116765 Lamb Central Vacuum Motor

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3 star user rating.

Nov 20 2018 4:57PM

I bought this motor from you and the buying and delivery experience was excellent. Unfortunately the motor did not function the way I it should and I had to return it. I have now installed a bran new unit and so far it works fine. Aleshire vacuums you recommended was excellent. I am hoping for a refund and am waiting to hear from you. Till then I cannot rate your services.

( We are happy to receive such positive feedback for one of our authorized dealer. Customer service reached out to customer to ensure total satisfaction.)

3 star user rating.
Mar 23 2015 7:58AM

Very pleased with technical assistance and fast shipping.

3 star user rating.

May 14 2014 4:10AM

I was hoping it would have created greater suction than the OE motor, however it seems the same

3 star user rating.

Jan 3 2014 1:08PM

Not as strong as the original motor was, Less sucking power, don't understand why. (MD NOTES: Be sure you have a gasket on the bottom of the motor or air will escape. Also be sure to clean any secondary filters and that the bucket gasket is on properly. This motor is just as powerful, if not more.)

3 star user rating.

Dec 21 2012 2:04AM

New motor fit my unit perfectly. However, it has less power than the original.

3 star user rating.

Sep 21 2009 7:01AM

It just dosent have the same power! Even though its an exact replacement.

MD NOTES: That is hard to imagine, it is the same motor and all other reviews are very positive. There must be another issue and we'd be glad to help you find it. Please call or use www.builtinvacuum.com/flowchrt.html.

3 star user rating.

Aug 21 2009 7:48AM

Would have rated higher, but this is the second Lamb electric replacement Vacuum Motor in 3 years. Hope that the short bearing life was a fluke. Original Electrolux vauum motor lasted about 15 years before bearings failed. Replacing motor is easy, but I want to do it less often! (MD NOTES: Please check the exhaust port or exhaust run, that is not creating any back pressure.)

3 star user rating.
May 4 2008 2:39PM

The motor works well but is a little noisy. Also, this is the second time I have replaced the motor in 14 years. I would have expected them to last a little longer considering we use the vacuum no more than twice a week.

3 star user rating.
Aug 17 2006 3:09PM

Motor was a perfect fit & works great.


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