Motor Brush (115330, 115334, 115937, 115950, 115962, 116119)

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4 star user rating.

Sep 14 2015 2:12PM

The brushes arrived on schedule and were just what we needed for our broken in-house vacuum. Unfortunately, one of the brushes was broken, probably during shipping, but usable. We called and explained the problem, and within a few days a replacement brush arrived in perfect condition. We had it in place and the vacuum running again with very little inconvenience. I would give 5 stars for the service, 3 stars for the initial packaging, so perhaps that averages out to 4 stars!

4 star user rating.
Jan 16 2010 11:01AM

It would be helpful for some instruction on the best method to attach the wire. The one I replace in the Kenmore motor was crimped. This one I ended up soldering the connection.

I want to say that the website was very helful to troubleshoot this issue. I would not have thought about the brushes.

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