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8ft Cord for Electric Hose (cuff and plug cord)

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2 star user rating.
Aug 5 2019 5:15AM

Female terminal included do not fit the pigtail. Had to modify it and solder.

(MD Notes: Some hoses do need to be retrofitted in order to be compatible with the newer parts. We have reached out to the customer and remedied the issue.)

2 star user rating.

Aug 21 2015 10:49AM

the connections didn't work with my hose so I had to cut the old connector off, strip the wire, and crimp a new connector on. It worked (sort of) but made no sense at all. A simple slide on connector that would work with my hose would have been much more effective and easy

(MD Notes: The older cord configuration (previous to 2004) is different to the industry-standard connection now available. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

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8ft Cord for Electric Hose (cuff and plug cord)

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