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12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush

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1 star user rating.

Apr 5 2015 11:21AM


1 star user rating.

May 2 2012 3:53PM

Unfortunately I have used it only one time do far and the bristles are falling out on the tile floor as I vacuum. I need to return it for a refund or exchange. (MD NOTES: We will make sure this customer is completely satisfied with a new brush. Product that is bad that soon will cost the customer nothing, or any shipping.)

1 star user rating.

Aug 8 2011 6:28AM

Ten minutes after I started using this brush for the first time, the plastic connection on the brush cracked and split. This made my $30 purchase worthless, because now the brush will not stay on. The plastic is very thin and for me, a waste of money. (MD NOTES: This is unacceptable and the product will be replaced immediately.)

1 star user rating.
Feb 8 2011 10:43AM

After only a couple of weeks some of the bristle came out.

1 star user rating.
Mar 19 2008 4:38AM

What a crummy brush! It leaves dirt behind and black marks to boot.

1 star user rating.
Mar 1 2008 10:09AM

Threw it out. All it did was push the dirt around. Should have sprung for the more expensive brush to begin with. If I could give it a half or NO stars, I would.

1 star user rating.

Oct 11 2007 5:02PM

Product is non-functional for my Dust Care vacuum system. The length of the bristles appear to make the overall brush to high from the ground and cause it to lose suction.

1 star user rating.
Apr 22 2007 5:16PM

I would have preferred a model with stiffer bristles.

While the correct attachment size (1.25 inches), the bristles are so soft that they do not clean rugs or carpet very well. The bristles are even a bit too gentle for hardwood or tile surfaces.

After two weeks, I went back to my old worn-out brush.

1 star user rating.

Feb 1 2007 10:42AM

Unfortunately, this was a waste of my money. It simply does not work. does not pick up the small dirt on the floor. I don\'t have the time to return it so I just put it away.

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12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush

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