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1 star user rating.
Mar 13 2019 3:44PM
Central Vacuum Low Voltage On/Off Hose
Low Voltage Hose with Suction Control Switch - Grey

I was satisfied with customer service, a bit disappointed in how long it took for product to arrive, I think it was over a week before it was ever shipped. Also we only used it several times and the hose is tearing already, right beside the handle. I was going to call you and didn't get it done yet when I got this review so thought I would start here. Thanks for any assistance. Mahlon

(BIV Notes: Please contact us directly if a warranty replacement is needed for all MD Parts, this allows us to take care of you in a more timely manner. We have contacted the customer to discuss the need for replacement.)

1 star user rating.

Aug 22 2012 11:15AM
Central Vacuum Electric Hose
Stealth Electric Hose from MD

This hose didn't fit my existing system, even though customer service told me it would. My system is 25 years old and the plugs didn't fit. My plugs are the conventional two pronged electrical plugs (that would fit a wall outlet) these are specfic to this vacuum. I had to send it back. A refund was credited to my credit card.

(MD Notes: We apologize that this hose did not fit your Vacumaid system. We carry adapters which we provide at no charge to accommodate any non-standard sized inlet valve)

1 star user rating.
Mar 24 2008 3:01PM
TurboCat Zoom Air-Brush for all Central Vacuums
TurboCat Zoom Turbine Power Head

Did not like this Turbo head. It plugged up right away with just small debris. Have returned for refund.