2 Screws for T-Latch TurboCat

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Aug 11 2017 6:50AM

well we received the screws after spending a total with shipping for about 25 dollars. If thats what is cost we were ok with that, however these screws were as bad as the others. Two of them were stripped trying to get them in. What kind of soft metal are you using? This is not ok If were ever have to take it apart againg i know we will have the same problem.

(MD Notes: We reached out to the customer and offered a full refund for the issues experienced with this shipment. Please note that standard shipping fee for orders under $75.00 is $7.99 USD.)

5 star user rating.
Feb 4 2010 12:15PM
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2 Screws for T-Latch TurboCat

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