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1 star user rating.

Jul 31 2019 7:31AM
Free Flow Pipe and Hose Maintenance Sheets
Free Flow Pipe and Hose Maintenance Sheets

It didn't work for us. Just got stuck in the walls somewhere. The one that actually got through did remove a big fur ball and came out dirty so I guess it does the job if it can get through.

(MD Notes: We have contacted the customer and remedied the issue.)

1 star user rating.

Aug 7 2015 7:47AM
Central Vacuum Electric Hose
Stealth Electric Hose from MD

Used it once, and hose split in half. Returned for a refund, however, it cost me 30+dollars to ship it back.....not refundable

(MD Notes: We sincerely apologize for the issue with our electric vacuum hose. Shipping fees will be refunded back to the customer due to he defective nature of the hose she received.)

1 star user rating.

Jan 6 2014 7:03AM
Central Vacuum Electric Hose
Stealth Electric Hose from MD

I wanted to add this additional comment......when I called in to place this order the customer service rep was VERY helpful.

I did specifically ask if the hoses and connectors were "universal" and I was told there are.....however, when I look at your web site and pull up the Eureka Parts. the hose connector shows a two prong connector.

We have used this hose a few time since receiving it but cannot use the powerhead due to the connector issue.

Thank you again

(MD Notes: We are doing all we can to make this right so the customer has complete satisfaction.)

1 star user rating.
Dec 9 2009 1:22AM
Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose
Low Voltage Hose with Suction Control Switch - Grey

The button does not work. When you inserte the hose it starts the vaccum but the button does not work to shut it off. You may have send us a defective product or it just does not work. (MD NOTES: This is a common oversight for customers with normal inlets. The tab on the hose end has to be up or down when inserted into the wall port. If that doesn't work then your inlets are a single trigger point and the hose, though a better hose then the none handle type, will turn the suction on when inserted.