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Generic Lower Wand- Old Style Q&A

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Beam 2100 Wands

I have a model 2100 Beam system. One of the plastic wands has broken. What should I get to replace it? Thank you for your prompt reply.

You can replace the wand with another plastic, metal or full telescopic wand. All of our wand options can be found here,

Inner Diameter, Button Stiff?

Is the inner diameter 1.25"? One reviewer said that the button was very stiff and it hurt her fingers to push the button down to get the wands apart. I think her review was in 2006(?). Are the buttons still that stiff & hard to use now in late 2008?

The outer diameter of the thickest part of the tube is 1.25 inches. The inner would be just under that since the metal doesn't have to be think for vacuum wands. The button being stiff is relative to ones strength and the variations in manufacturing. We really don't get many complaints at all about it being stiff. That is the best way to explain it.

Wand for TP210

I moved to a home that has an M&S Vac System. One of my wands is missing. Will the 406HL part fit that system? The vac head is an Ultra TP210. Virginia Edmond, OK

Hello Virginia, actually all you need are two of the #406 wands. You don't need the locking mechanism for the TP210 (which is a TurboCat). If your hose handle has a metal nipple for locking into the wand then you need a single #406TB. Here are both,406TB

Replace Lower Rugmaster Wand

i just bought a house with a central cleaning beam vacuum system. serial #10017141495 model 2100. on the sweeper it says(beam rug master plus). it's about 6 years old. the wand that attaches to the main vacuum button is broken somehow and duck tape is holding the wand to the main sweeper, can i just replace that wand part? thanks for your responses. jennifer johnson portland, or

Hello Jennifer, you can use one of these two wands to replace the lower wand on your Rugmaster vacuum.,406SL

Two Fit Together?

Will two of these fit together and work with a Beam system. We currently have the plastic wand and it keeps cracking. We have a big house with all hardwood floors. It is used daily so we would like something stronger.

Yes, you can use two of these together for any system with a button locking hose handle.