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12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush

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2 star user rating.

Oct 10 2014 6:56AM

I find either the length or the curvature of the part that attaches to the wand makes it more difficult to keep it flat on the floor. I use it on slate and wood. It is also thicker than my old one and doesn't fit under some things.

2 star user rating.

Jul 26 2009 5:51PM

The bristle design makes it necessary to pull it back towards you, and almost impossible to be able to push it away from you when using this accessory.

2 star user rating.
May 26 2009 7:41AM

The brushes in the floor brush are a little bit too hard for it to work optimally. I have a dog and I am experiencing problems vacuuming all the hair from the floor, they get stuck to the brushes and get pushed around.

The floor brush also came packaged into a plastic bag with rubber bands around it and unfortunately the rubber bands bled yellow color to the white plastic.

I have decided to keep the floor brush, since I have not yet purchased anything new and I have to vacuum clean daily, but I do not recommend it to homes with pets. (MD NOTES: The 12 inch wheeled version may be better for some homeowners depending on the hair and the hard floor.)

2 star user rating.
Aug 13 2008 12:36PM

The attachment cylinder is already cracked. There are no holes to allow connection with the hose. I do like the design, but am not sure how long it will last since it cracked in the first 2 weeks. (MD NOTES: If this happens to anyone, please contact us right away!)

2 star user rating.

Mar 25 2008 3:26PM

it's not a bad floor brush, but based on the product photo, it's not what I expected at all. For $20-something dollars, I thought the bristles would be much fuller and longer. I suppose the angle the photo is taken, makes the bristles appear longer and fuller. I was disappointed when it arrived. My purpose in purchasing it is to vaccuum a cobble-stone like floor with deeper crevices, so these short bristles do nothing for me... almost a waste. Not worth paying the shipping to return it... (MD NOTES: This brush is one of our most popular items and highest rated. The photo is truly the brush you get. The bristles are medium stiffness. For deep crevices try the 402M. It goes down the deepest. Or if your tile is smooth, try the Manta mop head.)

2 star user rating.

Jan 4 2007 8:35PM

It doesn't suck up things on the floor very well.

2 star user rating.
Jul 7 2006 10:31AM

Everything gets jammed on the bristles and we are continuously having to clean the brush. We are certain that this is a result of the bristles being too long and too soft. We like our old wornout brush much better.

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12-inch Deluxe Hard Floor Brush

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