hose is 1-3/8". We do sell hose couplings on this page

SilentMaster Vacuum Valve Compatible?

Will the basic hose plug directly into my Silent Master unit? I've measured the inlet and it is 1.25 inches inner diameter. thanks

the vacuum port on the top front of the vacuum unit itself will receive the basic hose. That hole is 1.5" diameter, or just under.

Smart Vacuum, Clogged

I have a model 361 Smart central vac. The motor is working fine but we have no suction through the hose. I have blown out the hose and there does not appear to be a blockage. Does this mean we need a replacement hose and if so what is the price and delivery costs. I live in London, Ontario, Canada. Regards, Cyril Andrews.

Try putting the hose into the wall backwards so the suction pulls it out the way it went in. Our hoses fit your wall ports if you need a replacement. For the final cost please use the Canada Checkout button in the cart and enter your address.

Spartan Central Vacuum System Hose

Our home was built in 1977 and had a Spartan central vacuum system. We purchased the home in 1990. Would your hoses and accessories fit this unit? If you need more info on this unit I can supply it. The home is about 3000 sq ft and is 2 level. There are outlets on both levels. The unit works but the hoses are shot. The unit is located in the basement. Thank you for your help. I cannot locate a source for Spartan parts as the only Spartan I can find is industrial. Ethlyn

The Spartan Central Vacuum System (many times known as Fasco should have used industry standard inlets on the wall which mean you can use ANY hose and ANY complete hose and accessory kit. Standard inlets have a round intake hole about 1-1/2 inches in diameter. If there are electrical cords on the hose you will have to buy a complete new electric kit with hose and new accessories since the original hose is not available or repairable. Please use the link above to see all your options. Many Fasco systems are in use and many are still using the original hose and tools. Upgrading is extremely easy and the benefits are so incredible, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it sooner.

Spiralock Hose Replacement?

Would this hose replace a Spiralock hose? The original was 25 ft. long, and 1.25" diameter.

This hose replaces the Spiralock Hoses that were made years ago. The new hoses are a better technology.

Standard Hose To Hayden Brush

I have a silent master central Vacuum with a direct connect hose, which I am sure you can accommodate me. My question is will this hose be able to plug into my carpet brush which is a Hayden Super Pack if not what would I need to make this hose work with it?

You will need to change the wands along with the hose to make it all compatible. The lower portion of your wand has the cord on it, the replacement will have the right cord end for our standard electric hose. You can view all the parts here,,406su

Stiff? Unruly?

My old crush-proof hose is getting very stiff - like wrestling a snake. Will a new hose help or do they all have a mind of their own?

All our hoses are amazingly pliable and they stay that way. Like your old one though, they are long so be sure to let it relax when purchased and coil it in four or five loops only when storing. Don't forget about our Stretch Hose which is perfect for quick cleanups and easy handling.

Stub Tube Needed?


The Basic Hose fits a 1.5 diameter vacuum inlet. The Stub Tube makes it fit a 1.25 diameter vacuum inlet (which are quite rare except for Budd and some Kenmore systems).

System in Now Louder

The system seems "extra loud" all of a sudden, any comments? Barbara in Eudora, KS

If you mean the hose is loud (and if new) the since this is a Basic Hose you need to and can switch the ends of the hose. The hose is backwards and will be very loud and whistle when backwards. If you are not talking about the hose but the power unit that collects the dirt then if it is louder it usually means the motor is going bad. Continue to use the system until something fails. You will be fine.

Thomas Built-in Vacuum Hose Replacement?

Will the basic hose replace the Thomas Built-in vacum model number T-610? Alnita Bushton

The Basic Hose may very well replace your hose. Please call us to make sure. The wall end should be fine. The other end has no nipple lock. If you need that then buy the Low Voltage Hose with Button Lock.

Torn at Hose Handle

Hi: I have a Pullman BIV-95 with a broken hose at the end that goes into the wand. Will your basic hose replacement work for this unit and can I salvage the old hose as a spare (the break is very close to the wand piece)? Thank You George Vienna, VA

Actually you can spin the hose handle off the hose (reverse thread), or pull and twist it off, and simply twist it back on to the hose after you cut the tear off. Use rubber cement to hold it in place if you want to as well. Otherwise, yes you can use a new Basic Hose, or Low Voltage hose.

Ultra Vac 100 Central Vacuum

I have a central vacuum system in my 30 year old home. The name on the canister is ultra vac 100, model UV 100, serial number P1327. Does the hose shown fit my system?

This is an industry standard hose for 99% of all central vacuums. If your port hole in the wall is just a hair under 1.5 inches diameter then this hose will fit.

Vacuflo 260 Loss Of Suction

What are all the possible causes for a gradual loss of suction over time (several years) in my model 260 vacuflo system? It is approximately 10 years old. Thank you. Lil, Canton, Ohio.

You could have a clog building in your system that is reducing airflow, a dying motor, or a clogged filter. Follow our troubleshooting guide to locate the issue at

Vacuflo Compatibility Issues

I have a Vacuflo in wall system that I bought in 1987. I have tried to buy new hoses but they never fit correctly in the wall inlet. How do I know which one to buy? I need a 35 foot one.

If your Vacuflo hose connects to the wall with two small metal pins as well as the hose end, you have to buy a hose directly from Vacuflo or you have to upgrade your inlets to industry standard ones. You can do that with an adaptor for $12/per inlet and a new Basic Inlet faceplate for about $9/per inlet. Visit the Vacuflo Help Page for more information ( The benefits of upgrading is you can now have much more options of hoses at better prices. You will be able to control the suction with the new hose (Low Voltage or Elecltric Hose).

Vacuflo Compatible?

we have a 1979 version of model no. 26 is the basic hose you have compatible. serial number 142a134 thank you Jerry Corp Rittman ohio

If you suction starts before you insert the hose then this hose will not have the ability to turn the suction on/off from a hose switch on the hose handle (it doesn't even have one like the Low Voltage hose has). This basic hose may be just a tad too wide for older Vacuflo inlets so simply take the end of your older hose off the hose and put it in place of the of the new one (which is taken off in reversed thread and by pulling).

Vacuflo Hose?

I have a Vacuflow 460 model 042PP484, the end of the hose has a button that snaps it into the extension hose, which hose should I order?Terry -Virginia

Usually the Vacuflo takes the Low Voltage Hose. Please see it here and you'll see the one with the button lock. Please also read the Not Compatible information. If you have questions, please call.

Vacuflo Hose?

I have a Vacuflo model 260/360 what was installed prior to us moving in. The original hose was either lost or broken and I'd like to replace it. What kind of hose should I use? Thanks. Shelley, Naperville

Please take a look at the inlet on this page. You may have this version. If so then please read your options there. If you don't have that valve then you can buy any hose or complete vacuum hose and tool kit you want. If you have carpeting you'd most likely want an electric kit with an electric hose. Our suggestion is to call us so we can give you your options from $60 to $600. We want to get you want you need and will do it without any pressure. Please give us a call.

VacuMaid Compatible

We just bought our house. It is 18 years old so I am not sure if the Vacu-Maid system was put in at the time the house was built or after. The only number I can find for the model is T210. Will the Basic hose fit this model and will the 4 piece vacuum accessory set Part #400 also work for me? I would like to make sure before I order. Thank you for your assistance.

Yes, the hose and tools will fit. Also get #406, two of them, for your connection wands. We urge you to get a Low Voltage Hose instead of the Basic Hose. For a few more dollars you will have less kinks, a better handle, a better fit and a better hose. The wands and tools work with both hoses.

Vacumaid Compatible?

I just bought the basic hose for my Vacumaid central vacuum. As somebody mentioned before the new hose does fit as tight as old one. Is this cause any loss of suction ? Will electrical hose fit any different than basic hose ? Regards, Anil Patel

The Vacumaid inlets that have a single trigger point inside the suction hole actually need the Basic Hose with tapered cuff. You can find this hose on the drop down menu at Basic Hoses here

Vacuum Hose for Very Old Vacs

i have a biv central vac can you tell me if you have a hose that will fit it it is an older model i wont say it back in the 70. thank you, Annette from canada

Yes we have central vacuum hoses for all central vacuums for all time. It would be best if you called us to help you get the right hose.

Wall End Options

Paul - Carlsbad, CA I don't understand the "tapered cuff" option - do you have a picture of each type?

Does this link help you see the differences? Only some vacuums will take the hose with a different end. 99% of systems will take the hose as is and it works for them. See the "Find Your Brand" link and start with the Brand you have in your home. If you need a hose with a different end we will mention it or what to look for.

What Hoses Fit What Models?

I have an AstroVac (Model SR 72) Central Vac system and I see hoses on this site but i don't see what models they are compatible with. How do I know I'm getting the correct one?

Actually, the model of the unit is not at all the defining point of the hose used. In fact, any hose can be used, even electric ones with a pigtail cord. The main thing to consider when getting a hose is the shape and diameter of the hole in the wall inlet, and the cleaning needs of your home. Use the hose page and the kit page to choose what you'd like. Having said that, Vacumaid/Astrovac did have some non standard inlets. Ones that where not round are no longer supported (you'd have to buy a basic hose and put the end of the old hose on it), and some standard round ones with the correct 1-1/2 inch diameter have a single trigger inside the inlet hole instead of the two found in most standard inlets. If you have one trigger, you can use any hose you'd like but the on/off switch to control the suction at the hose handle will not work. However, having a better hose is certainly a benefit despite the switch not working. The hoses have a nice handle and spin so that the hose doesn't get kinked as it unwinds itself when used. So instead of a Basic Hose you can get a Low Voltage Hose, or an Electric Hose in an electric hose kit such as Stealth or Ace.

Whirlpool Issues

The plastic end of my whirlpool metal carpet brush has broken off in the metal connection.We use duck tape to secure it and the metal wand works but it has to be constantly re-taped. Can you still find SCV60LCWhirlpool central vac.attachments. The # inside the brush is 670036 FSP amd HM3The Whirlpool Model is SCV-60LC Serial No. 07553.This is the non electric which starts by pushing a metal strip inside the door. I found someone to make an electric motor to fit and have just had a new hose reattached to the plastic insert.I would have to tear out the walls to have a new system. Vivian Little Rock

We get a lot of calls from Kenmore / Whirlpool customers and are able to help them out to a full or partial degree. The best thing to do is call us and ask for technical assistance. It is much easier to ask you the right questions when you are with the equipment. Thanks!

Zenex Compatible?

Does the basic vacuum hose work for the Zenex Model # 275? Bette Winhall Vermont

Yes, the Basic Hoses always work with Zenex systems and wall ports. We suggest you upgrade to the Low Voltage Hose, it is compatible just the same. It has an on/off switch on the hose handle. it swivels at the handle to minimize kinking, and it is made better. All this for under $30 more.