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Inlet Adapter Kit (for Proprietary Vacuflo Valves)

Inlet Adapter Kit (for proprietary Vacuflo valves)

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Inlet Adapter Kit (for Proprietary Vacuflo Valves)
Save money and increase your vacuuming options! If you have the Vacuflo inlet that looks like this (such as the HP Vacuflo Series 4940, 4949, 4940, 4941) you no longer have to be stuck buying expensive proprietary hoses and excluded from deep down electric powered cleaning! Simply buy this kit for the number of inlets in your home and buy full faced basic valves such as #653HW. After an easy installation you will now be industry standard - ready to use any "Corded" electric kit such as the Stealth Kit or Ace Kit. The new inlet will also work with any low voltage hose and kit such as TurboCat Deluxe.

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