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116336 Lamb Vacuum Motor

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5 star user rating.
Sep 13 2022 4:11AM

Easy Direct replacement swap out. My system sucks again!

5 star user rating.
Mar 17 2022 5:12PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Mar 14 2022 1:57PM

I called two central vacuum repair shops(there were only two CV repair shops in my county). After talking to them, they both said it was the motor that went bad. One of them said it would cost $270 just to come and look at my CVS. He would have to order the part so he would charge me another $270 to come and replace the motor with the right part. Instead he suggested I should just replace it with a new unit w/c would cost $1500-$1800.

I decided to take a chance and replace the motor myself. I ordered it and was surprised to receive it two days ahead of delivery. I installed it using the instructions from MD, very simple and straightforward.

I had no way to attach the green wire so I just left it alone, attached the black wires and installed the CV back on the wall. Kept my fingers crossed and inserted my hose into the outlet and it worked. I?m glad I was able to save my old unit. Thx MD Central for providing the parts for DIY?ers.

5 star user rating.
Jun 8 2021 7:46PM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.

Jan 28 2021 5:43AM

My CV has never worked this well.

3 star user rating.

Dec 18 2020 11:17AM

looking up the model #SB-300-L I somehow was direct to product #116336 which I ordered but was the wrong one. Therefore I had to return it and between shipping cost both ways and duty I lost over $110.00 CND. So it has not been a positive experience. I am still waiting for my MasterCard to be credited for the returned product.

5 star user rating.

Nov 24 2020 12:14PM

I bought two of these 116336 Lamb Vacuum Motors to replace the two burned out motors in a Filtex TS-300L. They were not hard to replace, the wires attached were long enough to connect to each relay box easily, but not so long that they needed to be cut. I reused the old rubber "bumpers"(?) on top and bottom of each motor and the fiberglass "gasket" that sat on top of the motor. I did not need the plastic exhaust connectors that I purchased, but luckily they were cheap. I have no electrical wiring experience and the instructions from this site were sufficient to help me replace both motors myself. The vacuum runs great now.

5 star user rating.
Sep 26 2020 9:46AM

Excellent customer service

5 star user rating.
Aug 14 2020 8:50AM

this motor worked out well.

5 star user rating.
Jun 3 2020 8:26AM

Parts fit perfectly. Only glitch was a filter was ordered and paid for only to find that it is no longer available thru MD.

However, filter was found available thru other suppliers.

5 star user rating.
Apr 22 2020 4:34AM

Great service

5 star user rating.
Mar 28 2020 9:26AM

Great service!

5 star user rating.
Feb 10 2020 5:35AM

Fast shipping and expertly packed.

5 star user rating.

Nov 12 2019 6:29PM

Very pleased with the ordering customer service outstanding!!

5 star user rating.
Oct 30 2019 5:16AM

easy to install

5 star user rating.

Aug 19 2019 10:03AM

The motors were installed last week and the system is working better than ever! Big thanks to your sale rep, she encouraged us to purchase both motors. Now we are good to go!

5 star user rating.
Aug 15 2019 2:15PM

Purchased two motors for my unit, very easy to install and the vacuum works great.

Ordering online was very easy, with a fast delivery.


4 star user rating.
Jul 8 2019 5:36AM

Easy to install. Wish the wires came with connectors already on them

5 star user rating.
May 13 2019 7:48AM
Comments not provided.

5 star user rating.
Jan 24 2019 6:58AM

Replacement motor is perfect fit for 25 year old FASCO twin motor unit. Simple to change for replacement. Basic skill level.

5 star user rating.
Nov 14 2018 7:46AM

Wow, I saved a ton of money by ordering the two motors from your website. It was easy enough for me as a female to find the right part while the local vacuum store tried to tell me that I need a brand new system. Thank you!

5 star user rating.

Aug 6 2018 5:27AM

Our vacuum has been on life support for husband ordered two new motors from you guys and its once again brand new..the suction is so strong it will lift my throw rugs off the floor. He said install was fit perfect out of the box. Thanks.

5 star user rating.

May 9 2018 9:01AM

have a 20 year old silent master and called to get motor replacement. The agent was very helpful in finding the one that I needed. Motors arrived and got them hooked up and all is good. For anyone doing the replacement yourself make sure you do good diagrams or take pictures to put the wires back in the right place. I made a diagram and had no problems.

5 star user rating.

Mar 20 2018 6:12AM

The motors were identical to the original ones, which were 35 years old. Installation was easy for my contractor, and power is fully restored to my vacuum system. Thanks.

5 star user rating.

Mar 1 2018 4:58PM

The purchase and install went smoothly. I purchased 2 gaskets just in case. Was very glad I did, because I needed them. Once the gaskets were installed, I had a vacuum of 97 inches of water column. Motor were much quieter than the old ones. Very pleased.

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