12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush with Wheels

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2 star user rating.
Nov 9 2012 12:15PM

This doesn't do as good a job as my older floor brush. Wouldn't recommend it. I have hardwood and tile and 2 labs that shed so I vacuum alot.

2 star user rating.

Jan 30 2009 6:43PM

I am disappointed in this brush as the only suction is in the center of the brush. It needs suction at the outer edges, also, to get the pet hair, etc. in corners. (NOTE: This is also one of the main reasons this brush is liked. It aggitates the floor at the very end of the sides allowing you to get as far as possible into a corner.)

2 star user rating.

Jan 26 2009 7:23AM

I was actually disappointed in this attachment. When I first used it I was impressed with how smoothly it went across the floor, but quickly noticed that it does not clean well next to the base trim since the wheels are on the edge of the brush and gets in the way of the suction.

I think I will need to purchase another brush attachment without the wheels so I can get the dirt and dog hair on the floor next to the base trim.

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12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush with Wheels

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