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5-Piece Central Vacuum Accessory Set

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Apr 24 2019 7:50AM

After some use I have found the 14" Deluxe Floor Brush to be ineffective on hardwood floors for items larger than dust. The bristles seem to just push debris around the floor forcing you to lift the vacuum head to capture it. All the other attachments in this set work fine.

(MD Notes: We recommend the non-wheeled floor brushes for hardwood floors for ease of use as well as safety. The hard plastic wheels can sometimes scratch the hardwood. Check out the Axis Floor Tool or 12" Deluxe Floor Brush for all your hardwood cleaning needs. Both brushes have longer and shorter bristles to allow for all sizes of debris to move through the brush to the floor tool's centre channel. Both floor tools can be found under Products and then click the Accessories Header, then choose Hard Floor )

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5-Piece Central Vacuum Accessory Set

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