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115334 Lamb Vacuum Motor

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3 star user rating.
Oct 23 2013 6:32AM

Gasket was of extremely cheap quality and did not fit exactly but was able to get it to work.

3 star user rating.

Nov 24 2009 10:07AM

The original motor had a slip-on connector attached to the hot wire and a screw-on connector attached to the ground wire. The new motor had neither, so performing the replacement took much longer than the stated 15 minutes.

There were no instructions nor 'helpful hints' included, so much trial and error were needed to close up all the air gaps in the intake portion.

I don't see that the new motor generates any greater suction than the 30 year old motor it's replacing.

3 star user rating.

Feb 7 2007 6:20AM

There are two motors listed for my Vaccumn System. I bought this one thinking it was the better of the two... however it did not actually fit in my machine... So I had to order the other one... Your customer service department was very understanding and send me the correct one right away. But I did have to pay shipping of course for the alternate motor. You may want to tweak up your web site to help people understand which one to pick if two are called out for the same unit..So that extra work on both our parts is avoided..

3 star user rating.
Oct 20 2006 5:39AM
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115334 Lamb Vacuum Motor

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