DISCONTINUED White Canplas VacuSweep

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Canplas VacuSweep, White

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2 star user rating.

Dec 10 2020 5:20AM

Thought I was reviewing oval inlet outlet - but form says white canals vacusweep. Regardless with all the recent replacement parts, you still have to insert hose sideways in inlet valve to get to work.

2 star user rating.

Sep 21 2020 9:55AM

I installed ma Magivac system in my house in 1968, using magivac switches and piping. Recently one of the switch doors broke. The parts I procured from M.D. had three major fit problems with my system. 1. the OD was much smaller than the opening in the pipe. 2. The mounting holes did not match the mounting flange holes in the piping. 3. The molded connection studs prohibited your switch from fitting flush with the wall and did not allow the cover plate to fit tightly between the switch plate and wall. I'm not sure which Magivac your parts are compatible, not mine.

2 star user rating.

Feb 3 2020 1:52PM

Did not work, contacts did not function but a replacement was sent out promptly that works perfectly. The old functioned perfectly for almost 30 years.

2 star user rating.
Aug 4 2019 3:23PM

It works, but the original outlet opened from the bottom up and this one opens from the top down resulting in the connection cutting out and having to drape the hose over an object to keep the connection cons

(MD Notes: These inlets valves can be installed with the door opened upward or downwards.)

2 star user rating.

Jul 13 2011 7:45PM

The closing mechanism is poorly designed, and I expect it to break within the first month of use. I expected much more based upon the previous ratings and design.

2 star user rating.

Apr 26 2010 7:17PM

I had the MD vac pan in my old house and it worked awesome. This one does not work well..First of all I almost break my toe trying to open the thing and secondly the seal on the unit sucks so back I lose a lot of suction thruoghout the house. was not happy with this product at all....

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