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2 star user rating.
May 1 2019 9:31PM
Central Vacuum Zippered Hose Sock Cover
Padded Zippered Hose Sock Cover

When I found the hose I wanted I did want a hose sock to protect my furniture and my walls. The sock I had before was the slip on one and I was always having to slip it back up the hose because it would bunch up. I saw they had a hose sock that zipped on to the hose and that was the option I wanted. Great concept! It was easy to put on the hose - took me about 5 minutes. Hardest part was getting the new hose straightened out right out of the box so I could put this hose sock on. But to my disappointment, the zipper splits open somewhere in the middle of the hose sock every time I use it. I have to unzip the sock past the point of where it came apart and then rezip it back on the hose.

This last time it was over halfway down the hose. I would have thought the quality of the zipper would be better - especially for the price.

(MD Notes: Customer was contacted regarding the 2 year warranty on this item and we shipped a replacement out at no charge today. Please let us know if you ever have issues with any item purchased from MD Mfg. Inc. We have warranty periods on all parts we sell and are happy to take care of any defective items you may receive.)

2 star user rating.

Oct 17 2016 6:42AM
Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose
Low Voltage Hose with Suction Control Switch - Grey

The hose material not the original. probably NOT made in USA.

(MD Notes: Our Basic, Low Voltage & Electric Hoses are manufactured in Mexico.)

2 star user rating.
Jan 18 2014 5:40AM
Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tools
Rug and Floor Central Vacuum Combo Tool

It felt clumsy to use with the flip switch on both sides rather than on one. When I switched it to the rug setting, there wasn't enough of a height allowance for adequate air flow making it sound like the hose was pinched.

2 star user rating.
Jan 18 2014 5:33AM
Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose
Low Voltage Hose with Suction Control Switch - Grey

Less than literally 15 seconds after turning it the vacuum hose was shorting out causing the vacuum to turn on and off several time a minute. Aside from this it didn't seem to be cheaply constructed.

2 star user rating.
Jul 24 2013 5:16AM
Central Vacuum Inlet, Oval, METAL
Central Vacuum Inlet, Oval, Metal

Two stars is the result of five stars for function after installation, but one star for manufacture. The wires are connected to the back in a way that makes them break off easily during installation, without being able to simply replace the broken wire. Only option then is to buy another. That just happened to me which made the net cost very high.

(Updated Customer Review: "I recently wrote a not-so-good review of the metal inlet valves because of the manner in which the wires are connected on the back, and the fact that there does not seem to be a way to readily replace a simple broken wire. Without my having requested anything, upon reading my review the company immediately advised that they were refunding the cost in full. That's extraordinary customer service.")

2 star user rating.

Nov 11 2011 2:28PM
Stealth Central Vacuum Kit
Stealth Central Vacuum Attachment Kit

I bought this power unit for my wife. Our old one was rather tired. The stealth is quieter and lighter, but does not pick up light amounts of dog hair off of our short carpets. Very disappointed with this unit. It was supposed to be the best unit on the market. We will be looking locally for a new power unit that picks up dog hair. (MD NOTES: Please be sure the Stealth is adjusted to the shortest carpet setting. Depending on the carpet weave and type of hair, you may have to go at it from different angles, regardless of the vacuum used. Let us know if you'd like to return the product or if we can be of any further assistance.)

2 star user rating.
Sep 20 2010 6:32AM
30ft Hose Sock with application tube
Original Form-Fitting Hose Cover Sock


2 star user rating.

Mar 1 2010 7:54AM
Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose
Low Voltage Hose with Suction Control Switch - Grey

the hose feels cheap (MD NOTES: Newer hoses are made of better material. They are light and soft. The hoses will last a very long time despite of the feeling of them compared to old hoses.)

2 star user rating.
Jan 24 2009 6:37AM
Central Vacuum Electric Hose
Stealth Electric Hose from MD

This hose is not as durable as my last ones.. It seem to kink more. Not as thick. (NOTE: The Electric Hose is made by the top vacuum hose company based in the USA. It is newer technology and we get feedback like this from those not used to it. It will relax, kink less, and work for many years to come.)

2 star user rating.

Dec 19 2006 6:30AM
TurboCat Zoom Air-Brush for all Central Vacuums
TurboCat Zoom Turbine Power Head

This powder head doesn't seem to be working as well as the old one did. Not sure it is always turning until I lift it up.