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3 star user rating.
Aug 1 2017 9:46AM
Central Vacuum Inlet Trim Cover
Inlet Trim Plate

I am rating the "Inlet Trim Ring" in White.

The product fits and looks just as it should. Shipping was quick and correct. However, the added thickness of the trim piece made the inlet port mounting screws not reach to the backing plate. Thus, I can't install them until I find 1.75 inch white enameled mounting screws.

These should be shipped with longer mounting screws to replace the standard mounting screws.

(MD Notes: This is not a common issue. Yes, longer screws will be needed in this circumstance. We reached out to the customer to help resolve.)

3 star user rating.

Nov 2 2011 8:53AM
Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover
Padded Zippered Hose Sock Cover

This product is does not really fit a 35' hose and it keeps slipping despite being tied tightly. I am most unhappy with it. (MD NOTES: The sock will slip to a comfortable place and the ends of the hose will be exposed by design since it is the middle that needs to be protected. Please have patience with the product and you'll see how wonderful it is. Nevertheless, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days by first contacting us with the request.)

3 star user rating.
Oct 31 2007 2:23PM
Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover
Padded Zippered Hose Sock Cover

No comments given.

3 star user rating.

Apr 17 2006 4:52PM
Central Vacuum Electric Hose
Stealth Electric Hose from MD

Returned because it wouldn't work with hayden power brush. (MD NOTES: In order to use this upgraded hose with Hayden or 2-piece wand Centec vacuum heads, part number 406SU and 480AC will also be needed. It is the upper portion of the wands and a short adaptor cord. They are found in the Electric Hose page. We also sell Hayden hoses.)