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CT14DX Replacement

Hi my name is Fern and I am looking for Zenex Power Nozzle motor for a Model # CT14DX if available please give me the price and also the shipping charges. Thanks Fern

The CT14DX replacement is here. The vacuum head is made by Panasonic and sold under many different names, but is the same product. We sell the CT14DX here under the name Hayden.

Sweep-n-Groom No Suction

Our Zenex sweep n groom power brush runs but no suction. This problem just started. Everything else with our central vac system works fine. Can you help?

First verify the suction works without the vacuum head attached. If the suction works through the hose without the head (in one switch direction but not the other) then the switch is bad. Replace it with this one If there is not suction at all in either switch position then you need to test the system using this guide

Zenex 275 Motor Replacement

Hi, the motor in my Zenex 275 (Serial # 17904) stopped working after 24 years of excellent service. I'm looking for a replacement motor. The motor has a stamp that says, "Lamb 11611900 115VAC 50/60Hz." The canister tags lists the amperage at 13.9, 120 volts and peak HP 5 7/8. I have not been able to locate these exact specs on line. Would you please provide information on this motor? Thank you, Kate, Athol

We have the exact motor replacement available. You may view/purchase this item by clicking on the following link: Zenex 275 Motor Replacement.

Cloth or Bag Filter?

Does the Zenex 375 have a bag to be replaced when full or a cannister that needs to be emptied?

All Zenex vacuums have a permanent cloth filter. That means the bucket has to be emptied and the cloth shook clean (with a plastic bag around it to save yourself from dust).

How to Empty

how do I empty the canister that's resident in the basement? Love the vacuum in my new home but it's full and I don't know how to empty.

The empty a Zenex Central Vacuum unlatch the bottom two latches while holding the lower section of the tank. Place the lower section into a large garbage bag, hold the bag closed, and dump the contents in the bag. Then take the bag and put it up over the bottom of the unit. Hold it tight with one hand and grab the center weighted cloth filter with the other hand. Shake the filter. Toss the bag in the trash and latch the bottom section back on the unit.

Light On but Main Unit Not On

Model 275. Stopped running. Light goes on but the motor does not run. I assume that it has burned out?

Yes, if you hear a click at the main unit when you try to start it then the motor needs to be replaced.

Zenex Compatible?

are your basic inlet valves compatible with the origanl Zenex ?

Zenez used industry standard inlets so these are compatible.

Hose Switch Replacement

will your part no. 352s switch assembly for pistol handle work with a zenex hose handle

Yes, hoses for Zenex will take this part as the replacement. Thanks for asking.

New to Central Vac, Little Suction

Hello, I jst moved into a house that has a Zenex 375 and has little suction. I have emptied the bag and have tried numerous inlets, as well as checked for clogs in the hoses. Any ideas? Thanks. -Ben from Southampton, MA

Congratulations on the home. Lets get the central vac up and running! Did you go through the steps here One test not mentioned is to put your hand over the hose and see if the machine kicks into overdrive . That shows you have no holes or leaks in the system.

Hose Not Engaging

My Xenex hose do not engage in the receptacles...dOES ANYONE KNOW WHY?

Hi, please call us during our operating hours and we'll be glad to walk you through some troubleshooting.

Zenex Electric Hose

do you have a zenex hose?(electric)My hose is 10 years old and split. I temporarily taped it and it split in another place. Can you quote me a 30 foot price, and a 35 foot? Thank You Barbara

Hi, the hoses, sizes, and prices are here, just be sure to get the direct connect or corded end like you have now. If you need help please call.

Stinky Exhaust

We just recently bought a home with a Zenex Central vacuum system-model 375. It vents out into the basement. The previous homeowner's were smokers and after it is used the house has that odor. We will be removing the carpeting soon, but can you tell me how to clean the tank to try to avoid this odor. thank you for your time.

Hello, you first should spray Lysol on wadded up paper towels and suction them through the hose at each wall port. This will disinfect the hose and hidden pipes. If more needs to be done then replace the cloth bag in the unit.

Replace Old Nozzle

Hello: My Zenex unit is over 30 years old. I need to replace the power head BELT and also would like to replace the BRUSH ROLLER that is driven by the belt . Are these two items still avaliable for this unit? Thanks in advance: Moril Therrien

Hello, if the nozzle has an electrical cord then it is probably this one and this belt,480I,48045. Never mind the name, just look at the nozzle and see if it looks the same. If there is not an electric cord then you can use a new TurboCat carpet brush.

Stopped Working

My Zenex model 275 was installed prior to my buying the house. On Sunday, it just stopped working all together. I used the switch on the actual unit and still nothing. It worked fine and completed the job just two days prior! Any suggestions on what to look for to find the issue? Ann from Goshen, MA

Hello Ann, please use this guide to pinpoint the issue and let us know what you find and we will help you get the service or parts

Clean or Replace Filter

We purchased a home that has Zenex 275 connected. I need to buy the hoses and attachments but I was wondering if there are replacement filters for this unit or if there is a way to clean the existing? Amanda Ware MA

Hello Amanda, we have the inverted, weighted center, cloth bag. Just measure the diameter of your unit, it should be 14 inches. Here is the bag To remove the old one grab the top side and pull into the middle. It flexes from the side and then falls out. If you want to clean it while in then put a garbage bag up over it, grab it, and shake it.

Gasket Gone Bad

we have a tweleve year old Zenex central vacum Mod. No. 275. The gasket between the "Collector Can" and the motor appears to be worn i.e. it is sloppy and not tight when the locks are applied. The result is loss suction. What is the cost of replacement. Thank you for your time. R Shrewsbury, MA

Please do a websearch for the actual Zenex company. We sell upgrades and replacements for them.


I need the 15 AMP breaker for a zenex 275. I've replaced the motor. It had dry bearing and I thought the heat was causing it to pop. Now I'm thinking it's the breaker itself. What is the part number I need to order? And do you carry it?

As a motor goes bad the head can damage the minibreaker. If the minibreaker is not on a circuit board then we sell universal ones that will fit your vacuum.

Zenex 275 Cloth Filter

I have a Zenex Model 275 vacuum system. I would like to replace the cloth filter in it. Could you give me the part number and price for it. Thank You

Sorry, we are not familiar with that aspect of the Zenex unit. Please try another internet search.

Zenex in Business?

i was told zenex is out of this true?

No they are not out of business as far as we know (Aug. 19, 2006).