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80ft PVC Central Vac Pipe (ten 8' tubes)

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2 star user rating.

Jan 24 2017 9:07AM

all pipes where beat up on one end because of poor wrapping.

(MD Notes: We reached out to the customer to resolve shipment issue.)

2 star user rating.
Jun 17 2008 4:55PM

very beat up in shipping - not boxed or protected in any way

2 star user rating.

Nov 13 2006 2:47AM

The product was damaged due to poor packaging. The outer pipes were dented and scuffed up. I also expected the pipes to be gray as shown in the photo, but was surprised to receive white. The project I was in the middle of had gray pipe and fittings.

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80ft PVC Central Vac Pipe (ten 8' tubes)

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