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5 star user rating.

Jul 8 2020 10:27AM

I really like my new hose and wand set! At first I thought the hose wasn't as long as my old hose but after talking to the customer service young lady I measured it. She was very helpful and said I could exchange it even though I had already used it a few times. When I measured it, it was the 30' one. I think the old one had stretched over the last 25 years of use. I appreciate her help and sorry I called it wrong on the measurements. The new floor attachment is so wonderful it has pickup on all sides of the attachment.

5 star user rating.

Sep 22 2016 6:42PM

My wife loves it.!

5 star user rating.

Sep 18 2014 5:02PM

Everything was great except the new hose doesn't fit my central vac outlets...I have to use the old and new together but now have twice the length! I have a big house so it works well..

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Axis Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

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