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4 star user rating.
Aug 1 2015 4:03PM
Combo Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

4 star user rating.
Feb 26 2014 6:20AM
Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tools
Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool

I gave this 4 out of 5 because it is so powerful that it is hard to push on the carpet. It does a great job, it's just hard on my back trying to get it to move.

4 star user rating.

Nov 23 2013 9:29AM
Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose
Low Voltage Hose with Suction Control Switch - Grey

Had to replace our old hose which had several holes in it. This one is much better than old one as it is not as prone to kinking up and shutting off air flow.

4 star user rating.

Sep 1 2013 8:21AM
Basic Central Vacuum Hose
Basic Vacuuming at its Best

This hose is lighter weight than my previous (15 year old) hose, and much less cumbersome to drag around. The ends screw on to the the hose, which I see as a positive in case the end of the hose ever breaks (which is why I has to replace my previous hose. The only reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is that the handle side came off the hose. I'm hoping that this was because it wasn't 'screwed on' fully. It was very easy to re-attach.

4 star user rating.
Jan 28 2013 6:13AM
Stealth Central Vacuum Kit

4 star user rating.

Mar 20 2011 8:59AM
BlackHawk Attachment Kit
BlackHawk Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

As others have said, it's quite loud. The hose is fairly thin-walled, not as heavy-duty as the original Eureka hose so it tends to kink fairly easily. An extension (wand) should come with the package rather than being a separate, add-on accessory. Lastly, I wish the deck height were adjustable. It's perfect for low carpets, but forget thick or deep carpets as it completely stops the brush from rotating. Overall, my wife and I like it. It does a pretty good job for the price.

4 star user rating.

Jan 5 2010 5:26AM
Stealth Central Vacuum Kit
Stealth Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

I have been trying to find a unit that would work with my central vac system and finally found one. It is very smooth and quiet. Does a great job


4 star user rating.

Dec 10 2009 3:37AM
Central Vacuum Garage Kit Accessory
Ultimate Garage Kit (Hose can extend other hoses)

Inexpensive, light duty, shop hose set. Works great in my woodshop.

4 star user rating.

Jan 27 2009 3:40AM
Basic Central Vacuum Hose
Basic Vacuuming at its Best

I did not know the brand of my central vac. Ordered this one and it fits like a glove...It is lighter than the one I had...It could have been a little longer, it will work.

4 star user rating.

Nov 4 2007 4:32AM
Central Vacuum Inlet, Oval Door, PVC

4 star user rating.

Nov 4 2007 4:31AM
Stealth and Stealth Wand
15in Stealth Vacuum Head, Integrated Wand

Excellent power brush, but the details of the attachment to the wand vary with models of vacuum systems, and the description could be more clear on the wands that it is compatible with without modification.