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Filtration Reminder

Need to be Reminded to Check Your Central Vacuum Filtration?

Sending your email address below will add you to our secure and never shared database of homeowners such as yourself who want a quarterly email reminder to check the filtration on their central vacuum system.

Many times it is "out of sight, out of mind" when it comes to central vacuum filtration and forgetting about it can decrease your suction or, even worse on some brands, pile up to where the motor is.

By providing your email address below you will receive quarterly emails reminding you to check your filtration. So sit back and relax. MD will once again help you get the most out of your central vacuum.

Sign-up for the Quarterly Email Filtration Reminder

Additional Maintenance Information

Cleaning and Clearing. The dirt and grime that accumulates over the years inside your central vacuum hose and pipes can begin to get cleaned out with the Free Flow Central Vacuum Maintenance Sheets. Plus, if there are clogs forming it will help push them out. Click here for more details and to read our customer's reviews.

Troubleshooting. Don't let those dust bunnies get too big! Troubleshoot your central vacuum system with this very easy to use guide to pin point the issue that needs to be resolved. Troubleshoot your central vacuum today.

Replacement Canister / Motor. If all you hear is click from your central vacuum canister when you start it, it is time to replace your motor or the entire canister. Motors save you money and are quite easy to replace, really! Click on your brand to the left to find the replacement motor you need. Instructions are also provided online and we are here to help you as you can read from our customer reviews.