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35ft Hayden Electric Hose, Corded, Grey
As of October 2015 the original Hayden Super Hose Central Vacuum Kit for Hayden was no longer produced, and stock was depleted. The best option for these good old hoses is to replace them all with a new electric kit such as the Stealth Kit, Complete 360, or Ace. New kits are all available in the cord style or direct connect pins. Go to the Hayden replacement kit page to see your options or give us a call.
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Metal Stub Tube - Inlet Valves 1.25 Inch Diameter

Metal Stub Tube for 1.25 inch vacuum inlets

Product Details

Metal Stub Tube - Inlet Valves 1.25 Inch Diameter
Used to adapt a hose to fit Budd or Kenmore / Sears inlets and others that are 1.25 inch diameter (ones that start suction when OPENED). This adapter tightly slides into the end of the hose leaving the tapered end visible (we recommend tapping it in AT LEAST 3/4 INCH with rubber mallet or piece of wood). It fits into all Low Voltage, Electric Hoses, and Stretch Hoses. If it needs to go into a Basic Hose, it will only fit the Basic Hose with Tapered Cuff. (Note: the Reduced Tapered Cuff product is made up of the Tapered Cuff and this Metal Stub Tube.)

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