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3 star user rating.
Sep 2 2020 7:49PM
Tru-Seal Microfilter Bag - 2 Pack

While I was very pleased with the product, I was disappointed when I attempted to contact customer service as to the whereabouts of my package. I was provided a tracking number with FedEx, and when I went to track it, the tracking number provided could not identify where my package was. When I tried to contact Customer Service, I couldn't reach a representative by phone (said voicemail was unmonitored), and there was a delay in getting an email response. Great product, but could improve on the service.

3 star user rating.

Mar 9 2020 7:27AM
Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose
Low Voltage Hose with Suction Control Switch - Grey

I hope this one lasts longer. It's the second one to break in 5 years.

3 star user rating.
Feb 14 2014 4:52AM
Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover
Padded Zippered Hose Sock Cover

Works fine, easy to put on BUT -- it's too short. I understand that the short length is intentional but I can't figure out what purpose it serves. Would prefer the sleeve to cover the whole length of the hose.

3 star user rating.

Jun 22 2006 9:21AM
Basic Central Vacuum Hose
Basic Vacuuming at its Best

Hose is ok but it tends to kink and the end wasn't compatible with my system, tho my system is an older version. Customer service has been helping me with this problem and has been very concerned.

(MD NOTES: Basic Hoses do not have the built-in swivel feature of the Low Voltage (which you can buy instead of the Basic Hose) or Electric Hose. The 360-degree swivel allows the hose the unwind itself instead of kink.)