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2 star user rating.

Feb 5 2019 5:57AM

This did not serve my needs. I was pleasantly surprised at how wide it was, but it does not fit under most of my furniture because of its height. The whole main floor of my home is tile and hardwood, and dog hair and dust bunnies end up under furniture. I won't use this attachment very much if I have to change back and forth with my old attachment. I also use my floor brush to vacuum small rugs and carpeted stairs, but I can't do that with this attachment, unless I want to vacuum in one direction only. If you push back and forth, it lifts up as you pull back on it, so it feels like you're fighting it the whole time.

(MD Notes: Contacted customer and recommended a different floor tool to suit their specific needs)

2 star user rating.

Sep 29 2016 6:46PM

Works well pushing forward flops around as you draw towards you I prefer the standard brush

(MD Notes: We reached out to the customer and offered a few options to help remedy this issue.)

2 star user rating.

Jun 15 2015 4:52AM

Doesn't pick up as much as the duel brush I previously a disappointed

(MD NOTES: We are sorry to hear this customer is dissatisfied with this product. We have reached out to this customer for a resolution.)

2 star user rating.

Aug 28 2012 7:24AM

I find this floor brush hard to maneuver. It does not seem to want to go where I want it to go, its a bit too flexible. It gets stuck under furniture. Even though you can lay it flatter to get it under sofa's and chairs, the top part is a tad too bulbous and it is difficult to pull backwards without it falling off. Also, pushing it forward over a flat rug with very little texture is fine, but the pulling back motion causes it to flip up.

Over all, I am disappointed with it and have removed it and replaced it with my former brush.

2 star user rating.

May 27 2011 5:08AM

I was very disappointed in this item. It doesn't get into corners easily and I must try different angles to clean near the baseboard under the kitchen cabinets. Several passes are required to pick up kitty litter and kitchen crumbs. I have purchased many of your products and this is the first dud.

2 star user rating.

May 16 2011 7:33AM

This brush works great on hardwood floors, and the head pivots easily for getting behind furniture. The one problem we are having, however, is that it does not work on our area rugs. Previously, we had used a fixed head brush that could be moved back and forth on the rug to pick up dog hair ; with this brush, the head of the brush flips up because of the hinged joint, so you can only push the brush along the rug. This does not work as well as a fixed head, where you can apply more pressure .

This means we have to switch to another brush head for the area rugs, which is a pain in the neck.

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