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Two Hooks in Front?

Hello - Can you tell me how the this hanger is meant to be used? I see that I would loop the hose around the back portion of the hanger, but how is the front protruding portion used? What hangs on that piece - the handle does not fit there. Also, our Kenmore came with a little attachment holder (holds three or four different attachments) however, our manual does not show it and we are not sure what it is supposed to attach to. Thank you! Sara in Victoria BC

The wire hose hanger is able to hold a 'gas pump' style handle, but it is just as convenient to hang the hose with use the two hooks in the front. Regarding the small tool caddy, it clips to the metal wands that attach to your power brush. Then you can put a dusting brush, crevice tool, etc. on board.

How to Hang

Does this get attached to the wall through the 2 loops with screws? Will this support the weight? Matt Westport CT

Please use drywall anchors and put the screws through the metal loops. The metal wire holds a lot of weight and the wall connection needs to be into wood under the drywall or with drywall anchors from a hardware store.

Weight Rating

What is the weight rating for this hanger? Thanks, Roshan

Hello, if fastened extremely secure it can support up to 75 lbs.

Single Length of Hose

I need to replace a hose hanger that held a single length of hose. I don't see a manufacturer on the broken one. Can you direct me to a replacement provider?

Hello, not sure how long a single length is. The hose holders here would work for any length of central vacuum hose, in our opinion.


I need to know the dimensions for this product. Morgan Asbury Park

Hello Morgan, dimensions for the Wire Hose Hanger: 5 wide, 5 deep plus 2 more for front bracket, and 4-3/4 tall.

Larger for 35ft Hose?

Is this hanger bigger than the PVC one that came with my Stealth kit? I have trouble fitting the 35 ft hose on the PVC one. Thanks, Darra

Sorry, it is not. We suggest mounting it higher so you can fit 4 or 5 loops on it.