ActiVac II Exhaust HEPA Muffler Filter

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4 star user rating.
Jul 3 2019 6:01AM

My wonderful built in vac was driving my nice neighbor nuts when we cleaned the house. So this unit has been great. I rerouted the exhaust from the outside to directly under the house . The filter keeps it clean down there, and it reduces the noises by about half at the outlet.. but now, since it is under the house it?s really quieter outside. Happy Neighbors.

4 star user rating.
Dec 4 2012 4:17AM

Reduces the noise somewhat; not as much as I'd hoped. But I am glad not to have the exhaust flowing into my basement laundry room.

4 star user rating.
Nov 19 2012 3:32AM

seems to work good but didnt seem to reduce the noise level very much

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ActiVac II Exhaust HEPA Muffler Filter

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