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Vacuum Waterlift Gauge 160 Q&A

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Measure Suction?

I want to buy a gauge to quantify the suction generated by my Pullman BIV. It plugs in to the outlet where the hose plugs in. Where can I buy one? Clayton Tampa


Hi Clayton, we have one type of gauge that measures the suction when no air is moving (like when someone sucks the air out of plastic bottle). But note that even if you have a clog the pressure will build and give you a correct reading. This devise is only good to see if there are any air leaks or if the motor is really tired. Beware that the smallest of air leaks quickly lowers the reading. WaterLift measurement is what this reads and when you see the motor's maximum waterlift specification online, the motor will be 10 to 15 behind it in a normal sealed vacuum system. If you want to measure the airflow or CFM those are over $1000 per machine and we don't sell them. Check our our sealed vacuum gauge.

Vacuum Gauge Retailer

where do I buy a vacuum gauge? Jennifer Indianapolis

Hello Jennifer, you want to measure the amount of air or the pressure. This item measures the pressure when no air is able to move. The measure air flow you need an expensive instrument and one made for the high volume of air in a central vac. Scientific specialty dealers will have them. Look on the internet for them.

Understanding Vacuum Measurements

What is this good for measuring?


To make sure you understand, it doesn't measure airflow, just sealed suction. Humans can pull more sealed suction on this guage with their mouth then any vacuum could but we don't make good vacuums because we don't have the ability to inhale tons of air. These also will not tell you if you have a clog. Even with a clog, the sealed measurement will be the same though in may take a little more time to build up the suction. It will tell you if there is a hole in your system because the suction will be a lot less than is rated for the motor.


Two questions. 1. How do I activate a system, to test vacuum, when the contacts to start the vacuum motor are in the interior of of the vacuum outlet? 2. What is the recommended vacumm suction parameter, in inches of water column, (i.e.minimum & maximum), considered to be functioning properly?

1. You can short the contacts INSIDE THE MAIN VACUUM HOLE or wire in the wall with a piece of foil or a paper clip. You will not be shocked. If your inlet says 110 volt anywhere be sure not to put a paper clip into any small holes. 2. Recommended waterlift minimum is 70 and max 140. Three stages motors have more suction than two stage (which have more airflow). Only dual motors in series increase waterlift, not dual motors pulling air from the same plain. Dual motors on the same plain increase airflow not waterlift.