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Best for Furniture, Pillows, Bedspreads?

Is this the best head you carry for cleaning furniture, large pillows and bedspreads? Jana from Lake Havasu

If the Mini Electric works with your hose (if you have an electric hose with two contact holes in the handle) then it is the best. The vibrating tool is good for some quick uses here and there but the Mini Electric will keep on going. Here is the Mini Electric

Wizard Vibrating Head

I'm looking for a vibrating beater head for carpets. Western Auto Stores used to carry "Wizard" vacuum cleaners that had that type of a head. I can not find one anywhere. Do you have such an attachment?

Hi, we don't have another vibrating brush besides this one. We are not familar with other ones for the central vacuum market. This tool may work for you though.

How it Vibrates

How does the brush vibrate...from muscle power...I don't see a power connection.

The air rushing into the tool causes the bands to vibrate. It is quite simple, quite smart, and really effective.

Fit Electrolux?

will this fit onto a electrolux silverado canister model ?

Probably not since this tool receives a metal tube into it for connection (standard on vacuum but Electrolux).