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80ft PVC Central Vac Pipe (ten 8' tubes)

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3 star user rating.
Apr 18 2018 5:24AM

Packing for VAC pipe needs to be addressed. All of the pipes were scraped up because no wrapping was put on the ends, if some plastic film were wrapped on the ends, it would have prevented this. I see a few similar comments, I guess company doesn't care enough to take care of this. Beside this, however, the shipping was fast and material was as described.

(MD Notes: Due to shipping regulations, the pipe has to be packaged a certain way. We ship from California, so it is not recommended to ship long pipe lengths across the country. We have spoken with the customer and offered a resolution.)

3 star user rating.
Oct 4 2017 4:54AM

All pieces arrived intact, but should be packaged. Pipe has tape all over it, and when you pull tape off, dirt sticks to the adhesive

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80ft PVC Central Vac Pipe (ten 8' tubes)

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